Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To dream of a newborn baby boy equals spiritually new potential beginnings.

Babies are designed to bring about our own protective instincts so we can ensure their survival and development. The very appearance of a newborn baby in a dream such as the wisps of hair, the tiny hands, the perfectly formed fingers and toes captivates our attention. The large beautiful eyes hold our gaze, even when they sleep, it is beautiful just to watch. The dream could be positive or negative in nature, it could have resulted in a nightmare for you, or you awoke feeling content and happy. I will deal with this a little later on. If for example you know you had a newborn baby in the dream and you suddenly can't take care of it or find the newborn for whatever reason then this could be a dream where you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and it is time to work on getting control back in your life.

Newborn babies bring about love within this, not only is there a certain amount of beauty but this also can stir our own imagination of loving feelings. If you are falling in love recently and it is not uncommon to dream of a newborn baby.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of a newborn baby?

Newborn babies, in general, are almost always signs of good luck, and even in the warnings of the dream, there is usually a silver lining. To see the power of a newborn human baby in a dream starts to create our hidden curiosity as to what the dream of a newborn baby means. The symbolism of a newborn baby indicates that it is time to shape your own destiny.

I always believe that newborn babies are a symbolism of unlimited potential, after all the newborn baby that appeared in your dream was indeed a person. Perhaps you saw somebody holding a newborn baby, you gave birth to a newborn baby alternatively pressed the newborn infant close to your breast. Newborn babies often considered a strong and tender dream symbolism that provides us with the love of a mother-infant bond. You may not understand the true meaning of the dream upon awakening, but if the dream was positive it can transform your day. I'm going to deal with different aspects of the stream but undoubtedly whether the dream was positive or negative in nature it will be instrumental in turning a new direction in your life. If you notice the newborn baby being held, fed, changed, played with, or even just wheeling a pram down the street within your dream it sets out that you are on the road to new adventures. Newborn babies are born with a wide range of behavioral repertoire and are able up to engage in the item I contact for brief periods of time, this readiness to connect with their mother or father in dreams symbolizes that you are ready to explore the world around you in a deeper sense. 

Babies have a very well-developed sense of smell and taste from the start of their lives and can recognize their parents. The reason why mention this is because the messages you must trust things that you cannot see. It is a message to try to embrace the unknown because the sensory cortex is the area of the brain that is most developed in a newborn the sensitivity of touch is much greater than sight. The dream is really telling you that the time is now, there are new starts on the horizon, you may not be able to see these new opportunities but the dream is telling you the world is your oyster. 

Is the dream of a newborn baby good or bad?

These dreams can indicate new possibilities and they are positive. It can mean a new house or positive issues regarding finances. For a woman, a newborn baby boy in a dream can also denote a relationship beginning with a man or a new love. The dream often points out that trouble will be ending soon. You may not be doing what you like in life and the newborn baby represents a new project that will get you interested in life again. In the dream, if you hear the newborn baby crying this means that you may need to rush into a decision quickly. As a newborn baby is focused on our natural ability to love and care for someone this dream can also indicate that you will accomplish what you need in your life.

Dreams of a newborn baby boy

A newborn baby boy can be a great sign of a new relationship with a man in your life. Often these dreams are interpreted as meaning a new baby or fertility and while sometimes that is true, normally they are about relationships themselves and a new man coming or new possibilities with a man. The young baby boy in the dream refers to virility and strength in love and relationships and now is a great time to be looking for love or wanting to strengthen your current relationship.

A newborn baby boy can also mean good tidings for your life in financial or monetary matters – indicating a new growth opportunity in the workplace. If the newborn baby boy is crying it is a sign that you need to be paying better attention to your finances or that there is a warning regarding money for you.

When a newborn baby boy is sick in your dream, this is also a warning sign. This dream shows that you need to be taking more care of the material aspects of your life. This can mean your home or anything that brings you stability. You want to focus your attention on the ways in which you care for others around you as well.

Having a newborn baby in a dream

For us parents or non-parents to have a baby in a dream indicates that you will find a trustworthy or dependable person for whom you will spend a significant amount of time, it’s a dream that could often represent someone new arriving in your home specifically to enrich and encourage your own wants and needs. It could possibly be a new friend, family member or a lover, there is definitely somebody new that is about to fulfill you in some aspect of your life if you dream of giving birth to a newborn baby. 

In contrast, it could indicate that there is going to be some kind of connection that you will find, perhaps you will uncover hidden feelings for somebody on a romantic level. There is always a thought that we are destined to meet people from past lives. This is true to extend to our family as well as our love interests, i'm in no doubt that there are certain people that have agreed to be with you in this lifetime. Dreaming of giving birth to a baby could possibly mean that a soul partner is about to enter your life.

Dreams of a newborn baby girl

To dream of a newborn baby girl (according to older dream dictionaries) is your invitation to relax and have fun in your life.
The newborn baby girl omen in a dream that indicates you need to embrace your own creative spirit and allow yourself to connect with your own feminine energy (even if you are a man). If the baby girl appears happy and content in the dream suggests you must listen to your own inner voice and understand what she is saying. 

To witness the baby girl crying indicates that you need to laugh more, perhaps let your heart go free. Often, the baby girl as a symbolism appears when you are struggling with self-doubt. Babies themselves are designed to captivate us due to their helplessness, if you felt helpless in your own life recently or feared the unknown for example having questions such as "what am I doing with my life" or "what is my purpose"the newborn baby girl in your dream can indicate that you will be able to determine your true goals.

