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Did you dream of the devil? Are you wondering what earth it means?

I once had a dream about a devil, and I awoke frightened. I clutched my crucifix and prayed to God. From the outset, I decided that it was important to understand why I had such a dream and I was determined to understand this dream more. I’m Flo and have 30 years medium ship knowledge to help you. Let’s make sense of this dream. I know you might feel unsettled and worried so the first thing I am going to say is not to worry!

Sigmund Freud (the famous dream psychologist from the 30s) in 1923 analyzed a painter who claimed to have had a pact with the devil. During this time the client (called Frank) reported being possessed by the devil which is why he kept dreaming of being possessed. Freud believed that Frank had these dreams because he was fearing demoniacal possession. Additionally, Freud believed the dreams were the result of intense anxiety and dread of waking life. Is this how you feel?

The possession of the devil had been connected to supplanted dread of "something bad happening in life." The worry of the Devil appearing again in a future dream also stressed Frank out. Freud believed the dream of the devil is connected to our inner anxieties! Dreams are indispensable in understanding our own emotions and thoughts in life.

There are three types of devil dreams.

  1. Dream psychologists believe the dream of the devil is a reflection of something “negative” in your life and indicates anxiety and stress.
  2. The devil dream indicates that someone is sending you bad vibrations and you have been visited by an entity - protect yourself with the evil eye.
  3. The final type of devil dream is that the devil ACTUALLY visited you in your dream state - and you need to protect yourself. This is RARE!

I will explain all dreams here and how you can identify between these three "types" of dreams - and what you can do in order to “protect” yourself if required. Remember, dreaming is like a mirror of our subconscious mind. If I have dreams that are generally "negative" I check myself spiritually and mentally. My first question to you: Is everything in life ok? Are you happy? Seeing the devil means that we need to review your dreams and elements in life which are causing stress.

I would expect one to be stressed out when the dream of the devil occurs.

Around 100 users have contacted me after having a disturbing dream about the devil in the last 10 years, so you are not alone. You may think that dreaming about the Devil represents negative events and predicts some unpleasant times, but the truth is this dream can teach you different important lessons and boost your own spirituality and awareness.

I know from experience that the devil can stop us seeing what is in front of us. If you keep getting these devil dreams over and over then I do feel, in this case, you might need protection. I would say that this is generally a demon attack. Normally, these nightmares are vivid, but on the other hand, they can also be forgettable. We all forget dreams at some point in our lives, but if you are visited by the devil in a dream you normally only forget certain elements.

Right, I am firstly going to address devil dream attacks. These are some signs in the dream where you know the dream is connected to a demonic attack:

1. Seeing strange birds in connection with the devil dream.

2. Seeing eyes or being watched in the dream.

3. Seeing a fly following you in the dream.

4. Seeing a devil flying around you during the dream.

5. Hearing the devil following you or footsteps in a dream.

The devil normally knows what is going to manifest in your material world. Think of the devil as a spiritual being, who can know what is seen or happening in life. Are you awake? I mean, can you relate to all the spiritual meanings that you encounter in the psychical world. If you have had a presence of darkness in your dream world and you fear the evil then you can simply command this to leave. This will help expel the fear and allow you to be shielded.

The best way to remove a dream attack is to pray. Such as:

“Evil demonic sickness I command you to remove yourself from my body and life.”

“I am healed and delivered protect me in the name of Jesus Christ.”

My second piece of advice is to sleep with a bible under your bed. Please do this for your own protection.

In recent years, there has been more challenge to religious beliefs and this comes along with philosophers. The symbol of the devil is normally served as a figure to fear, also a figure of comic opera, romance, and extremist in regards to religious groups. The devil is naturally overtly associated with evil and this is due to the thoughts in our Christian world. The devil when it comes to culture is a powerful symbol and it has many multiplicities of meanings, especially when it comes to dreams.

In my view, the devil could be our inner anger, if you are aware that you are having difficulty expressing this in life. The devil as a dream symbol is connected to our outer anger and also resentment. There is also the emergence of the devil connected to our own anxieties and possibly a problem in a relationship with someone close to you.

Biblical Dream Meaning

In religion, the devil is symbolic of our fear of death. The end. Of course, Jesus is our symbol of hope. The devil tempted Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11. The devil is normally called Satan in the bible and the symbol reminds God of man's sin. The devil was an angel who could test humans to see if they can be tempted by God. Muslims, on the other hand, believed Allah cast Satan from paradise for being the angel that refused Allah’s creation.

