Box Dream Meaning

The box is a general representation of what's inside, or what you hide. It can be a symbol of memories or precious experiences, depending on its size. Like "chest," it could represent how you store your feelings. I also believe that seeing a closed box often is connected to the womb/uterus, and its connection to how we go about life and that we have children. It can also represent memories or the unknown.

What does a box mean in a dream?

Some dream dictionaries that I have here at home --- suggest that a box indicates the hidden things in life. Boxes can also indicate a fear of the unknown. A box featured in your dream symbolizes your thinking and attitude toward your working life. Opening a box in your dream indicates that you are likely to encounter wealth and positive journeys in the future. If when you open the box is appears to be empty, then it is likely you are going to encounter a minor disappointment in the future.

To see a money box represents favorable business affairs and that you will overcome all obstacles in order to ensure that you will secure wealth in the future. To dream of a box with wrapping paper on it, sometimes connects you with your natural desires – do you want a gift from someone? If you dream of being inside a box it means you are trying to hide away. Are you attempting to hide something from others? This dream is also associated with stopping something in your life. If a women dreams of more than one box, it is likely to be associated with covering something up.

It is important to think how you feel in your dream. If in your dream you opened a box of tricks, this indicates that someone around you is not being truthful. If the box caused trepidation, this means you could be enlightening parts of your personality that cause you worry. If in your dream you could not escape from the box, then this indicates you are being held back in the waking life. Boxes that are made of cardboard signify spreading of things, the stretching out towards things in your life, and even in some cases the search for your family roots.

A bright box that seems to be a gift indicates your nurturing nature. If you are packing boxes in your dream, this indicates trying to run away from a situation. To see boxes in your dream, associated with a house move, indicates that you are trying to rid of bad feelings. The size of the box in your dream is significant. The larger the box, the more associated with your unstable emotions. Thus, the smaller the box, the least likely you are to be emotional during this time.

A box with a ribbon around it means that something great is waiting for you in connection with your work. To dream of seeing a succession of boxes indicates many secrets are surrounding you at the moment. These boxes often represent feelings or thoughts associated with females in your life. Dreaming of a post box indicates the need to communicate with others quickly. To come across a US Mail Box in your dreams demonstrates that you might be asked to join in an illegal act – time to say no! To send someone a letter in your dreams shows that you are the only one to blame for a problem that is in your current life.

A toy box featured in your dream is a sign that you need to grow up. Think about how you move forward in your life. It is important for you to leave people behind and move your life in another direction. To dream of feeling boxed in or trapped in a toy box generally means that you are focused on feelings and thoughts that you find it difficult to cope with. To see a jewelry box in your dream is associated with how you see yourself. This includes your principles, attraction and potential. There is a need for you to release all your latent potential and refrain from denying your gifts.

What does the shape of the box mean in regards to your dream?

In the Bible, specifically in New Testament, it is mentioned that Jesus speaks of living “in heavenly places” which means being connected to God on a higher level spiritually. This connection has been linked to the symbol of box with four corners because when you look at it metaphorically, these boxes represent two intersecting surfaces in each corner as well as two sides and a top representing heaven between them - this is what we would call bridging Heaven and Earth together in unity.

The connection between physical world (Earth) and spiritual world (Heaven/God) that comes from this symbolism was further reinforced by Jesus when he said: "For I tell you truly, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you." Here this passage (I feel) was referring to having faith or trust in God like believing the promises will come true no matter how little we have faith in god - mustards seeds are tiny after all!  This analogy ties into our belief in connecting physical world with spiritual one using same object: The Box with 4 Corners.

I also feel, there are other meanings related to this symbolism too such as protection from evil spirits or trials since back then they were said to be prevented by marking corners of beds/houses with protective symbols such us crosses or Four Corner Boxes; also linking it back to Noah's Ark where cube-shaped ark went through stormy waters but survived due its specific shape providing stability despite turbulent weather conditions on surface outside ark .  

All these stories represent strength and safety coming from presence of spirit even during hard times --- hence why the symbol of a box in dreams can indicate being shut off or closed to being open, depending on if you could see the box opened or closed.

What does it mean to dream of cardboard boxes?

I honestly feel that dreaming of cardboard boxes is a sign of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the potential for a prosperous journey --- so totally positive when it comes to intepretation. I also believe it is strongly linked to prosperity and abundance. Cardboard has been used since 1798 when papermaker Edward Palmer patented machine-made corrugated board made from glued steamed paper sheets. Since then, cardboard has become ubiquitous in various industries - ranging from product packaging to furniture manufacturing (just think of IKEA!). The fact that two pieces of flattened cardstock can be folded into a box with taped up edges speaks volumes about its value and strength as a sturdy container is quite amazing.

In today’s society, I bet you will think of Amazon delivery boxes when you think of that “cardboard box” - once again reinforcing its link with functional transportability and physical trade across long distances - both literal (across countries) or metaphorical (journeys within one’s life). Therefore, dreaming about cardboard boxes could represent taking bold steps towards newfound dreams; having trust in oneself to go through difficult times; or even being blessed with fortune in business transactions or ventures. 

