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Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale.

The first assumption of this dream is that the fairytale is a symbolic sign that will mean one will be led to discovery. Freud believed that if one had a dream of goblins, fairies, giants and anything else that is featured in a fairytale he believed it was a form of transformation and combination.

That the dreamer is on the verge of acceptance. Once again, what we have is a powerful dream from a spiritual perspective can offer many different reasons.

Dreaming of fairy tales can mean good luck and happiness, unless you are writing the fairy tale in your dream.

This dream usually foretells deception. Fairy tale creatures are usually a bad sign, especially if a fairy character attack's you. If however, they do not attack, they are simply a sign predicting minor troubles. To attack you signifies bad luck.

A dream of a fairy tale means that you are feeling slightly anxious at the moment. However, this dream can also signify an escape. Maybe you are trying to define your goal? What goal do you have?

If you are unsure of your goal then a fairy tale dream will normally occur. To see a famous fairy tale (such as Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or the Princess And The Pea), you need to consider if there was some thinking on making worry stop. What you are anxious about? Do you worry of failure? If so, this dream denotes it is time to change and move forward. To dream that you are murdered in a fairytale suggests that what you choose, in terms of careers, will be a success. Maybe you have considered re-training in a new career. Whatever you decide to complete will be a success.

A fairytale can also be associated with your health, especially if you dream of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. To see an apple in this dream suggests problems and difficulties which should be discussed with someone close to you. Be careful to ensure that you can avoid conflict when discussing the problems. There is sometimes decisiveness that can lead to premature action if you see the fairytale "Cinderella" in your dream.

Fairytales are associated not only with a happy and contented life also the overcoming of a difficult time.

In your dream you may have...

  • Been in a fairy tale.
  • Written a fairy tale.
  • Read a fairy tale.
  • Encountered fairy tale creatures.
  • Listened to a fairy tale read by someone else.
  • Told a fairy tale.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The fairy tale dream was fun and lighthearted.
  • The fairy tale had a happy ending.
  • You wrote a happy ending for yourself.

Detailed dream interpretation...

We associate our typical dreams with general boring events. Fairy-tales, however are amazing. The delights of seeing a giant in a dream or a fairy will inspire anyone. Fiction and poetry featured in the dream is neither strange nor accidental. According to Freud, if you dream of a fairy tale, you are experiencing anxiety. Here is what Freud wrote in his book regarding fairy tales:

"Childish wishes, now suppressed and forbidden, break into the dream behind the unobjectionable and permissibly conscious wishes of the homeless man, and it is for this reason that the dream which is objectified in the legend of Nausicaa regularly develops into an anxiety dream."

A dream of a fairy tale suggests you are feeling slightly anxious, a happy ending can be seen as a positive omen.

However, this dream can also signify an escape in regard to an attempt to reach a goal in life. Freud believed if one had this dream they are unsure what to do next or where to go exactly.

Basically, you need to understand your hidden emotions and uncover possible anxieties. Are you worried about failure? If so, this dream shows that now is the time to change and move forward.

Listening to a fairy tales means good luck and a personal achievement or accomplishment. Reading fairy tales foretells great success in your endeavours. If you see a play or drama that involves fairytales then you will criticize a person unjustifiably, but this also signifies good times ahead. Writing fairytales suggests you are anxious for no reason. Telling a fairy tale to others means losing time without any benefit, or unfinished business.

Seeing fairy tale characters in your dream suggests you should avoid troubles. It’s rather like the story is an omen of having an organized life. Plan your life so you know exactly what you are doing every day. Being the author of a fairy tale means you will be deceived.

Dreaming of yourself being an actor or actress in a fairy tale means that you will encounter content times in your immediate future, and you will unexpectedly receive a beautiful gift from a stranger.

To see a large giant from a fairytale in your dream is a positive omen. To see a famous fairytale character indicates possible learnings of the occult - check out our occult section!

Their is much inspiration in work if you dream of Little Red Riding Hood. There will be new relationships at work which is excellent. One will gain marvellous insight if they dream of Goldilocks And The Three Bears.

There is a tendency to deceive others if your dream is of Sleeping Beauty.

Special guidance will be required if you dream involves Peter Pan, Harry Potter or Edith Blyton books. If someone reads you a fairy tale story (in your dream) this indicates monetary gains. This can also result in positive news.

To read a fairytale to children in the dream indicates that judgement of others will be unfair. To dream of a fairytale book suggests unfinished business between two people. Acting or carrying out a play in the fairytale (where you were featured as a main character) indicates happiness and contentment. To see fairytale characters suggests people are working behind the scenes to help you move forward in life.

If you dream of a fairy tale that involves a love affair then this indicates that there will be restrictions in love at this time. To dream of getting married in a fairytale wedding suggests important decisions should be made in regards to your love life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a fairy tale…

Talented. Secure. Happy. Content. Joyful. Pleased. Surprised.

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