Each religion has it’s own beliefs when it comes to the Devil. In polytheistic baths, the question is if the devil is connected to someone of less power. Mara is the lord of desire in Buddhism and became a devil to tempt the Buddha into giving up his quest for enlightenment. Many religions have different thoughts on the devil but I feel the divine message is that the dream has occurred to test your spiritual temptation on earth. In the Bible terms, the Devil can reflect both positivity and negativity. According to religion, if you believe in God and it’s more likely that you will dream about the Devil or going to Hell because you’re afraid of committing sins.

The devil in dream psychology

Most cultures have associated the devil with negative events and problems in life. However, dreaming about the devil doesn’t always mean that something evil will happen. On the contrary, our mind is trying to send warning signs regarding certain needs that we may have. However, before I start with the detailed explanation of devil appearing in dreams and the significance of those dreams, I’ll explain the general symbolism of the Devil. And the dream symbolism of this common sign.

According to the other famous psychologist, Carl Jung to dream of the devil is connected to your subconscious mind and the dream about the devil is "created based on your fear of punishment" and sense of guilt. So, if this is the case and you are “fearing something” then stop panicking and instead look for solutions. Sometimes if we forgive ourselves and move on, trust me when I say this, dreams of the Devil and Hell will stop.

What does the Devil represent? What is the dream symbolism of the Devil?

The devil is responsible for Hell. No-one has actually proved the existence of hell. If you are an atheist the devil can be portrayed as a fictional character. People who commit evil go to hell and serve their sentence according to Christianity. If you believe in the existence of the God, you probably know that he’s the manifestation of evilness, cruelty, or negativity which is connected to the devil. However, in dreams, if you are an atheist the devil as a symbol is the representation of your needs.


If you dream about the Devil, you’re probably under a lot of pressure in waking life. Maybe you want to do something according to your own preferences. However, you feel guilty even thinking about it. Nightmares represent a way of communication with our brain. If you have a nightmare, perhaps your own mind is trying to tell you that you need to slow down and relax.

Inner strength

The Devil symbol in your dreams symbolizes your inner potential and strength you have. Your dream is trying to remind you that you’re capable of overcoming any challenge and obstacle that comes in your way. Dreaming about the Devil signifies your power and strong attitude.


The devil is a rather dangerous dream as it gives the message to be aware of possible dangers in the future, especially from friends and close associates, who may cause conflict. To see a peeping devil means someone is watching you and that person wants to do some harm, the message should be understood in the proper manner to get the real advantage of the dream interpretation. The advantage is that you can get away from the danger or you can get minimize the effect of adverse events.

Most common dreams about the Devil and their hidden psychological meanings

Dreaming about seeing a black Devil: The black Devil as a symbol in our society normally connected to cults and evil. The black Devil is normally found (in our culture) in the underworld and this comes from the black devil castle which is found north of Zurich in Switzerland. In regards to theology and Aramaic religions, the black Devil is associated with inner dark times and our own secret (hidden) feelings when seen in dreams. In old folklore, the black Devil in your dream is warning you not to use your power for doing negative things. Use it for good and make yourself proud. Dreaming about many black Devils might also represent remorse and sadness.

Dreaming about seeing a red Devil: this dream indicates obstacles and fears, in general. the dream is trying to remind you that you’re strong enough to face your fears and overcome obstacles.

Dreams about talking to the devil: If you were talking to the Devil in your dream, it’s a negative symbol. This dream signifies you are overcoming deception and treachery. Also, you should open your eyes to potential danger and stay alert.

Dreams about hell: In the bible, it states the wicked die in hellfire. That sinner will suffer in the fire and punished for their deeds. This I presume means that some souls will be punished more than other people. If you were dreaming about Hell, you’re probably facing a dangerous situation in real life and it reflects in your dream. You feel helpless and like in Hell in waking life. Your dream might reflect your mental well-being, however, it might also reveal a solution to your issues will appear. If you could see flames, they symbolize purification. Alternatively, dreaming about Hell might reveal a certain person’s intentions towards you in waking life.

If the Devil attacked you in your dream, it represents inner guilt. In waking life, the real attacker is your guilt and shame. It could be something as simple as eating too much and you feel guilty.

If you were defeated by the Devil in battle in a dream, it means that someone is messing you about in waking life. If you are struggling to figure out “what you want” then this dream is a manifestation of your current battle with yourself.

And if the Devil won the battle, it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose in waking life. It just means that you want to do whatever other people see as bad, forbidden or negative. However, it’s not important how they see it but how you see it. Remember, I am speaking from a psychological dream point of view. Alternatively, this dream foretells the comeback of old habits. If the devil won the battle in your dream, make sure you don’t go back to your old habits.

If you defeated the Devil in battle in a dream, it has two meanings. The first is associated with temptation. It can signify that you are tempted to do “something important” in waking life. The second meaning is associated with forgiveness and compassion. Winning against the devil can mean you are trying to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made and someone else has made that affected you.

