Dreaming of Cat Food

Dreaming of Cat Food

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Dreaming of cat food represents the feeling that you have been deceitful or dishonest.

At this conjunction, it does not mean you have necessarily been deceitful to other people, but more than you have acted in a way which conflicts with your usual morals. If you have dreamt of cat food, it is advised that you understand what changes are occurring in your life, and make sure you remain bonded to your morals. Ensure you don’t stray from the positive perceptions you have of yourself.

Your dream:

  • Eating cat food.
  • Buying cat food.
  • Putting cat food in a bowl.
  • Putting cat food on the floor.
  • Surrounded by cat food.
  • Touching cat food.


  • Bought the cat food.
  • Held the cat food in its packaging.
  • Passed the cat food to another person.

Cat food can often be seen as disgusting, or repulsive, especially when eating it. Generally, to dream of this means you are feeling repulsed by one or more of your actions, and your mind is now trying to warn you how you are acting abnormally. For example, if you hear a bad piece of news you can sometimes physically feel sick because of the shock of it. In the same instance, your body is being treated as though it's in shock due to your recent break of moral. To understand what is making you feel this way, you first need to think rationally and remember that humans do make mistakes, it's inevitable. Your dreams will rarely depict specific things without giving you context to what they are about. Therefore, try and analyze your dream, try and remember if there were other people around. How were you feeling in your dream? or what setting you were in, and find out what this might represent for you.

When trying to decipher what dreaming of cat food means, it might help to know that it is sometimes steered towards femininity and strength. This can mean you have a female influence in your life whom you assume to be something greater then you are. It makes you feel weak or you see yourself as less important in the areas where they are advanced. This can lead to you having unwanted negative thoughts towards them. Or even try push negativity in their direction. By doing this, you may have conflicted with your morals and acted in a way which makes you feel dishonest with who you really are. It could be why you are dreaming of cat food.

Buying cat food, or seeing cat food in its packaging, will usually constitute to the way you handle responsibility. If you are purchasing it yourself, you may feel you are taking on a whole load of new responsibilities (which can be both good and/or bad). If you are handing it to another person, it might mean you are passing over some of your responsibilities (which again, can be good and/or bad). If you have had an experience with cat food in the day, this can possibly sneak up into your dreams. If this does happen, it could be you just remembering it; but if you honestly feel like it was poignant and leaves you with an unsettled feeling, you should consider what aspects of your life are changing; if you have changed in a less positive way; or if you have done something which causes a negative conflict to how you usually act.

Feelings associated with cat food in your dream:

Running away from difficulties in life, new beginnings, being worried about others and a new start.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017