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Vapor comes in many forms in a dream and the different kinds of vapor that are potential in a dream can have different meanings for you.

Because of this, it is important to distinguish the kinds of vapor that you are dreaming about and what the potential meaning of them can be. Sometimes vapor in a dream is hiding something that you need to see and other times it is related to health issues that you are having. All in all, usually it indicates that something is missing or that you are missing something specific.

In this dream you may have

  • Use vapor to help you with a cough or cold.
  • See a vapor rise from the sewers.
  • Are attacked by a white or clear vapor.
  • Vaporize someone.
  • Breathe in a mentholated vapor.
  • Are attacked by vapor used in warfare.
  • Wear a gas mask.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You breathe in vapor and it helps you feel better or allows you to breathe better.

Detailed dream meaning

Vapor can sometimes be a good dream, one where there is vapor that is helping you breathe such as using Vics Vapor Rub or a natural eucalyptus smelling vapor that opens air passageways and is beneficial when you are sick. Typically, if you are sick and you dream of this kind of vapor, then it is a wish for your waking world that you could breathe better and doesn’t have much other meaning. However, if you are not sick but dream that you are and you find healing treatments or remedy from a vapor breathing treatment, then this is actually a positive sign of health and healing. When you have healing of any kind in a dream or dream that you are sick then this shows good health or healing from sickness in the waking world.

Dreams of a vapor that is dangerous such as a mist or gas, dreams that include people needing or using gas masks or being attacked by a vaporous substance are dreams full of fear. The vapor in the dream can represent an unknown in your life if it is something that obscures your vision. If it is actually dangerous and forces you to feel fear for other reasons than just not being able to see, then this can be a sign of an attack of some kind. When you have an attack upon you or your loved ones in a dream, this can represent feeling protective in your waking world or being concerned of a true problem existing in your life.

Having to fight against an attacker in a dream is an omen of warding off trouble in your waking world. Consider ways in which people are causing you pain or worry in your waking world and how you are preparing for potential problems. Being ready for a problem in a dream such as preparing with gas masks or an escape plan is a positive sign of being able to avoid future problems in your waking world. Usually these problems are ones that either affects your physical or mental health.

Vomiting from vapor in a dream is a sign of a personal attack and can also be a culmination of worry or stress working its way out in the waking world.

When one dreams of a vapor that affects a large area, this can be a worrisome dream especially if there is a feeling of concern for people that you know or love. These dreams will indicate a need for fortify your own resources in the waking world or indicate a need to protect your family. Consider ways in which you are not prepared for a problem that could affect your family to alleviate your fears.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Protecting your family.
  • Protecting your wealth.
  • Good health and healing.
  • Having breathing problems.
  • Not being able to work out a problem.
  • Being unclear about expectations in your life.
  • Dealing with unknown perils.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of vapor:

 Clarity. Scared. Fear. Sad. Worry. Concern. Uncertainty. Sadness. Confusion. Questioning.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012