If you were the Devil in a dream, try to relax. It just means that you feel guilty about doing something. Dreaming about someone you know being the Devil means that you are fully aware of the power and influence you have over people. And, you’re fully aware of your negative traits.

However, dreaming about being the devil isn’t the same with dreaming about being possessed by him. If you had this dream, don’t freak out. It symbolizes your current mental state. It can suggest that you are dealing with complex feelings, emotional problems or that you feel like you’ve lost the control in your life. This dream is a result of all of the “stress” in life.

If you saw the Devil watching you in your dream, it means that you’re being manipulated by someone you trust in waking life. The Devil in this sense indicates an emotion that can harm you, control you, manipulate you or hurt you in some way.

If you saw the Devil in your bedroom in your dream, it means that you’re letting someone get too close to you in waking life. I remember waking up seeing a red figure not long ago. It can suggest (on very rare occasions) possible danger. But facing your fear and meditating on the visit can help you understand deeper.

If you were in the company of the Devil in some strange place where you have never been before, it means that you’re ready to explore the dark side of your personality and accept who you really are.

If you see the Devil with dark clothes and long teeth then this dream suggests problems in waking life. To see the Devil harm you suggests that you are not ready for reform or change. The dream means that changes may happen. The dark color and sharp teeth represent the removal of character. It is important to look at the type of problems that you suffer in your dream. To dream of marrying the Devil in your dream can be associated with a lack of power to communicate with a loved one. To dream of being in a strange land with the Devil can also foretell that you may encounter some illness in your life.

The truth is, there are positive and negative thoughts in our mind all the time. However, it’s totally up to YOU to decide which one will dominate. Your dream reflects the weird and dark side of yourself. And once you learn how to control your rage, you’ll become much happier.

  • If you saw a disguised Devil in your dream, it points out hidden people in your life.
  • If you saw an angry Devil in your dream, it might foretell a potential danger or trouble in the near future. However, if the Devil was smiling at you, it symbolizes luck and fortune.
  • If you saw the Devil wearing blue, it means that you’re going to face some dark times in the future. Alternatively, since the color blue is the symbol of mystery, it might reflect your mysterious personality. Someone is attracted but worried about you at the same time.
  • If you saw yourself getting married to the Devil in the dream, it reflects your negative and sad thoughts and feelings. Maybe you’re experiencing love problems and feel like you have been dealing with the Devil for all this time. Positively, it could just suggest that you have found your soulmate.
  • If you were running away from the Devil in the dream, it represents an inner sharp intuition and survival instincts. You’re an intuitive person who can see danger from far away. Still, you rarely use your abilities to avoid making mistakes.
  • If you were hanging out with the Devil or felt like you two were becoming friends in the dream, it means that you have to be aware of a naïve person. Someone that is easily influenced by other people. The dream may also reveal a partner in crime!
  • If the Devil helped you accomplish a goal in your dream, it suggests that you should consider taking advice by someone you consider evil.
  • If you were making a sacrifice to the Devil in a dream, you’re probably doing something or you’re about to do something that will bring you success. However, you’re also probably doing it the wrong way. If you were serving the Devil in your dream state, you will not resist temptation.
  • To see the devil is in your house is a warning to think twice when selecting friends.
  • To see an ugly devil in a dark place conveys possible danger.
  • The dark place represents the complexity of life’s problems. If you have such dream experience, it is better to take extra precaution in your entire life.
  • To see the Devil with a smiling face is a positive omen.
  • To see an angry Devil means that the dream is trying to communicate possible problems in the future.
  • When the Devil appears with other people in the dream it suggests a future relationship will have problems.

In summary, the Devil is a prominent figure, especially in dreams. The Devil appearing in our dreams (as a biblical symbol) could be a result of our temptation. The Devil has various names and many characteristics, but the Devil normal represents evil. Many people are afraid of this creature. There is no doubt that the Devil dream has a strong message to convey. Although the Devil is a negative character the message it portrays in dreams is normally anxiety, stress and temptation. The dream is a warning of possible danger in the future.

Action from this dream

If the Devil appears in your dreams, it is time to face all your fears - what are you tempted by? The Devil represents the dangers you fear. This dream advises you to take action instead of going against your heart. Satan / the Devil is trying to make you to listen to your heart and start doing things YOUR way.=

You may have seen

  • A devil with black clothes and long teeth.
  • A devil is chasing you.
  • The devil is looking at you from a corner.
  • A devil is in your bedroom.
  • An ugly devil in a dark place.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

  • You had a fight with the devil.
  • The devil was friendly.
  • The devil helped you in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Devil

Fear, fright, loneliness, anxiety, anger with others, desperation, feelings for the adventure fear of death.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013