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Dreaming and meanings Devil


The devil is a prominent figure, especially in dreams. The devil has various names and many characteristics.

 The devil normal represents evil. Many people are afraid of this creature. The devil dream has a strong message to convey. Although the devil is a negative character the message it portrays in dreams is normally dark. The dream is a warning of possible danger in the future. To see the devil with a smiling face is a positive omen. To see an angry devil means that the dream is trying to communicate possible problems in the future.  When the devil appears with other people in the dream it suggests a future relationship will have problems.


You may have seen...

  • A devil with black clothes and long teeth.
  • A devil is chasing you.
  • The devil is looking at you from a corner.
  • A devil is in your bedroom.
  • An ugly devil in a dark place.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream…

  • You had a fight with the devil.
  • The devil was friendly.
  • The devil helped you in life.

Detailed description...

If you see the devil with dark clothes and long teeth then this dream suggests problems in waking life.  To see the devil harm you suggests that you are not ready for reform or change. The dream means that changes may happen. The dark color and sharp teeth represent the removal of character. It is important to look at the type of problems that you suffer in your dream. To dream of marrying the devil in your dream can be associated with a lack of power to communicate with a loved one. To dream of being in a strange land with the devil can also foretell that you may encounter some illness in your life.

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The devil is a rather  dangerous dream as it gives the message to be aware of possible dangers in the future, especially from friends and close associates, who may cause conflict. To see a peeping devil means someone is watching you and that person wants to do some harm, the message should be understood in the proper manner to get the real advantage of the dream interpretation. The advantage is that you can get away from the danger or you can get minimize the effect of adverse events.

To see the devil is in your room is a warning to think twice when selecting friends.

To see an ugly devil in a dark place conveys possible danger. The dark place represents the complexity of life’s  problems. If you have such dream experience, it is better to take extra precaution in your entire life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a devil...


Fear, fright, loneliness, anxiety, anger with others, desperation, feelings for the adventure fear of death.

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