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Dream art class

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An art class is where you learn how to paint and draw.

If you dream that you attending an art class it foretells that, you need to learn more about how to express yourself in a creative way. There is a possibility that, you have been suppressing your creativity most of the time and it is now time to move forward in life. It might just be what you need in order to accomplish your life goals.

To see figure drawing your dream is a suggestion that you need to think about how you're perceived by others. If you are the live model in the dream then this indicates you need to correct difficulties of the situation that is close to your heart. To observe the drawing of a live model in an art class is a suggestion that you need to train in order to progress in life. If you are drawing a picture from a photograph in art class then this suggests that your imagination should be used more effectively. Perhaps consider writing a book.

If you dream that you are creating visual or graphic art on a computer then this suggests that you have a tendency to rely on others. If you dream of a charcoal drawing then this indicates that you need to be prepared for some positive and happy times ahead. If you are using oil paint in the dream this can suggest minor money worries in the future. If you see pencils during the art class then this can foretell that it is time to get creative, especially through creative writing. To be a famous artist in the dream state suggests that you will be overpowered creatively in the future. This is very positive will bring you financial gain.

To see yourself in a studio being given an art class is associated with be more realistic in life. To create pottery from clay or to see a pottery wheel in the art class is a suggestion that you need to be more private life. If you are undertaking sculpture then this is associated with being more devoted to work. Art is associated with empowering society. If you see yourself at university studying art then this can indicate that an outcome to a problem in waking life - will be successful.

In this dream

  • You attend art class.
  • You attend university to study art.
  • You see artistic pictures in the art class.
  • You see paintings in the art class.

Detailed dream interpretation

An art class where you see a famous artist denotes that you are yearning to reach to the stars and get as far in life as you can. You want to be famous - if you like the work of the famous artists that you are seeing in your dream. If you happen to not to like the person in an art class, it means that there are things which are hindering you from achieving your set goals in life; things which are holding you back to create a better life around you.

If you attend an art class where you meet unknown artists, it signifies that you are currently working on a project which is not meeting your ambitions or goals. The type of lessons you learn could give you a clue as to which way you are supposed to move forward, in regard to a project. Unknown artists in your dream can suggest achieving your goals and creating a life for yourself that is focused on riches.

Dreaming of seeing artists who are unable to make a living out of the sale of their art denotes that, you need a better understanding of life. Think about the way you use your skills and try to overcome your emotions which are holding you back from getting the success you are yearning for.

If you buy a painting in your dream, it implies that you will encounter disappointments in your work. All you need to do is to make sure that you analyze a situation before taking action and then evaluate any mistakes you make - so that, you avoid making the same mistake twice!

Painting in a frame

If you see a painting in a frame in your dream, it means that, in your waking life, you have set boundaries for yourself. It could be due to the fact that, you fear the unknown, don't trust changes, or you lack confidence in what you do as an individual and thus you don't believe in what you deserve. Try to be acknowledged or recognized for your work. You need to dismantle boundaries because all they can bring to you is suppression of your ego and you will not be able to be creative things in life. Get rid of all the difficulties in your life and try to live it to the fullest.

Dreaming of visiting a gallery implies that, you will have quarrels or misunderstanding with close relatives. Try as much as you can avoid it at all costs. It could also mean that there is a need to take an important decision and make a choice that will be beneficial to you.  Painting a picture in your dream is a sign that, you will be involved in some useless activities in the near future. This a warning that you should think twice before embarking on doing anything in your life to avoid wasting your efforts and time.

A dream where you are surrounded by masterpieces of famous artists is an indication that, in waking life, you will be aspiring to be prominent and successful. All you need to do is to make sure that, you improve your skills to achieve success. If you dream that you are attending an art class, denotes that, you need to learn how to be creative because it seems you are low when it comes to that. Your potential lies with your creativity and the moment it will expand - that is when you will become strong and an achiever.

Studying art in a dream

Dreaming that you attend university to study art means that you are learning how to handle other people who are around you and this denotes that you are learning new skills and ideas to understand people better. You need to move forward in life with the new abilities and skills which will at the end of the day, help you to grow into a more responsible adult. In most cases, university or school appears in the dream state when in your waking life, you are thinking about how best to take action.

If you see artistic pictures in the art class it denotes that you are someone who has talent or skills to create something. The artwork which you are seeing gives you a clue into what you should focus your time on. In order to understand this type of dream, you will need to find out what is it that you are creative about in waking life. The feelings that are portrayed in the art class will also give an important insight into what your current challenges are.

Seeing paintings in an art class means that, you will fall a prey to deception from someone. You need to be cautious of people who surround you. Don't trust everyone as this could be dangerous. Domestic problems could be on their way and you should try anything possible to prevent them from happening. If you dream of seeing a painting which you had already seen in waking life foretells that you will need to be absorbed with nostalgia. It is good to recollect the past but at times, the "past is better to be left where it belongs" – in the past.

If you happen to burn paintings in an art class, it designates that, you will have to defend your interests in the near future especially if you know that these people have been unfairly affected. To see paint brushes in the art class is connected to being more inspired in waking life.

If you dream of your art teacher this can suggest that you need more creativity in life. If you are the art teacher in the dream then this suggests that you do have the creativity but you need to think about ways you can express it’s better. If you encounter an art exam during the dream state this is associated with feeling happy and contented life.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Absorbed. Interested. Dangerous. Inspired. Creative

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017