If you're finding yourself hovering over the crib looking at a baby girl while she sleeps can be a sign that you need to grasp all opportunities. It can mean that you are risk-averse and you don't necessarily live in the moment.

Dreaming of taking care of a newborn baby

Babies are born to captivate the "caring" instinct in us. Their helplessness brings about our protective instincts which is required for their survival. If you watch an unborn baby it can stir your imagination and is an omen to remind you of the opportunities in life which you need to develop.

To take care of a newborn baby in real life can be rather nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know what you're doing. Changing a diaper in a dream can suggest it's out with the old and in with the new. If you are wiping the baby then this indicates you need to clean toxic elements of your life away.

Dreaming of holding a newborn baby

A dream of holding a newborn baby is all about protection and in general if you are in a relationship with someone it can mean you are not feeling cared for in the way you require. If we think about the ways we communicate with our babies we often hold our newborn baby to sleep. To hold a newborn baby girl in a dream can indicate you need to be cared for by women. To hold a newborn baby boy is the reverse, that you need to be cared for by a man. To hold a newborn baby that is not yours can indicate that you will have a gift of love.

Dreaming of a newborn baby crying

The longer the cry the higher the pitch and this moves us into an instinct to protect. If you are a parent then it is likely you will be moved by a baby's cry, which often stops us, makes us think what are the reasons for the baby's crying. The cry is a call for help from the parent and often a baby's cry can make us feel distressed in real life. 

Obviously, when you're analyzing dreams about a newborn baby crying it is important to understand the distinctive pattern of what is making the baby feel discomfort. Often if you are older in an age such as between the ages of 35 and 50 the crying baby can be a symbolism of a midlife crisis or something happening in life which is throwing you into total turmoil. 

Understanding why the baby is crying in the dream could be an indication that our brains are producing chemicals that compel us to have something new in our lives. Often, the dream of a crying newborn baby can mean that you are looking at your life and wondering if there is more to life than what there is. Perhaps you need to find an escape or something different. The wonderful perfect person that you might be in a relationship with could be having this kind of crisis if the baby in the dream is not yours. 

Such dreams can indicate that the person or people in your life has just lost their judgment. It's like someone saying they've been married for 30 years they never love their partner, such nonsense. This is the basis of the dream, the most important thing is to take back the control and put the energy into yourself if you are finding people around you who are susceptible to such a crisis.

Dreams about breastfeeding a newborn baby

When the fetus drinks amniotic fluid, when it makes sucking movements the newborn baby often faces challenges to feed successfully, the sucking becomes the newborn baby's task. What does it mean to breastfeed or bottle feed a newborn baby in your dream? To see a newborn latch onto the nipple in a dream can suggest that we need a new phase in life to give us the energy to keep going.
To breastfeed a newborn or watch someone nurse one in a dream can indicate that you will encounter built-up energy in regards to a significant past with somebody. Think of the milk that comes from the breast as feeding a symbolic union. If you have a soulmate relationship in real life then this dream of breastfeeding a newborn baby can mean that you will push yourself beyond your own limits in the relationship. Often, when we meet somebody we are supposed to be with it can be very complex at the beginning, think of it like a massive 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you're trying to find all the different pieces to make it fit together. Sometimes, it never seems to fit but you know that this person is right for you. 
When you meet somebody on a spiritual level there is a force that is pushing you to that person and it feels as if you have connected with them in the past. Breastfeeding a newborn baby in a dream context can indicate that you have found your soulmate alternatively you will do very shortly, even if you've been in a relationship for many years.

Dream of a newborn baby dying or nightmare

I always think it's important to understand your dream further and think about the situation of the baby in your dream, your feelings, and those people who are around you. Perhaps you don't even know the gender of the baby, perhaps you do. To dream of a newborn baby dying is quite a traumatic dream.

Such a dream can indicate if the baby is harmed in any way that problems and heartaches are part of life, the most important takeaway from this dream is to understand that when things go wrong it will pass. If the dream involves a newborn baby that dies, or the newborn baby is unable to breathe, then it is a woman that when things go wrong it is very easy to screen out all the good things in life. Try to remind yourself that there are new starts in every situation that we face. 

The pain of the newborn baby dying in a dream can be a horrible thing to experience, perhaps in the dream, the baby was killed. If the baby died in the dream then this is all about control. Even if you can't be in complete control of every situation waking life, the message of a newborn baby which is murdered during the dream by yourself or someone else can indicate that you are trying to manage what you can have some control over. 

Some readers have contacted me after having distressing dreams about newborn babies. There is nothing that can prepare one for seeing blood, death or seemingly problems in the dream. These unusual dreams generally mean that something is blocked spiritually. If anything strange happened in the dream or it just did not go to plan and the adorable newborn infant was hurt then the dream can indicate a time where you may be in total disregard of the consequences of actions in waking life. The dream is telling you to look at the bigger picture in situations.

In this dream, you may have

  • Seen a newborn baby boy.
  • Welcome, a newborn baby boy.
  • Kiss or cuddle a newborn baby boy.
  • Feeling love towards a newborn baby boy.
  • See a sick or dying (dead) newborn baby boy.
  • Hurt a newborn baby boy.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You welcome a newborn baby boy.
  • Hug or kiss or cuddle a newborn baby boy.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Looking for love and relationships.
  • Entering into a contract.
  • Needing a bit of luck on your side.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a newborn baby boy

Happy. Welcoming. Nice. Great. Cuddly. Loving. Enthralled. Interested. Yearning. Motherly.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012