Dreams About Killing Someone

Dreams About Killing Someone

What does it mean when you kill someone in your dream?

Maybe in your dream you suddenly find yourself with a bloodstained hands, standing over the lifeless body of someone. Your heart races and your mind reels as you struggle to make sense of the gruesome scene before you. What could this dream possibly mean? I know this might be so worrying --- especially when you wake up in a cold sweat!

There are different ways in which you take a life during your dream -- this "method" could hold the key to unlocking the meaning. Did you shoot them, strangulate them, run them over, posion them, or even stab him in the heart? Each "killing" method could be interpreted differently. When confronted with such a nightmare, it's understandable to feel shaken and confused. I completely get this. I want to tell you a secret. There is more to this dream than meets the eye - sometimes, killing someone in a dream represents personal growth --- and you may think that strange. I am here to explore what may lie beneath the surface of your crazy (and maybe rather weird) mysterious dream.

Is the dream of killing someone good or bad?

I believe that dreaming about killing can be confusing and perplexing. It's like playing a horror-driven game in which we control the story alone. You may be asking yourself (right now) why your mind came up with such an event, along with its horrifying consequences - are they related to dark secrets hidden within you? Are they warnings about danger or feelings that need to be addressed? Is it possible that this is just an ordinary dream that shouldn't be taken too seriously? 

I do think there is something you need to learn from this dream and consider it bad because it means something needs to end for the garden to grow again, and the flowers to bloom. Human behavior often appears in our dreams (nightly) this then invokes our own moral traits in life. In order to find the answer of why you had this dream it is important to turn to events in daily life. We are often subjected to a degree of violence every day. You only have to turn on the news in order to understand and view violent crime. It is common sense that people who watch a news account of people killing others that we later dream of this. Obviously the violence will differ from different sociological environments and countries. Killing and criminal violence in dreams is often associated with something completely innocent in real life. Searching for the reason of having such a dream, especially if vivid colorful scenes presented themselves can give comfort. Psychologically speaking, this dream is connected to failed comprehension of a problem being faced in real life.  I often feel that such violent dreams often occur when we have experienced pain or problems in the past.

Who was killed?

The actual person and the way they were killed is also super important. It could be a stranger, someone you know, a loved one, friend, coworker or even your boss. Dreaming of killing multiple people in your dream can mean that there are a number of problems or situations on the horizon. Moreover, you can also indicate that no matter what you try you do there always seems to be some issue or situation coming your way. When we wake up we often wonder why certain things have appeared in our dreams and in addition are rather vivid. The details of the dream are equally important, it could be that you dream about killing somebody you know alternatively somebody who you've never met before such as a stranger. 

The way that this person was killed is also equally important which I will analyse from a psychological perspective a bit later on. Firstly, let’s address dreaming of killing somebody that you know. For many years I have received emails from people who have woken up shaken worried about the dream. Notably they dream about killing family members and often search hard the next day in order to find out the true meaning. There are many different aspects of dreams and killing can represent the fact that you are trying to escape something important in life. If you have recently given up smoking, dieting all had some sort of habit that you are trying to break then psychologically it this indicates that you may have a dream have killing somebody that you don't know. 

What does it mean to dream of killing a stranger?

It is my belief that dreaming of killing a stranger signifies a deep-seated fear of the unknown, an unresolved conflict with a mysterious outsider, or a primal desire for control and power. I am sure the haunting image of a stranger's death will linger in your mind long after you awaken from this chilling dream. Also, what was the stranger doing in the dream? Was this stranger provoking you? Chasing you? Attacking you? It is my thoughts that the stranger represents how we communicate with the world. In this social media age (with twitter, instragram, facebook and tik toc) there is so much around us to make our head spin. This dream is about letting go of so much --- just like a spiritual transition. Therefore, killing someone you do not know is about letting go of what other people think. Literally -- killing it! The stranger in your dream can also be representative of the addiction that you hold. In many ways, dreams are killing somebody could just mean that it is time to break a habit.

What does it mean to dream of killing a loved one?

More worryingly, dreaming of killing a loved one such as a parent can signify the difficulties that you have had in the relationship. Again, is not literal in sense it can indicate that there may be conflict or confusion around that relationship previously. If you dream of killing your sister brother this can signify again difficulties in the relationship and that is time to think about how you better get along with them going forward. Dreams about killing friends then suggest that maybe that friend has encountered difficult times recently. It may even just mean that you need to give them a little bit more support going forward.

What does it mean to dream of killing a friend?

We can feel uneasy when we wake up from a dream in which we kill a friend. Remember that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts and emotions, so it's not necessarily an indication that we want to hurt our friends. However, how we perform this act in our dreams can have different meanings. Suffocating could indicate feeling overwhelmed or suffocated in a particular friendship, while stabbing could indicate cutting ties with someone. 

