Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Taxi driver is a very famous sight in our day today life.

Some times we may see dream of a taxi driver. If you see a dream of a taxi driver, some times you will not care .But it conveys many things to you. It has many messages for you. Most of them are in the negative side .as we know taxi and the driver both are same if you have seen a driver without a taxi means some thing uncommon.

Taxi driver messages you about a sudden end of relationship. It may be a friendship, death or a destruction of you or your loved one, so you must be very careful about every thing.

You may be frightened about the consequences of seeing a dream of a taxi driver. But there are some optimistic sides too. Sometimes you may have seen him in white clothes, that is a good omen you can expect some good news in the in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • You may have seen a taxi driver with a paper in his hand.
  • A taxi driver with torn or old clothes.
  • A taxi driver with a bunch of flowers.
  • Taxi driver repairing his taxi in the rain.
  • People are beating a taxi driver.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • If you had a dream of talking with a taxi driver, there will be some development in your life. You will be able to get rid of many problems in your life.
  • Seeing a taxi driver with a black hat means a big change of your life. It may be a promotion, marriage or a new friend ship.
  • Seeing a taxi driver with a dog means you are going to have good time by releasing a lot of pressure out of your mind by sharing it with some one else. Here dog represents the friend, as we know the dog has been the companion of the man since a long time.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you have seen a taxi driver with a paper in his hand, it will be good sign for your future. The symbol of the paper represents some thing good and the taxi driver as a symbol of a messenger or transporter of the good news. That may be something like, new baby, an occupation or new romantic affair.

Can you imagine that you have dreamt of a taxi driver with dirty or torn clothes? Your first feelings will be definitely pessimistic. That is true, as most of us can be easily misguided by outer appearance. Though good or bad the taxi driver brings us a certain message. If you had a dream like this you should be delighted. The torn or dirty clothes mean your poverty and conflicts. The taxi driver symbolizes you that some one will take care of all your problems and hardships.

Some people are easily misguided this kind of a dream. If you have dream of a taxi driver with flowers, that will be a sign of disaster in the future. Flowers are associated with both weddings as well as funerals.

If you dream about a group of people beating a taxi driver, it will be a sign of disaster going to fall on you or your loved one.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a taxi driver

Feelings of frustration, isolation, suspense, feelings of sorrow, anger, hatred to the society.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013