A Case Instead of a Bag

A case instead of a bag dream

A case in a dream

Oh bags and cases in dreams, let me tell you what it means.

So, you are wondering what this strange case was and why this appeared in your dream. If you dream of a case instead of a bag, it implies that your emotional baggage from the past affects your present, but if handled well, it won’t affect your future. Yes, we know that a case is a bag with a handle and a lid that is hinged and used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions. It is found in different shapes and sizes and can be made of plastic, vinyl, cloth, or leather. So what does it mean to dream of a case in life? It can represent responsibilities, worries, and needs, that you carry in your life. This is interfering with your relationships and life.

What does it mean to dream of a case?

Make sure these do not affect your future. This dream can also indicate that you need to take a journey or a vacation where you will hide away from the interference of others. While away, you will be able to reorganize your life and remove past problems. These are currently affecting your present state of mind. So, yes, try to book a weekend away to simply relax is the message of this dream. If the case was broken, it is a sign to move on with life. The "case" is also associated with travel. The advice of this dream is to go on holiday. You will come back fresh and motivated. You need to be freed from the chains that are binding you to your past.

What does it mean to dream of a suitcase?

When you see a suitcase in your dream, it implies that you are ready to set out on a journey. This will grant you the freedom you need in life. The key message is that you need to liberate your life. If the suitcase was large, it suggests a problem is haunting your present state of mind. The destination of your journey might bring with it a new job, a new relationship, or a spiritual quest. Whatever it brings, it will liberate you! If you cannot zip the suitcase, it means a situation is making life miserable. You will then move into the future a more happy person.A dream where you had a bag that later on transformed into something else denotes that, you are transitioning problems into something else. This means you have experienced a situation such as losing a parent then you are worried about losing others in your waking life. You might have been in dire need and want, but due to hard work, you cannot take the time to “think” correctly.

You are able to meet all your needs and even share good times with others. Your life is transitioning due to the fact that you have been able to come to terms with your past and now are moving into the future with new motivation. When you happen to dream of seeing a bag that is solid and hard, it means that there is a permanent transition that has happened in your life. This is connected to your past. It might be that you are transitioning from singlehood to marriage; from jobless to having a job; the change is permanent, and it is giving your life a different perspective - from the past.

A dream where the bag material changes in the dream mean that you have had a transformation in your life which is making you look at things in a different way. Things you used to view as important are no longer valued "that important" now. Situations that used to excite you no longer do. To see a doctor's case indicates that life has changed for the better and you now enjoy the emotional freedom that you have been yearning for. Things have changed, and those around you can bear witness to what is happening in your life. It is such a great chance that you cannot hide from public scrutiny.

What does seeing a case in a dream mean?

To see a case means that you have hidden desires and doubts the case represents your emotions, normally we see a locked case or an open case. In this dream interpretation, we are focused on the case in terms of a bag. As we have already concluded that case is associated with our hidden emotions and thoughts. To dream of a case is a classic dream which is associated with emotions that have been running high in life.

What does it mean to see a heavy case in a dream?

To see a heavy case in a dream is associated with our thoughts on progressing in life. The heavy case represents our emotions and the fact that we are sometimes not in tune with our journey of life. Think about it as if the case is holding all your emotions, if you are trying to pack a suitcase in a dream then this is connected to all the emotions you are trying to hide away from others. We must also consider that everybody’s dreams are different. There may be some aspects in the dream that you are unsure of or cannot remember. As we mentioned previously to see a case is connected to how we are emotionally inside.

What does it mean to pack a case in a dream?

When we pack something away in the dream state this is often connected to our own emotional problems in life. It is important to note that you deal with your emotions in your own way, packing a suitcase even if it’s frantically in a dream can signify our own life experiences, how we approach problems and how we interact with others.

What does it mean to lock a case in a dream?

To look a case in a dream illustrates that in our subconscious mind we are trying to hold our own emotions close to our chest. It could be that you find a case within a dream that is locked and you are unable to open it, alternatively, you have the key and were able to see what is inside. It is important to interpret the contents of the case in the dream. The case is a spiritual connection with our own emotional state.

To conclude, a dream of seeing a case is generally a symbolic message. If you're feeling worried about something in life this dream can sometimes occur as the case is a representation of your hidden emotions. If the case featured in a dream requires your attention on this symbolically hints to the worries that you are currently feeling.

In the dream, you may have seen any of the following

  • Seen a suitcase.
  • Had a bag many transformed into something else.
  • The bag was solid and hard.
  • The bag material changed.
  • Be unable to zip the suitcase.
  • See a broken suitcase.
  • Have seen a doctor's case.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Changed, transformed, better, freedom, and moving towards a new start.

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2017