What does it mean to dream of killing a boss?

One user emailed me because he kept dreaming of killing his boss. But, he did in fact have a harmonious relationship with them in real life. This particular man was puzzled by these recurring dreams. After we looked at the dream it was clear that he was feeling that he needed to progress at work and that his boss even though supportive of him wasn't pushing him into the direction that you wish to go. The dream of killing his boss was not literal it was just the fact that he wanted to end phase and move onto more prosperous position within the company. His subconscious mind was using the killing as a way to transform an end his current career position. What I'm trying to say here in this instance dreaming of killing a boss can simply mean that you need to move forward with your career. 

What does it mean to dream of killing somebody accidentally?

This is often a dream that is associated with being criticized in daily life. After all you are also the victim in the dream. Killing somebody by accident is connected to your own energy. The dream of killing someone by accident may indicate a need for release or that you have reached "the final straw" in an emotional situation. Your mind may be trying to equilibrate the situation by feeling trapped, overwhelmed, or unable to escape the accident in the dream. Sometimes I have had these dreams where I run over a person, and I'll wake up feeling worried. Don't worry if you feel scared or anxious, when you kill someone accidently I belive this is due to spiritual encounters. What can happen is that when we sleep our pain is carried over. This is a spirit-to-spirit dream.

What odes it mean to dream of killing someone in psychology?

Turning to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung and Freud, they believed that dreaming of killing somebody has a deep impact upon our own moral accountability in waking life. From a psychological perspective, this dream indicates you are trying to uncover some racial anger within from a past situation (which I touched on in regards to transference). This “anger” could possibly be somewhat repressed in real life. I guess this seems straightforward when we dream of killing somebody, however, if we “do not know” the victim in our dream this brings about some confusion! As the dream is symbolic in nature it doesn’t necessarily mean that you wish to kill whoever was representative in your dream. They are a metaphor that you need a greater perspective on how your own problems and situations are handled in daily life. Psychology has also taught us that the act of killing in a dream can also mean that you’re trying to repress something in your current life.  

There was a study in 2014 in the German sleep centre where it analysed over 400 student’s dreams. Specifically they looked at those dreams that involved killing. The research found that people who dream of killing are more likely to show anger in the waking hours – sorry to say! Generally, it was men who had such dreams and this was often brought about through violent games watching the news before going to sleep. Interestingly, this research also suggested that killing in dreams is connected to our own inner emotions which are reflected during our sleep. From this research it was concluded that killing is a repressed sense of anger in real life.

What does it mean to dream of killing someone in self-defence?

I'm the most positive person but when I had a dream I killed my friend is self-defence it left me feeling uneasy, the tangled web of our subconscious lies the power to create the wildest, most vivid dreams -- that sometimes seems real. And when our mind takes us on a journey that involves taking another life in self-defence, the experience can be confusing. From wielding swords to firing guns, from drowning to choking, the ways in which we "kill" in our dreams can reveal deeper truths about our psyche. Perhaps it symbolizes our need to assert ourselves and defend our boundaries or it could indicate repressed anger that needs to be expressed in healthier ways. Whatever the interpretation may be, there is no denying that our dreams hold a curious power over us, one that we can only fully comprehend by diving deep into our own minds.

It is my thoughts that dreaming of killing somebody for example, killing an intruder who enters your home, brings about a different moral standing. In its simplest forms, the dream of killing somebody (due to them encroaching on your property or trying to kill you) illustrates a real life situation that you need to deal with. Now, problems themselves can cause much anxiety. They can come back as a small problem, and, can often result in larger problems. Doing the same things over and over again often leads us nowhere. This dream is trying to communicate the following: even if you do miss your goals can still keep on trying. 

What does it mean to dream of killing somebody to protect my family?

You family are very precious to most people. Apart from those who have suffered loss or abuse in the past. The dream of defending your family is connected to relationships. Generally, we all go through difficult and dramatic times in our lives. Problems in families can become somewhat overwhelming there could be some differences in opinions, beliefs, goals, values or even financial problems. Dreams of killing a stranger to protect your loved ones often means communication has broken down. Remember, communication is the first step to overcome problems. The reason I mention this is that dreaming of killing somebody who is a danger to your family often represents an external problem which is embarking upon a family member’s life. Even when things are going wrong it is important to understand that we need to have some fun in order to reduce stress, it might be worth thinking about your relationship your family. Always except that everybody is different. Dreaming of protecting the family (from a spiritual perspective) is a positive dream. If you’re feeling neglected or you just want to engage more with your family and that is common to have a dream you are protecting them, if somebody is trying to kill your children in the dream then this indicates that you wish to protect them going forward and it is not literal in any sense.

What does it mean to dream of killing somebody then trying to cover it up?

