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Stolen Watch

Stolen Watch.

To dream about a stolen watch indicates that time is an important factor in life.

If you appear to lose something valuable, such as a watch then this appears that you are worried about something valuable in your waking life being lost. If the watch was a Rolex or an expensive watch then it means that the value of what has the potential of being lost is significant. The watch can indicate material success but also represents valuable or quality time.


If the watch has been replaced in the dream with something cheap, such as a plastic watch or if the watch has changed then it may mean that you have substituted something that is of value to you - with something less valuable. You feel that something has been stolen from you, perhaps time to sort out your life? To buy a new watch in the dream indicates that you are trying to gain back your freedom.

In your dream you may have…

  • Lost an expensive watch.
  • Bought a new watch and unable to find the old one.
  • Expensive watch replaced with a cheap, fake copy.
  • Went to a shop that sold watches.

The wrist in one's dream means a symbol of being free. It suggests free will. When we choose something such as a watch in a shop, the wrist is used to move forward and get what one wants. This dream can also suggest that the dreamer is reflecting on quality time with the family. The cheap, fake copy of the watch is a reflect of work. It is a substitute for quality time. The watch may be an indication of either losing a job or risk loosing family time because of a job.

This in mind, the dreamer's fear of losing the Rolex was a reflection of his fear that he might be losing his family. The dream also seemed to be suggesting that one may blame one’s work for not spending valuable time with their own family. In a dream of this nature, the higher self points out that the decision needs to be made where the dreamer spends the most time.

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The dream's imagery needs to be reviewed to see if one possesses the ability to decide whether or not they will give more valuable time to there family or continue to focus on work. To go into a shop and buy a watch, only to realize that it is a counterfeit, or fake suggests that one must try to move forward in life and not worry about the past too much.

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