Dreams About Black Shoes

Dreams About Black Shoes

Black Shoe Dream Meaning

The spiritual potency of black in the dream is not necessarily bad, so don’t freak out. Black shoes imply in dreams that you need some time out. Remember, shoes help us walk the journey of life, there are many rituals for example in Akan that rely on the color black in order to clear the path of negative energy. If we take the ritual meaning of black and apply this to the dream meaning of shoes it can mean you need to clean out any negative energy on your journey of life.

The ancient Greeks believed that shoes are associated with being self-indulgent. The color symbolism of the shoes in the dream is connected to our culture. Black has much symbolic meaning. It is connected to darkness, loss, and death, and is often worn at funerals. This is not all doom and gloom. Shoes are about our journey in life, taking a leap of faith.

So what are the key messages of a dream of black shoes?

  • Negative beliefs are easy to change.
  • Don't let your emotions get the best of you.
  • Receive new information with an open mind.
  • Information is best received when you are relaxed.
  • You are always in control and safe.

What does it mean to dream of wearing black shoes?

It has been a tradition for centuries to gaze at the sky to connect with our spirit. Remember the sky is black - like the shoes in your dream.  In olden times civilizations worshipped the sun and got inspired from being outside in the sunshine. Spiritual nourishment is believed to be provided by the sun but the darkness is where we are protected but we cannot see. The knowledge that we gain in life is connected to the sacred black.

I like to look at all angles when interpreting a dream. The stars have always been associated with spirituality. Our lives are reflected in the stars, with constellations telling epic mythological stories, astrology telling our personal stories, and constellations that represent them. Take a moment to admire the night sky and the little stars next time the sky is clear. By doing so, you will be able to reflect on your small part in the vast universe. You are part of a vast universe. The vast dark and black seen in the dream of black shoes can indicate that it is important to understand that it is now time to focus on yourself and what you wish from life. The dream of black shoes is about understanding that you need to follow your wishes in life. 

What does it mean to see black leather shoes?

We wear leather shoes at school, school shoes are often black and so is work shoes (normally). In fact, black shoes are probably the most common shoe color, especially for men. To see black shoes with laces are about trying to tie up your life. Formal shoes is connected to hunting for treasure in your life. What is your treasure? 

What do women black shoes mean (such as black high heels)?

A women never has too many shoes, We can all grow beyond our own uncertainty and complacency and the black women’s shoe in the dream can suggest strength. Was you wearing flat black shoes? Black high heels? When we are babies we don’t wear shoes until we can walk. It is common for women to wear black high heels (especially at work). The black women's shoes in dreams are one way to sense energy. This is spiritual energy.

Women’s black shoes denote a pattern to how you perceive others' spiritual energy. You may be able to improve your ability with this pattern. Seeing your energy as a glow around you, or as a light in your eyes when you look into a mirror, may allow you to sense it visually. Observe light or other visual features to see the energy of others if you dream of wearing black shoes. The environment around you might also feel energetic if you dream of walking in the black shoes.

What do male black shoes mean in a dream?

To see men's black shoes indicates that you need to be aware of what is around you. Some people perceive energy as warm, fuzzy, or prickly. Black in dreams denote spiritual energy, this can tickle other senses as sweet smells, hums, or tastes. There are some people who perceive energy differently than others. In essence, I believe men's women’s shoes is a sign of opening up your senses by understanding the energy of yourself and others around you. Who is around you? Is ther energy pure?

Is a dream of black shoes good or bad?

My next question is whether the dream of black shoes is good or bad. The subconscious mind and its power have much to do with this dream. Judgments are not made by our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind interprets what we say and creates according to our beliefs. The dream of black shoes sometimes comes from our subconscious mind. Our minds, in this view always answer yes. We have subconscious minds that love us enough to give us what we ask for. The choice is ours, however, we will continue to receive these things until we change our thoughts, words, and beliefs. 

