Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams which involve pain is multifaceted in meaning because it can come as a result of many different contributing elements of life.

You could be experiencing the pain of a break up in which your heart appears to be what is hurting throughout the dream. When this happens in a dream, there is evidence that the dream is merely telling you the status of your heart at this time. But it is a good omen to experience heart ache or heart pain in a dream.

At least you were willing to love enough in the first place to feel this sense of pain. This dream means that you are alive and every time that you pass through a painful or transition period, you will become stronger in character and in spirit.

A life without pain is a life not lived, as they say, so this dream is an omen that you are going to be fine because you are going to allow yourself to push past the time of pain and accept that you learned what you needed to learn.

In this dream you may have...

  • Been kicked in the gut, symbolizing your need to care for the solar plexus area.
  • Felt heart pain or chest pain in the dream which directly connects you to your current emotional state due to a break up or change in a relationship.
  • Felt pain in your head either at the temples showing stress or strain or in the third eye showing a disconnection or even a clogging of the spiritual centers in the body making it impossible for you to connect to your higher source energy because you have taken on too much of a ‘real world’ view.
  • Experienced pain in the eyes showing that you are not able to see the truth that is going on around you or that you saw something that you wish you could not.

To experience the pain of somebody dying in a dream, the feeling of grief suggests that problem at home will have a profound effect upon you. When you are tired, ill or rundown the dream of pain may enter your subconscious mind. Try to listen to some relaxing music. If you feel weak in the dream and have an attack this indicates that financial affairs may be more difficult in the future.

Pain can also be experienced by others in a dream. The energy within the dream is very important. If there is a feeling of fear you may encounter somebody who will be resisting orders that you set. This may also apply to a partner, if the partner is experiencing pain within your dream there is a motivation to be materially wealthy. There is also a hidden feeling of being poor. The emotions of pain may well be present, but there might be no way of stopping the pain within the dream. For any parts of the body to feel pain indicates restriction in a career.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You found yourself healing the parts of your body - symbolizing your ability to heal yourself and start over again after experiencing a sour or painful situation.
  • You felt a level of acceptance about heart pain showing that you understand change.
  • You found yourself healing others of their pain.
  • You healed the pain of animals thus showing your compassionate nature.

Detailed dream meaning

Physical body pain is representative of overwork in your everyday life.

This comes up in a dream as a way of reminding yourself of the need to take things easy and your body needs a break.

This happens when one works within a state of physical maintenance or work which involves physical labor.

If one experiences pain in the pelvis this is representative of fertility fears or matters related to the reproductive organs and a time at the doctors to get a checkup is necessary.  If you find that you are the one causing your own physical pain, this indicates you are overwhelmed by problems which feel out of your control.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Heartache as a result of the end of a relationship
  • Misunderstandings in love and in romance.
  • Pain associated with the lack of spiritual involvement.
  • Loss of Faith.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Pain

Heartache. Uncertainty. Relief. Healing. Lessons. Unrest. Pain. Suffering. Stress. Indecision. Understanding. Frustration. Happiness. Renewal. Inner Strength. Safety.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012