Missing Purse

Missing Purse dream meaning

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A missing purse in connected to one's financial position in life.

In a nutshell it denotes that one may loose out financially. To encounter a missing purse in a dream is extremely influential on your waking state. This is due to the fact that the purse itself represent your own identity. It carries a number of symbols that indicates that you feel connected to loss in some way. Generally, dreams that symbolize loss suggest that in waking life you are not feeling in control of your own desires. A lost purse indicates our financial sustainability and for this to go missing in a dream often indicates that we are seeking material gain and are overburdened with various situations in waking life.

In your dream

  • You lost your purse in the dream.
  • Someone took your purse in the dream.
  • Your purse was full of your "private" belongings in a dream.

Detailed dream meaning of a purse lost

When we are feeling under pressure in the waking world, especially in connection to financial gain and stress it is associated with ensuring that we continue to carry on with a clear state of mind.

If your purse has suddenly gone missing in a dream you cannot find it and this indicates that you are feeling somewhat stressed and overburdened in waking life. In order to overcome this you need to focus on the most important areas of life. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard on your house is too messy, you could be eating too much and not exercising. These are just samples of ways in which you could feel overburdened.

To find a purse however, indicates financial success. If you are buying a purse in a dream and then subsequently lose it it can indicate the loss of money. If you lost the purse with everything in it, including cards, coins, personal identities and so forth - then this can suggest that you feel your life direction is “lost.” This dream is somewhat common and can indicate that your credibility may be on the line.

If your purse was suspected of being stolen in a dream it can suggest that we feel you are losing out at work. It can also symbolize the fact that you need to think about how you are perceived in life.

Feelings associated with a lost purse...

Loss , feeling worried, not able to get home, could not pay and worry.

By Florance Saul
Dec 23, 2012