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Jewels Dream Meaning

What does a Jewels mean in your dream?

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Dreaming of expensive items in a dream usually is a warning to watch your own wealth.

Some jewels have specific meaning and so if you have a dream about a specific jewel please make sure to look it up and see if there is a separate and special meaning that would pertain to your dream interpretation.

In this dream you may have

  • Found treasure.
  • Been given jewels as a gift.
  • Admired jewels.
  • Wanted a specific jewel.
  • Wore a crown or heavily laden jewelry.
  • Envied or been jealous of someone’s wealth.
  • Been put off by a display of wealth.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You find jewels in your dream.
  • Give jewels as a present in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning

Dreaming of jewels is a sign of wealth and happiness normally – and unless you are finding a wealth of jewels or inheriting jewels then they are good omens. Since certain jewels do have specific meanings it is important to look those meanings up separately. When you dream of random jewels, many jewels, or just jewels in general then this is a sign of prestige and power.

When you have prestige in a dream, can afford many jewels, or have jewels in your dream consider the ways in which you are already rich in your life. These dreams do not always indicate actual financial wealth but will be a sign of other wealth as well.

Dreaming of money is different than dreaming of jewels and jewelry. Jewels are a sign of having money and can be shown off or worn tastefully. Having tasteful jewels or seeing tasteful jewels in a dream where they are real and not gaudy is a reminder of being blessed in your waking world. The placement of the jewel in a dream has specific meaning as well such as jewels on the neck (as in a necklace) indicate strength in passion and love. Jewels on the finger indicate wealth coming (especially if they are white, green, or red). Jewels on the ear are a sign of good news coming your way and sometimes will be a sign of an important financial tip that you need to be ready to act on.

Jewel colors also have their own meaning with Blue indicating emotional wealth and happiness, green meaning money, red being indicative of passion, love or power, and white indicating purity and truthfulness.

Finding a treasure of jewels is a good omen so long as you are not greedy in your dream. Any time you dream of wealth and greed it is a bad sign that you are going to lost money or power in your life.

Giving jewels to another in a dream is an indication of generosity and it is said that this is a sign of increased wealth, prestige, or power in some way that will be coming to you.

Do not be scared of dreams where you lose your own wealth or lose a jewel as this has a similar meaning. Loss in a dream, especially in regards to money or wealth is usually a positive sign for what will be coming to you in the future.

When you are focused on red jewels and given jewels in a dream from a significant other then this is a sign of new love coming into your life. Especially for a woman it is indicative of a good husband and someone that will love, cherish, and take care of her.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Being rich in life.
  • Attaining prestige or power.
  • Being greedy or power hungry.
  • Being in love.
  • Being taken care of by someone.
  • Becoming wealthy in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of jewels

Happy. Thankful. Pleasant. Pleased. Rich. Greedy. Lust. Sexy. Passion. Thankful. Worried. Fret. Fear. Anguish. Tired. Unimpressed. Put off. Jealous. Cruel.

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