Good and bad cannot be distinguished by our subconscious minds. In no way do we wish to belittle ourselves. To me, the dream of black shoes is good because it provides us with the idea that we can change ourselves and remove negative energy.

What are you walking on in the dream?

Think of the terrain. What are you walking on? Is it a road? Is it to a destination? Maybe you just see yourself in black shoes walking to work? Dreaming of walking in black shoes is about our own words and thoughts, yes, it is difficult to understand how destructive our words and thoughts can be. This dream about walking is reaching a goal to see beneficial results, we must change our thoughts and speak in a more positive way. In order to move forward on your path, this dream is telling you positive thinking is necessary. Opening the door to change is one way to bring about change. As a result, you're basically telling your subconscious dream mind, " There is something I can change." so my question to you is what can you change?

Black shoes symbolise removing negative energy

Black shoes are about removing negative energy - in my view. It is possible that symbols and interpretations from dream books, such as the black shoe dreams are not based on moral indicators. Although the black shoe dream omens I have discussed above might be considered 'inauspicious' in a divinatory code, this does not necessarily mean that they are bad morally, religiously, or medically. 

According to an Ancient Egyptian dream book, eating excrement in a dream is a good dream. I am not sure we would all agree. Maybe this type of dream may represent good fortune for divinatory purposes, it's unlikely the dreamer will actually experience them. I am a true believer that our dreams are clues to how we are focused on life, rather than predicting something “out there.” Black represents clearing away the negative energies.

Dream of heeled black shoes - Black High heels/ Stilettos

Black heels or stilettos in dreams is about standing tall, being higher than others. Extending your height in life - even being a hero. The most inspiring stories, out of all myths and legends in time, are the ones that tell the story of heroes. This dream is about proving your worth and is given a set of tasks or challenges to complete life’s journey and embrace the hero within.

When we turn back time, the heroic stories are the most inspiring among all myths and legends. It is possible to be a hero in many different ways. Like Batman, there are heroes that have social problems or cannot relate to others (think of Batman’s relationship with Robin). Some heroes are forced to go on quests by fate, and they discover they are strong people. I feel the dream about the darkness of the shoe color is about how easy it is for you to identify with your inner hero. 

What about high heels? Heeled black shoes in dreams are about rising above the rest. Being brave and strong, also remember heroes don't always win. Sometimes hero’s must accept help, and sometimes heroes have to learn how to defeat. 

This is the meaning of the dream of black high heels - be strong, rise above others and be that hero. I hope this metaphor makes you think about how you can release the “hero” instinct. The slimmer the high heel the more you need to focus on feeling higher than others. The taller the shoe the more spiritually important this dream is. 

Dream of flat black shoes

My experience is that traditional flat black shoes in a dream relate to our positive thinking. If we think about walking in flat shoes it is easy, the path is easy, and the dream is about how you can create the feeling of improvement on your path of life. Think about this, your heartbeat wouldn't speed up if you stopped reading my text here even if I told you to do it. You may feel your heartbeat speed up if you imagine yourself walking down a dark alley at night and hear footsteps approaching. Flat shoes are about recognising that sometimes things in life frighten us, blackness at night frightens small children for instance. Why? It is because we can't see. At times we cannot see the wood through the trees. There is too many leaves. The dream is also about being careful but also not being too frightened about the future.

What does it mean to dream of black shoes with laces?

Laces in a dream is about tying up loose ends. Think about how hard it was as a child to learn how to tie a lace. To see holes, loops, hooks or eyelets passing through your shoes in a dream means that you need to tie up loose ends. Maybe in the dream you could not tie the shoelace, maybe it was in a knot or there was cords or strings that you had to pull in order to the shoes, boots or other footwear. When we look back at history, shoes were traditionally made from leather, jute, cotton or even rope. The shoelaces today are made of synthetic fibre but back in the day there were traditional fibres. This is an interesting symbol in your dream which basically means there is outstanding areas of life that need to be addressed.

