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Acceptance dreams can occur when we are trying to live up to other people's expectation.

Keep your seat belt secure as I am about to focus on what acceptance means in your dream. Think about how you are perceived in the waking world. Dreaming of being accepted in a group of people is a positive omen. It indicates that your social status will increase. There are different levels of acceptance the can occur in the dream state. This could be that you pass an interview, an exam is passed or acceptance into a group of people. Generally, this dream occurs when we feel a sense of insecurity.

Detailed dream meaning

In life sometimes we are accepted by people such as jobs, companies or even groups of people, therefore, when this dream occurs it is a positive omen, especially for social status. It may be that you felt acceptance in the community (in waking life) and then for whatever reason but acceptance was taken away. This dream often occurs when one has struggled with acceptance in life. Being excluded is a difficult situation to encounter. Therefore, if for example you are excluded from a group or a relationship with the person waking life and dream of being accepted into that group this can indicate your subconscious mind trying to soothe you from the pain caused.

If you dream that you pass a job interview and you accept the job offer this as a positive omen which will foretell new financial gain and a positive career move going forward. If you dream of an acceptance letter then this can suggest that you will rise in social status. If you dream that you are accepted into a university or an institution such as the army this again is a positive omen and can suggest that you will encounter a new start in life.

Acceptance can happen in dreams in very different contexts and it's important for us to paint this dream as being a positive omen. In any situation where the dream is negative in nature, it can be associated with the need to live up to expectations in life. Perhaps you have set too high expectations on yourself and the acceptance in this instance is connected to giving yourself a break. When we are accepted in a dream it indicates that other people approve of us. From a psychological point of view, this is positive. If you have been feeling depressed in waking life the dream of "acceptance" often occurs. If you accept yourself in a dream: for example say you dislike the way your feet look and in the dream state you have the perfect feet. This indicates that your subconscious mind is trying to connect and tell you that you should be grateful.

This dream fosters the feeling of contentment. If you encounter social acceptance in any form during the dream state this is associated with a positive state of mind. In essence, this dream is connected to how we demonstrate ourselves to others. Being accepted during the dream (whatever the situation) is positive. To receive an item from somebody or a gift - and to accept this gift in the dream expresses our desire to be liked and wanted. Again, this is a positive dream.

Self-acceptance can occur when you are required to appreciate yourself. Perhaps you have suffered a bout of depression or a lack of motivation in life. If you are accepted among a group of friends in your dream this can be connected to your social status. Dreaming of accepting a wedding proposal equals a great battle won in life. The acceptance of a proposal is a powerful symbol of a wholesome friendship or dating. You perceive your new love or existing lover as equals in strength and situation. You honor your lover, and you also feel respected by him or her. This is a good sign of a relationship which you should cherish.

What does it mean to dream of acceptance of any kind?

To dream of acceptance represents your deep desire to be accepted by someone or something in waking life. I feel acceptance is all about meeting your own personal obligations. Maybe you’re desperately trying to meet others’ expectations? The takeaway from this dream is to not forget that you need to focus only on your own expectations of life. I think the first thing you should ask yourself when you dream of “acceptance” in any way of is whether you accept yourself the way you are? Are you satisfied with the person you’ve become? We always feel we could do better but are you overall happy with your life?

What does it mean to be accepted at a university in a dream?

To dream of being accepted at a university is a great dream. Normally, these types of dreams occur when we are about to accept a change in life. This dream means that you need to accept something about yourself in order to change yourself for better. To dream of being accepted on a course or university that you don’t wish to attend indicates that you wish to do the right thing for you. I will say, that you need to learn new practices and train your abilities. Try to compete with yourself. Become the best at everything is the key message – as you can do it! To dream of being accepted at a specific university (such as Yale, Oxford etc.) reveals your wish to become an expert in a certain field. Or the total opposite – you do not want to attend university. It is common to have this dream when there is a pressure of exams or someone is forcing you to do something you don’t want to? If yes, walk away before they ruin your life.

What does it mean to dream of being accepted into a group of people?

To dream of being accepted into a group of people reveals your sense of belonging in life. The good news is that you’re not like other people. It is not uncommon to have this dream when someone is pointing out your differences. To dream of joining a group of people in a dream can imply you wish to “belong” in life. To dream of getting on with an enemy in a dream can imply that you are not that bothered about of being accepted by people you actually dislike. The key message here is to never change in order to be accepted by someone. Those who love you will accept you just the way you are. Those who aren’t worth your love, attention and time.

What does it mean to dream of accepting a marriage proposal?

Spiritually speaking, according to most dream books accepting marriage predicts emotions will change over time. To accept that all-important marriage proposal in a dream (even if you’re already married) means that you perhaps regret your past decisions. Are you happily married? If yes, then your dream reveals your gratefulness and love for your soul mate. If you’re not entirely happy with your partner this dream can mean that you want to start a new life, but you don’t know how. To decline a marriage proposal in a dream can indicate that you will regret something soon.

If you’re single and dream of accepting a marriage proposal, it represents your wish to meet that perfect someone. It’s so easy for us to doubt if love even exists when we don’t have that special person in our lives. Now, the next person who enters your life unexpectedly will prove you wrong. If you’re in a relationship and have such dream, you’re either obsessed with taking the next step. Or you plan to leave your partner but you may find it hard as at times it is easier to stay with the same person.

What does it mean to dream of accepting a gift from someone?

A gift is lovely to receive even in the dream state. To dream of accepting a gift from someone you know implies that you expect the person to thank you for something in waking life. Or to return a favor. Or to simply pay you more attention. If you feel alone and you wish there was someone who would actually listen to you this dream is common. And, time and attention are the best gifts you can get in life. If the gift came from someone unknown, it means that you will receive an unexpected help for a stranger. To accept a ring suggests might be the beginning of a new relationship which I will discuss below.

What does it mean to accept jewelry?

Jewelry is a valuable item. And to dream of accepting jewelry means that you feel ashamed to accept someone’s help. Or love. Or attention. If someone gave you a ring, bracelet, or a jewel during your dream this reveals happiness in life. In so many words, this dream can indicate you need to yourself to enjoy life more. From my research, such a dream denotes that you might receive some good news that will make you happy again. When was the last time you smiled from the heart? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

What does it mean to dream of being accepted into a group of people?

To dream of being accepted into a group of people reveals your simple personality, your need for loneliness, and reflection. The dream implies that you are not like other people, and you hear that all the time. And because everyone’s pointing out your differences, this can be associated with being accepted by people you actually dislike in waking life. The message of this dream is also to not worry about being accepted by someone. Those who love you will accept you just the way you are. Those who don’t aren’t worth your love, attention and time.

Feelings associated with a dream of an acceptance

Glad that you are accepted by somebody. Worried about being accepted. Celebrating acceptance. Self-acceptance in your dream. Peace of mind. A positive state of mind. Celebrating with friends and colleagues which make them feel accepted.

Your dream

  • You are accepted by a group of people in the dream.
  • You gain acceptance into university or school in your dream.
  • You are accepted by a company - given a new job in the dream.
  • You see an acceptance letter in your dream.
  • Acceptance by one’s family.
  • Self-acceptance in a dream.
  • Encountering social acceptance in a dream.
  • Receiving something and accepting it.
  • Feeling that you “belong” in a dream.
  • Accepting a wedding proposal.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017