What does it mean to dream of a gift box?

A gift box (maybe with a bow as I said above) can suggest the potential for eternal growth, an openness to new things, and excitement about the future. If you are giving boxes to someone this could signify the potential in life — and how you feel when it comes to maturing. Remember that the square is a powerful geometric shape with four sides to balance out our life. Due to the square the box has four sides which can be a symbolism that no matter what happens things will normally improve with time.

What does a wooden box in a dream mean?

It is my thoughts that a wooden box in dreams signifies security and protection from harm. It often (in older dream books) suggest monetary wealth or possessions, since these items would likely be stored safely within - if you see what I mean. Wooden boxes are also associated with tree hugging - connecting to our roots and heritage - which could suggest strength or stability through supportive family relationships.

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming of a wooden box could have connections to esoteric symbolism such as alchemy and certain forms of hidden knowledge. If you dream about an old-fashioned wooden box, it might signify something ancient yet powerful that's still at work in order to get you on the right track in life (such as your spirit guides) communicating with you through dreams.

I also believe that dreaming of a wooden box may indicate respite from chaotic energies surrounding you while trying to achieve your goals or purpose in life; the square box itself provides comfort and safety. Also, note in the dream if the box is open or closed. This can suggest being open minded about new ideas — opening up emotionally — to learn secrets that will help enrich your understanding on various matters.

What does it mean to dream of stacking boxes?

I believe this dream represents order, organization, and tidiness. It could imply a desire to maintain order in your environment or life, as well as the need for preparation and forethought about what’s ahead.

On a deeper level, if you dream of stacking boxes specifically in a supermarket or warehouse-like setting, it can signify feelings of confinement and anxiety. This type of dream often appears when people are stuck in a stressful situation or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of pressure they’re facing. It suggests these emotions have built up to the point where they are beginning to manifest even while asleep. I’m sure you have seen the videos of boxes falling over on youtube or TikTok and dreaming of falling boxes can suggest our subconscious desires and thoughts and you are worried about things getting “out of control.”

What does it mean to dream of a money box?

I honestly feel that dreams of money boxes have a strong spiritual meaning. I believe this is because the money box acts as an object to hold our finances and can represent how we manage our lives both emotionally and materially. As such, I think many people associate money boxes with a sense of security or stability—a feeling of having one’s life in order.

For me personally, whenever I dream about a money box it generally brings up very warm memories from my childhood. Growing up, my parents would give me an old-fashioned metal bank that was always taped up with colorful cartoon characters on the outside. I remember being so excited whenever I placed coins in the slot as if those small amounts were going to take me all around the world someday once they filled it up! The idea that something seemingly insignificant like coins could lead to greater financial abundance fascinated me growing up and still does today when dreaming about these objects.

Some cultures view dreaming of money boxes differently - often symbolizing luck and prosperity for their owners or representing fertility through their oblong shape which is similar to eggs or wombs seen in certain folktales and stories from around the world. Therefore it can be said that seeing a filled coin box in your dream could be interpreted as indicative of fortune coming your way soon through hard work and dedication towards goals you are pursuing right now.

Symbolically then, dreaming of a full money box can also suggest feelings joy relating to abundance (both emotional and physical) obtained organically due to dedication put into something meaningful for yourself or others around you - whether finishing projects at school or providing support systems within communities we belong too.

Closing thoughts

Dreaming of boxes can mean many different things as I have outlined above. On the surface, it could represent a desire to become organized, or an attempt to contain and store your emotions. However, dreaming of particular kinds of boxes can mean something more specific; let me explain.

If you dream of a money box, for example, it suggests you are looking for security in terms of finances - perhaps feeling anxious about the future or needing structure when it comes to budgeting and investing. A wooden box implies that your intuition is guiding you towards a certain decision; that you need to take some time alone and examine what action will benefit both yourself and others involved in the situation most effectively.

Stacked boxes suggest there are multiple challenges before you or that working on one problem may cause another one down the road; take caution before proceeding! A gift box is associated with reward-focused behavior - suggesting that all your hard work and dedication could pay off if given enough time! And finally, dreaming of a square box implies balance in all aspects: be sure to explore opportunities from every angle (just like the angle of a box).

All in all, dreaming of boxes carries powerful symbolism depending on context - but regardless they remind us to think deeply before taking action so our decisions have long lasting consequences! I hope this gave clarity into what dreaming boxes might mean; best wishes exploring these ideas further!


In your dream you may have

  • You open a box.
  • You close a box.
  • You have a box.
  • A money box.
  • You are inside a box.
  • A box of tricks.
  • A cardboard box.
  • You are packing boxes.
  • A post box.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Expect a minor disappointment.
  • Do not try to hide.
  • Do no run away from a situation.
  • If you grow up a bit more.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of box

Enclosed. Worried. Anxious. Happy. Enjoying. Feeling good. Joyful. Having fun. Content. Barred.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012