Murder can have much impact upon our own dream state as I’ve already touched on! If the murder was covered up in a dream, this can indicate a repressed sense of anger. If you dream of killing somebody and trying to cover it up, (perhaps burying the body) this indicates that you may be feeling a lack of control. The “covering up” element in your dream can signify that you are trying to hide your emotions from somebody. If you actually get away with murder in the dream then this can illustrate that you may wish to think about if you feel betrayed by somebody.  To deny your part in a murder  or enter a plea of not guilty in court can illustrate that you are being betrayed by somebody close to you. 

What does it mean to dream of killing somebody then getting caught?

If in the dream you planned a murder without getting caught can indicate that someone is planning something for you. If we look at the statistics of what people (in the waking world) have got away with in terms of killing others the most popular is that a car hits a bicyclist, we are aware of the Netflix TV series "how to get away with murder" one thing that leads to murderers getting caught is that they hang around the crime scene, so taking this all in then dreaming of getting caught (or not getting caught) can indicate repressed anger, and that there might be some issues at work or school going forward.

If you are on death row or are executed due to killing somebody in a dream indicates that you are facing hostile and aggressive people in waking life. To await trial for killing in your dream illustrates that you may be emotionally cutting yourself off from other people. 

What does it mean to dream about killing a someone and being arrested?

Not so long ago, I had a dream about killing someone and being arrested and I remember seeing myself standing in a court. But, what does this mean? This dream could signify fear of facing consequences for our actions or feeling guilty for something we have done in the past. On a more psychological level, I do feel it could represent the struggle between trying to put together the puzzle pieces of guilt (about a subject) and anxiety. Afterall, we as humans know that we are arrested if we do something wrong. It could also suggest feeling powerless or like someone else has control over us. Additionally, dreaming about killing someone can reflect suppressed aggression and unresolved issues and that you may feel that you need everyone to like you. My take on this dream is that you need to remind yourself that you don’t really need anyone’s approval, and to not get too strapped up on this. Same goes for reminding yourself that you are not good enough.

What does it mean to dream of killing somebody then hiding the body?

Generally, hiding the body in a dream represents trying to hide something in real life. The body can just be a metaphor of something. Spiritually speaking, this dream indicates your inner desire to open yourself up to a new situation, emotion or it could signal the need for more communicational openness in a relationship. If you dream of burying the body and this can suggest you are afraid of losing the personal object the message of the dream to try to re-examine something in the past, whether that is a person, and emotion or even a problem. If you are burying more than one body this can suggest something from the past has not had closure, when change is upon us, despite our own willingness to change this often is representative in our dreams. Dreaming about killing then hiding the body is a natural process as your mind understands that killing is morally wrong, think of the body as being a problem that you wish to hide.

What does it mean to dream of killing your enemy?

There was a famous psychologist known as Georg Simmel who believed that as a “group of people” there is nothing like having a common enemy. Having enemies in life often provides us with a secret purpose. In regards to this dream, from a psychological point, it is easy to blame somebody for our problems. There are many different reasons why you may have an enemy. For me, my enemies are due to people treating me rather badly. 

There maybe a moral reason while you don’t like a certain person. The truth is, most of us have and enemy but what does it mean to dream of killing them?  The acceptance that somebody “does not like us” even when we feel we have done nothing to provoke them is not easy situation to deal with. This could be an ex friend or a family member, old work colleague or even someone famous. More alarmingly, we can sometimes dream that we actually enjoy killing them! 

The first thing I will say is this is not literal in any sense! It just means that need to except our discomfort or rejection person. Many people judge others and this can often enter our mind during our sleep. We often feel worried about an enemy and how they have impacted us in life. Dreaming of killing an enemy means you wish to forget about pain in the past. I hope that helps you today.

What does it mean to dream about killing someone with a knife?

Dreaming of killing somebody with a knife can indicate that there is a certain “aspect” to your personality or a person you currently disagree with. The knife from a spiritual perspective, suggests that there are hidden issues in a relationship when you dream about stranger, this is what is known as a subjective symbolism. The person in the dream itself could be connected to somebody you know alternatively a personal trait from within. In dream and psychology books, chopping using a knife illustrates that it is time for transformation. The dream itself provides us with the way to get rid of all our thoughts on a daily basis, it could mean that you have fears for the future and that you have subsequently broken or that you wish to cut down a problem in life.

What do repetitive dreams about killing someone mean?

To repetitively dream of killing somebody, can be a representation of how we are feeling. That we want to “kill” something in our life. It is fine to be fearful at time. In fact, fear can be quite healthy, in that it helps us overcome pain or escape a particular danger. If you keep dreaming that you are killing somebody, it could be because you are primarily worried about self-doubt. From a psychological point of view, we all go through vicious cycles in life and it is hard to break free from our own mistakes. You need to be open to this. 

