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If your dream featured eggs this symbolizes fertility, new changes, birth and creative ideas. It is a great omen! It indicates that a change is around the corner.

According to old dream oracles from Egyptian times, this dream is connected to life and spirituality and often represents our potential within. The meaning of this dream is to apply your knowledge and experiences that you have learned in your life so far so that you can deal any problems in the future. The general interpretation of having an egg in your dream is an indication of all the possibilities in life that have yet to come to the surface, if your dream involves eating eggs then this indicates the need to segment certain aspects of your life and to approach these as separate entities.

In order for you to move forward in different ways and face your fears and doubts. It is important that you face your fears in order to achieve success. If your dream featured a black egg then this is often associated with Satan and the sinister forces within. A black egg can also show fragility and may be connected to the family or perhaps a love relationship. An egg can be taken as a symbol of spiritual development and awareness, this dream is often linked to progress life, you may need to escape a situation for a while as the situation is holding you back. To dream of cooking, seeing or eating an egg in your dream.

General meaning:

An egg is a symbol of a fresh start in your life. This is a positive omen. The bigger the egg, the bigger the gain in your life. To observe cracked or broken eggs in your dream represents feelings of a fragile state in your life. On the other hand, you may be starting to feel happy in your own company. According to Carl Jung, dreaming of eggs often indicates that many plans need to be put into place in order to fulfill your true destiny in this world. To eat eggs may mean that you have been isolated – have you been hiding away from others? Do you have doubts about your body image?

Specific meanings of eggs in your dream:

To have a dream of a hen laying an egg shows that things are going to be given to you from an employer – may be a bonus or a great grade at school. If you dream of several eggs in one basket then there are possible chances that you will receive professional advancement. This dream also means that you will return from a spiritual crisis and that you have been fulfilling objectives.

Good feelings about the egg in your dream often indicates the warm and passionate feelings about others. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid any extreme emotions such as jealousy. Dreaming of beating eggs shows that there is part of your personality that is invisible to others and this needs to be in covered in order for you to move on in the future. If you dream of one egg in a basket then this dream shows that you have many options you in a project going forward. If the chicken or hen cannot lay the egg then a new start will become blocked. To crack an egg in your dream shows that you need to figure out how you control your life better. Perhaps you need to think about what you say before saying it.

To dream of tapping an egg with a spoon symbolizes basic unsettled aspects of your lifetime to make a change. Dreaming of cooking, frying or eating eggs and soldiers shows that is time to rest and recuperate and sort out your inner feelings. Peeling eggs denotes that new starts are on the cards.

If you dream of an egg timer then this dream indicates it’s time for a rebirth. This dream is a symbol the passage of life. As the egg timer measures time, this dream is often associated with measuring your feelings and within. If you have been feeling distressed recently then this dream indicates you have been feeling that time is running out. The egg timer can often represent an enemy.

Ancient dream dictionaries from the 1920s indicate that egg timer a symbol of difficulty. The most important aspect of an egg timer is to make sure that you can sort out your feelings. A hot egg indicates your passionate feelings and that you are loved and cared for. A cold egg of indicates that you are having some difficulties communicating with others.

If you dream of an eggshell appearing in your dream or if the shell is on the floor then this is a positive omen in connection with achieving a goal in your life. This omen also indicates that you’re going to have continued pleasure in your life. If you give other people eggs or dream of cooking eggs for others (a cooked breakfast) then this indicates that you are going to have pleasure in highlighting somebody's successful achievements in the future.

If you dream of eggs rolling or popping eggs then this shows that you're going to have pleasurable experiences in the future. To throw eggs at somebody or have eggs thrown at you is a reminder that you need to consider other people's feelings for a tempting to change the situation in your life.

To dream of laying an egg indicates you are being held up by something within your life, if you lay the egg then this dream equally indicates that there is likely to be a delay due to your emotions. If you dream of baking a cake and cracking an egg into a bowl then this denotes that you're going to think carefully before communicating with others. This dream can also equally mean that other people see you as a leader when we are not necessarily displaying this trait in waking life.