What does it mean to dream of black boots?

Perhaps you dreamed of high black boots or even low boots it represents there is something that needs to be covered up. Remember "There are two sides to every story." But you don't see things that way if you are wearing black boots in the dream. You have made your decision and you will stick with it no matter what. This dream indicates that you are able to persevere and be persistent in order to succeed in any field. You never give up. Yes, the boots cover you up but also indicate you can walk the road and be protected. The dream is connected to incredible determination and resilience. It means you are patient, resourceful, and practical. These are great traits to have. The shiner the boot the better and more positive the dream.

What does it indicate to have a dream of seeing black shoes in bad condition?

To see rough or old black shoes in the dream can indicate that there is something to be said about counting your blessings, and trying to be grateful for every one. You'll notice more positive things in your life if you don't feel pulled down by life's difficulties. The fact the black shoes are worn out can indicate you need to be more positive in regard to your blessings. 

What does it signify have a dream concerning buying a new pair of black shoes?

Buying a new black pair of shoes is a positive omen, it shows that you will have a clue about how to focus on life. Buying a new set of black shoes can indicate that you will find a new path, the shoes are also connected to our own reliability in life. Shoes that are new are often seen in our dreams, and as black is the most common color it can indicate that you need to force change, to overcome the negative thoughts that may be on your mind.

What could it mean to have a dream of a black shoe which doesn’t fit you?

We have all heard of the story of Cinderella, the shoe does not fit. Black shoes that don’t fit you, maybe one shoe does and one shoe does not indicate that you are building for the future, but there will be obstacles that could stand in your way. Think about it. If the shoe goes missing or you cannot put this shoe on your foot during your dream it can mean that there is a disconnect somewhere.

What does it imply to have a dream of someone’s black shoes?

If you dream someone else was wearing black shoes, or someone wanted you to put on some black shoes, this dream is about others. Someone else in black shoes is about forgiveness. In some dreams books someone else’s shoes, it is a symbol of desire. But, in other faith traditions, shoes can be a metaphor for spiritual energy. Giving shoes or resources to people who are less fortunate is one way to show love and care is a positive omen. Feet move a lot. Tithing is a practice of some religions. It involves giving a percentage of your income to a religious organization. This dream is about giving to the less fortunate. Giving could be just listening to others, spiritually this dream is about finishing your run or walk in life (to get to a goal) if you dream of someone else’s shoes.

Advice from the dream of black shoes - conclusion

Overcoming negative times, energy and associations is the hallmark of this dream. Make a list of your goals for today in a journal. It could be about walking for 10 minutes or enjoying how the snow reflects off the sidewalk on a cold day. Until you run out of ideas, write another goal. Whether you encounter accomplishing a new goal or not, we won’t get anywhere without focus. Soon you'll be looking for goals. As a result of this challenge, I gained a great deal of knowledge. Whenever I felt stressed, I wrote goals down to calm myself down and meditate. My list of goals continues to grow and wight these happier times. You don’t have to follow this advice but when I had a dream about black shoes it showed me that something we have to be grateful in life and make paths to improve our life.

In this dream, you may have

  • Found or bought a back pair of shoes.
  • Wore black new shoes.
  • Saw others wearing black shoes.
  • Receive new shoes as a gift.
  • Walked in a pair of black high heels.
  • Saw another person in black shoes
  • Loose black shoes in a dream

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You find some new back shoes.
  • Are given black shoes
  • Find new shoes.

This dream is associated with the following scenarios in your life

  • Taking a new direction in life – starting a new career, relationship, or life path.
  • Questioning your existence.
  • Wanting to do something else with your life.
  • Trying to be successful in business or finance.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of new shoes

Confused. Lost. Happy. Thankful. Sad. Helpless. In Pain. Grateful. Surprised. Negligent.

By Florance Saul
Jul 4, 2022