At times, we may be our own worst obstacle, and that you need to accept and love our inner self. There is a spiritual message here: to see the bigger picture! Continuously dreaming of killing can mean that you need the realization to free yourself, in order to connect with your own internal desires and goals.

If you feel stuck, you can put your dream aside for a bit of bile. You will always have the dream in your head, but sometimes an event will occur that will provide you with insight. Recurring nightmares are more mysterious and may have a precognitive component. At the age of ten, I experienced a frightening nightmare in which the entire world was on fire and I was trying to kill people. This was a strange pre-cognitive dream that a small child in rural Britain had. It happened before climate change or globalization were discussed in my life. We didn't even have a television! How did I learn about the incredibly devastating changes that occurred in my life?

There are many ways to find the meaning of your dreams. You can try all the methods below. Gradually you will discover which one works best for you. You will often need to combine several different methods before you can understand your dream

My advice, from the dream of killing someone, is to go through your dream and choose each symbol that you consider important. Include colors, people, weapons, numbers, seasons, words, and objects as well as the general context. Take each symbol and write down what you think it means. There are many ways you can help to prevent this dream.

What is the dream psychology say about killing someone?

In recent years killing has been featured as a phenomenon in the media. We see killing as baffling, morally challenging and not entirely clear. Freud believed in a concept known as “transference.” This often represents a difficult problem that has entered our lives. We sometimes gravitate around these problems especially in our dreams. It could be a problem from childhood or alternatively a work situation that did not go as planned. Killing somebody in a dream, from my research into psychology, indicates that a problem or issue from the past (where you are felt particularly abandoned) are being played in your subconscious mind through the dream.

Transference makes one’s reactions to situations extremely important. The word transference is from the German word “Ubertragung” which means “carrying something over from another place.” In psychological terms, this indicates a sense of projection. So, I am saying here that you are carrying over content from the past into your dream. That is the best definition that I can determine. Freud’s view is that we transfer projections into our dreams and create painful images when we were hurt in the past. In essence, it is the return of feeling depressed. When did you last feel this way? 

Consequently, if you dream of killing someone frequently then it could be that you need to address the transference of a relationship. I’ve tried to put together my observations and ideas below, in the hope of directing your attention to certain points of view so you can understand this dream further. 

Often, you may not remember every single dream. Scientific research has shown that we dream multiple times during the night and it's not always clear-cut whether dreaming of killing somebody is associated with that particular person or an aspect of our own inner personalities. The most obvious interpretation in regard to a dream of killing someone illustrates around here hidden conflicts, anger, and the fact that we are being controlled by somebody else. 

Dreams about killing someone could signal an external force such as an addiction or that you are trying to overcome some pain in regard to the relationship in waking life. Our dreams are often occurrences that happen in our daily lives. To dream of killing somebody, you don’t know in real life normally in most cases suggests that you are trying to remove “something” from your life. Dream analysis is never clear cut and we often associate the dream under the classification of nightmares. The first thing I will say is in my experience, having violent dreams of an aggressive nature can often indicate hidden pain or a period of time where you control by others. 

What does it men to dream about someone killing your sister?

If you've ever dreamt of your killing your sister this can mean that your relationship with her indicates some deep emotions. Sisters are often symbols of honesty in our dreams. And if your dream means your sister is killed by someone you know it can mean you're not feeling too loved or supported. However, if you had a dream where you were angry or hurt at the murderer of your sister, it could be a way of processing any unresolved difficult feelings you have about your relationship. And if you dream of your sister fighting a murderer it is a sign to take action to protect your loved ones.

What does it men to dream about your boyfriend killing someone?

It can be incredibly unsettling to dream that your boyfriend has killed someone - and I'm sure you are wondering why. In order to understand the spiritual meaning of dreams, however, it is important to take a closer look. In spirituality, dreams are believed to have deeper meanings and offer insight into various aspects of our lives. Dreaming of your boyfriend killing someone could indicate repressed emotions or repressed anger in your relationship. If you dream of helping your boyfriend, it could also be an indication that your relationship is going through a difficult time, and you need to improve your communication skills to find the root of the problem. In a more symbolic sense, it could symbolize a change in your relationship or a change in the man you thought he was. Tune into your intuition and see what comes up for you- it may shed some light on this dream and help you understand its spiritual significance.

Summary of dream of someone killing

We cannot go back and change aspects of the past for what we can do is look at what is missing and work on the future. Dreams of killing somebody can emotionally in practice represent that we need to focus on the future. As I’ve already mentioned in this dream meaning, many times! There could be a sense of “transition” in that an old situation from the past has affected your dreams. We all go through stormy times in life where we feel ripped, injured and that things are not going as planned. Dreaming of killing someone can just be is reliving difficult times.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2018