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Suit Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit of Cups is often associated with matters of the heart, relationships and emotions. These cards will show up in our readings when we are being affected by heartache, confusion or we need help in choices and decisions regarding family situations as well as anything else that may connect us to how we interact with others. We may also ask the Suit of Cups to assist us with these matters should we feel as though we are at a loss about something important to us on an emotional or spiritual level. Some decks have been known to refer to chalices or even cauldrons in their deck. But mainly the Suit of the Cups refers to any vessel that holds water because it is indicative of the womb of the Mother as well as the Element of Water.

The human body is made up of a significant portion of water, therefore it only makes sense that emotions tend to take us over now and again. We are highly intuitive creatures and we are influenced by the moon, the tides, as well as our own individual life and hormonal cycles. We are fluid, mutable creatures and in that, we tend to depend on our emotions to be our guide in finding direction in this life. Thus the mastery of one’s emotions can be an extremely challenging endeavor, but one which must be mastered nonetheless. The Suit of Cups in the Tarot exists for this purpose: to be our guides in determining what to do at the difficult twists and turns in the road of life. For example, if one receives the 8 of cups in a reading regarding feeling lonely and being without love then the 8 of Cups explains to them directly that they are experiencing a certain level of shutting others out, of emotionally cloistering and hiding themselves and believing that they have no one that they can depend on. But this card provides guidance, because it shows that there are more cups (and thus, more emotional assistance, friends, etc.) then the querant is currently willing to see. The 8 of Cups then counsels the querant that to find happiness they must let go of the people that do not wish them well and then direct any and all attention and energy to those that do in order to find joy and emotional stability.

The Ace of Cups begins by again, relinquishing tidal forces of emotional and spiritual energy to or around the querants. It is up to us to take this energy and focus the energy. The force of water is an easy one to be swept away by or abused because it often has not immediate consequences. You do not always know that you have killed a plant from overwatering until the next day when it has mold growing on it and it’s beyond repair. The energy of the Cups is also often seen as positive when it is not as is the case when a person finds love but the love is unhealthy. It feels good to be in love and therefore other negatives are accepted. It is good to be suspicious of Cups cards, especially when there are many in a reading because of the possibility of drowning in uncharted or too deep emotional waters.

Each card in the suit illustrates a different time in our lives as we progress and learn how to love and how to make connections. From friendship, to group endeavors, to romantic partnerships and onward. Often we find that many of us go through the experiences of the first 8 cards in the suit at varying levels repeatedly before we are finally able to develop the healthy, happy relationship skills provided to us in the 9th and 10th card of the suit –(That of pure happiness and comfort, stability of an emotional nature.) In life we must go through periods of joy as well as periods of sadness because both helps to mold us into the people we are meant to be.

Quick Meaning Of Cups:

  • Ace of Cups means positive emotions and happiness.
  • Two of Cups Means a Connection and Love.
  • Three of cups Means happy accomplishments.
  • Four of cups means taking love for granted.
  • Five of cups suggests moving on in love.
  • Six of cups means help from someone.
  • Seven of cups suggests happiness but daydreams and choices.
  • Eight of cups means it is time to move on.
  • Nine of cups means success.
  • Ten of cups means family and contentment.
  • Page of cups suggests a lover or proposal.
  • Knight of cups suggests marriage.
  • Queen of cups means a caring, blonde women.
  • King of cups suggests an emotional but easy going fair haired man.