If your dream involved a birds or hens eggs then this represents elements of your life. Some parts of your life may need to be reviewed when approaching a problem at work – are you going about things in the correct way? To dream of a birds nest which holds eggs shows that time to do what you wish in life has come.

To dream of duck or goose eggs indicates that prosperity is on the cards. A quail egg symbolizes a lavish lifestyle is coming your way. Occasionally this dream can also mean that travel is on the cards to a Scandinavian country.

To dream of an ostrich egg signifies that a situation that has been stagnant needs to move forward. Eating or seeing any type of gull eggs is considered a message that things in your life are content and happy. A guinea fowl egg is associated with new beginnings and things at work are going to take a turn for the better. Eating or seeing a pheasant or emu egg is associated with your childhood and often indicates an avoidance of growth and change. You may have been attempting to remove yourself from others to avoid a conflict. To visit a supermarket or shop in order to buy eggs demonstrates that you are attempting to improve your inner strength in the face of a difficult conflict.

To dream of wild bird eggs shows that you are going to have the intellect to succeed in life. If you are selling any eggs in a marketplace then this shows that you are going to take account of a supportive network of friends around you – things are going to work out well in the end. If you dream of a fried egg then this shows that you may be attempting to remove yourself from others and it is important to maintain your drive for future inspiration. If you dream of a chicken farm with the goal of laying eggs then this shows that you have unrealized potential in a work situation.

A dream involving fertile eggs (in the case of pregnancy) indicates that you are going to have to withdraw from a difficult situation in the future. To spill egg yolks or see them indicates that things are likely to be difficult for some time. To dream of eating or drinking raw eggs signifies that you need to recognize that you have some sort of difficult situation that you must deal with and you have been hiding away from others. If you dream of tamago in sushi then this shows that you need to accept that time is running out = go out and fulfill your dreams.

Having a dream about egg white only shows the importance of healing, thus making yourself better. If you dream that you add salt to the egg then this dream represents the importance of “clearing the old to make way for the new.” If the egg is overcooked within your dream then this shows that you need to approach a relationship with more energy and consideration. If your dream involved an egg substitute then this dream shows that new beginnings may be blocked for some time. To contract salmonella or food poisoning from an egg suggests there is a possibility of you having internalized negative feelings towards others. Pickled eggs in a jar or eaten suggests that long-term gain is on the horizon = it’s time to take control of your destiny.

If the eggs in your dream are immersed in water or in a pan then this shows that you are clearing yourself for new growth and you should prepare for change.

1920s dream dictionary meanings

  • To hold an egg in your dream = Happy times ahead and good luck in your job.
  • To find an egg in a basket = Things are going to rewarded to you.
  • Egg breaks in your dream = Disagreement with a someone close to you.
  • Enjoying or eating eggs = Time is running out. You must overcome any barriers or obstacles.
  • Crack an Egg in your dream = New start is coming.
  • If you paint the egg = Misfortune or bad news in relation to your friend.
  • Easter bunny lays the Easter eggs = contentment of children in your life.
  • Be given an egg in dream = Someone is going to offer marriage to you or a loved one.
  • To eat an egg or cook an egg = difficult times.
  • To buy eggs in the shops – such as a supermarket = Happy relationships.
  • To see the yoke of an egg = rich diet.
  • To see a boiled or fried egg = new beginnings.
  • Cooking a cake and cracking eggs = making something sweet in a relationship.
  • Eggs were thrown at something - even you = new start.
  • To see a hen lay an egg in your dream = good relationships.
  • Your dream features eggs in any way: fried, raw, cracked, hen's = success if the eggs were raw.

Positive things are going to happen to you if:

  • You feel happy about the egg being cooked or featured in your dream.
  • To be given an egg as a gift.
  • To cook eggs in your dream.
  • The egg cracked open.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream:

  • The egg was black or bad.
  • The dream relates to negativity.
  • The dream involved fear or not being things beyond the obvious.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of eggs:

Fun. Celebration. Guilty. Scared. Not able to understand the reason for the egg. Old fashioned morals. Strange. Pleasure. Protected. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Fear of the future. Problems encountered leading to confusion. Positive energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Giving. Closeness in companionship. Unwilling to please. Allowing others to be the provider. Expression of love and spirituality. Contentment.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012