Pig or Hog

Pig or Hog

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Pigs are wonderful mammals and if this stocky, intelligent animal appeared in your dream then you must take notice. Dreaming of a pig is a fertility symbol, the animal is seen as the mother goddess.

I’m Flo and for many years people who dreamed of pigs have contacted me. I can remember dreaming of a hog, warthogs and pygmy hogs over the years. I love pigs and down our lane there are two stows and three feeders which I often see sleeping in the style. The pig seen in your dream also holds a perception of what other people mean to you – who you care for. Pigs are from the Suidae family and there are 16 species in total. 

In many ways, we associate pigs with negative feelings. If we look at the term “pigsty” it can mean being dirty. Additionally, we often call someone who eats too much a “greedy pig” and someone that we dislike a “swine.” I could go on but you get my drift. Contrary to all this, research has shown that pigs are in fact intelligent, clean and delightful animals. It is a shame that our own perception of the pig is still focused on the animal in the corner of the farm covered in mud. This is, I guess what has been ingrained in us from an early age. 

Why is a pig negative?

The pig’s negativity I believe is from a book called “The Pig Farmer” by Sanders Spencer, published in 1919. The author made it known the pig was a means to simply extract money, not be used as a pet but in his book he referred to the pig as dirty, and brutish even. From this book, the following terms were invented: “pig-headed” “fat as a pig” “hogwash” and so on. The pig was commonly displayed as being the “baddy” and portrayed as being a negative omen in literature. In fact, the pig was associated with the line between being civilized and uncivilized and that society should not cross that line and act like a pig. There was a poem in 1799 that also backed up these claims: “ugly, and the filthiest beast that banquets upon offal” So where am I going with all this? I am trying to change your perception that dreaming of the pig is not necessarily bad or negative, in fact, the pig terms are the binary opposite, which I will highlight shortly.

What does dreaming of a pig mean?

Dreaming of a pig can be associated with our own character. I will now go over the brief elements of “pig” behavior to see if you can relate to any of these aspects. Pigs can live up to 20 years, it is also hard to calculate their age. Folklore in dreams indicates that people who dream of a pig if you are trying for a baby or pregnant can predict exceptional fertility. For example, the pig in Greek mythology was connected to the goddess of fertility known as Demeter.  Additionally, boar tusks are depicted on the Indian goddess statue called Kali. Kali holds a bowl of food, along with tusks, she is connected to life and also the gift of mother nature.

Seeing a pig in a dream is also connected to a childlike attitude in life. There could be something that is in decline in regards to a relationship or that material wealth will be yours. Think of the term “piggybank” and this symbol in a dream indicates that you need to save your wealth. In biblical terms, the pig is connected to the devil. In fact, there are connections with the devil actually riding a pig and the symbol seen in dreams (from a bible perspective) indicates falling prey to temptations. Don’t deviate the pig though, seeing a large pack of pigs can indicate that you are feeling overpowered by others, although you cannot escape. Riding a pig in a dream can imply controlling someone’s piggish behavior.

Dreaming of a piglet is connected to growth, money, marriage, and love. Piglets are connected to the caring side of mother nature and our emotions. Male pigs seen in a dream can indicate that there are masculine properties which need exploring. The boar is a symbol of feeling at ease in life. The pig is protective and if the mother ever sees her young being hurt she will go and kill the attacker, thus, there is a hidden aggression. The pig is well known as being cleaver (same intelligence age as a four-year-old child) and you have to trust them, trick them, care for them and finally trap them according to swine farmers. I say this, because dream wise these traits are important for you. Pigs in dreams is also around freedom. They are happier if living in a wood, rather than a small sty. It can indicate that you need to get out more and feel at ease with nature. The structure where the pig is housed can be anything from a small shelter, to a quonset hut. If the pig was enclosed it could mean you are feeling somewhat restricted in life.

What do the 1930s dream dictionaries about a pig say?

An unhealthy pig symbolizes underhanded deeds, callousness and lack of skill to control things in life. The dream suggests that you have let things in life control you, such as eating too much. A running pig indicates being selfish. Sorry that this sounds rather harsh! This dream has been a wake up call to how you represent yourself. The reason why you have likely been in this rut is that you have a fear of being burdened and that this dream is pinpointing the need to become intelligent. A healthy pig shows that you will encounter success in a secret event and a birth of a child. If you dream that the pigs are in mud, mire or bog then associates that are close to you are examining your actions in some way.

To dream of a pig is associated with being rather stubborn in life. It can be associated with gluttony and greed in waking life. Additionally, the pig can also stand for a terrible menace. Perhaps somebody has cost you dearly or treated you badly. The pig can also symbolize a sexual urge. It can mean that you have been thinking about sexual acts with other people you perhaps want to be close to somebody? If so, have they been acting in an unkind manner? Like a pig? Pigs have long been associated with interesting folklore. For example, it was very lucky to find a pig when walking into town in ancient times (1800s). Pigs can often represent happiness and good news. This animal is also associated with diet. To dream of the pig means that you should watch your diet and ensure that it is a clean diet free of any sugars.

To dream of your pet pig is an indication that you will feel content and happy in the future. The pig, in the sense of a pet in a dream is associated with how one feels and perceives friends in waking life. To sell a pig indicates that there is a situation that needs more clarity. If the pig is eaten then you will lose weight in life and be healthy you just need to focus! Seeing more than one pig denotes that when feelings in waking life become too difficult for you to deal with you have a tendency to source comfort by hiding away from the world and eating too much food.

To dream of seeing a round, lovely, healthy hog represents a period of suspended activity before success in business and gambling. If your dream involves a sow or a litter of piglets then this shows that a period of stagnation will soon lift and that change is on the cards. Inner peace is also signified if you dream of piglets which are happy and healthy. To hear a pig or a hog squealing then the good news is coming your way and may involve you having to act quickly and decisively. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity you may find in the future that you will have regrets.

An unhappy sow or litter shows problems within the family and a failure to appreciate things in life. If you are feeding pigs or hogs then this shows that you have assured success in your own property or material possessions. I know these might sound a bit far-fetched but I like to include some older dream meanings in my interpretations. If we have not covered your pig dream get in touch through the contact form. Please support us on Facebook. Thank you. Blessings, Flo  

Positive omens in this dream:

In old dream lore there are certain areas that have been connected with being of positive signs. Here I am going to list them, passing no comment and will let you decide.  1) You felt calm and confident in your dream. 2) The pig was a pet. 3) The sunshine came through the clouds near the end of the dream. 4) Eaten a pig. 5) Seen a pig in a pig sty. 6) A pig with piglets. 7) Had a pig as a pet.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012