Dream about my Son

Dream about my Son

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Dreaming about your own son is a good omen. It foretells lucky times ahead.

In most cases, because your son is a part of you, dreaming of him symbolizes your potential. Having children always means we are anxious and this dream could just be your internal thoughts and worries about your son in daily life. The context of the dream matters as well, but overall this is a positive dream. It could refer to a new venture, or new beginnings. In general, to dream that you are a parent means you can aspire to a happy family life ahead - so don't worry is what I am trying to say.

In your dream

  • You see your own son.
  • Your son is obedient.
  • You see your adult son as a child.
  • You have a son that is not real.
  • Your son is crying.
  • Your son is laughing.
  • Your son is married.
  • Your son is not married.
  • Your son joins the army.
  • You give birth to a son.
  • Your son is dead.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You do not have a son, but you dream of having one and you see him.
  • The dream ends well and has a positive outcome.
  • Your son or yourself are not hurt or do not suffer in the dream.
  • You experience joy in the dream world.
  • You felt happy to see your son.
  • Both you and your son are happy or having a good time in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation of the dream about your son

To see or talk to your son is a good omen in dreams. To dream of your baby boy smiling is a symbol of love and indicates pleasant relationships in your life. But if your young son is crying in your dream, this could be a sign of illness and disappointment. If a woman dreams she is nursing her son, she should be careful in trusting other people, as she might have some false friends around. If you see your young son crawling or walking by himself at a very young age, this is a sign that you can act and think on your own, and that you are very independent.

If in your dream your son is obedient and listens to you carefully, this means your hopes and dreams will come true. A good son in a dream is a very positive sign. Dreaming of your son could also mean that your son will make you proud in the real life. The dream of your son refers to your own potential because your son is a part of you. Also, all hopes you have for your son in the real life apply to yourself as well, even if only subconsciously, as many times parents want for their children what they wanted for themselves and perhaps did not accomplish. Therefore, dreaming of your son can awake your own potential in unexpected ways.

If in your dream your son is married, this can foretell some family issues ahead. If your son is not married, this can also be a sign of a family problem coming your way. A good time in life is indicated if your son joins the army or is in the military. This can mean that your ambitions will be fulfilled. Seeing yourself taking care of your son in a dream means new financial agreements are coming ahead. Having more than one sons in a dream suggests adventure ahead. It could refer to a very good new start in life. If the boys are crying, it is a suggestion to pay attention to details in your new adventure, because problems can come from mistaken details. You could be vulnerable, but this dream tells you to pay more attention when you embark on a new path. The dream of more than one son also refers to the need to become creative and come up with new ideas in the future.

Dreaming of giving birth to a son can foresee fatigue in your near future. If the birth was late, this is a sign of delay in real life, but if the birth was premature, this means you have to improve your plans to aim higher in life. Whatever you are doing now does not equal your own potential. You can do more. If in your dream your son is asleep, this means a peaceful time ahead, and that you will be able to rest.

If your son is crying in your dream, this is a sign of obstacles ahead, mostly at work. If your son is happy and laughing, this means new opportunities, a good and hopeful start ahead, joy, satisfaction, as well as a peaceful period in your life. If in your dream your son is sick, this is usually a sign of spiritual struggle and perhaps some hard times. If your son dies in your dream, this suggests a loss of control over some important aspects of your life, perhaps fear of not being able to meet expectations. If your son is kidnapped, trapped, killed or taken away from you indicates your freedom is being challenged. Children in a dream often represent how you parent and to dream of your son being abducted or kidnapped is a parent’s worse nightmare.

When they sleep we are separated from their children therefore, it is only natural to be anxious about them. In a strange way, the dream of your son being kidnapped which means that you feel your freedom to do as you wish without worry is taken up by your child. To see your baby boy kidnapped in a dream indicates that you are emotionally fragile at the moment. It is important that your son in the dream is clearly happy and content. If your son is unhappy, this shows that you need to address an issue in your life. You are probably unhappy at the moment, and this dream is a reflection of that feeling. The son can also represent the work that you do, the thoughts that you have on a daily basis, and who you are to the world around you, but also your thoughts about your son in the real life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of your son

Appreciative. Loving. Caring. Funny. Happy. Grateful. Proud. Content. Mellow. Soft. Relaxed. Kind. Surprised. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Scared. Worried.

By Flo Saul
Jan 3, 2017