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An accessory in a dream can be anything from jewelry, bracelets, earrings, bye, scarf or belts.  Alternatively, an accessory to murder.

The first part of this dream interpretation explains what it means to see an accessory in your dream. The second part of the interpretation is devoted to understanding what a murder or criminal accessory means in the dream state, so read on!. To see a fashion accessory in a dream is connected to how you are perceived. To drop or break an accessory suggests that you need to watch what you say! Remember that other people may be offended by some of the things you say if your thoughts are taken out of context.

Let’s first consider an accessory in terms of an item. This dream can occur in many different ways and it generally means different things depending on the accessory in question. To not know what exactly what accessory to wear in your dream can indicate you may encounter a change in life that is connected to how you are perceived. If you are in shop alternatively a department store and you're trying to buy accessories but you're unable to choose which accessory to purchase can suggest a possible worrying situation will turn out to be content. The accessory itself is a symbolic symbol of balance. If you're not able to decide what accessory to choose than this is a suggestion that – you need to pay more attention to the details of life. If you find yourself in a shop purchasing a number of different popular fashionable accessories then this can suggest you need to be careful of how you're perceived by others.

Detailed dream meaning of accessory: If you find yourself at home looking through drawers for a certain accessory then this dream is associated with different expectations in life. Maybe you have high expectations and that you need to be kind to yourself more. Try not to work too hard and take some time out to enjoy life! - this is the key message. If you find an accessory such as a piece of jewelry, watch or necklace then this can suggest that you are going to find something valuable in life. This is symbolic and can mean that the valuable item is a new hobby alternatively something that suggests you're going to make a fresh start.

The watch, however, is connected to how we perceive time. To find a watch in the street or in your dream is a suggestion that you need to think about how you perceive time. Are you always on time? Are you late? This may be a subconscious call that it is time to try to be a bit more punctual in life. To find a designer watch in a dream suggest that other people will give you advice in good time. If you buy a handbag in your dream then this is an omen of financial hardship. If the bag itself is a color white or blue then this suggests that you are connected to spirit. The color blue and white are common in nature and are associated with tranquil times ahead. If the handbag is black and this can suggest possible difficulty financially. It is important to try to prioritize elements in your life. To find a necklace indicates that other people are going to look to you for advice. Try to give this advice and prioritize yourself against others.

Obviously, there are many different types of accessories that can be featured in the dream state. If we look at Victorian fashion such as hand fans, gloves and also parasols in the dream state it is connected to how we are perceived by others. If a man dreams of accessories it is a sign that he is willing to encounter somebody with a weak character. If you dream that you are trying to find an accessory then this suggests that you need to protect yourself as you may be hurt by an enemy. In the Victorian era “handbags” were very fashionable to wear. Women wore gloves on a day-to-day basis. Symbolically, gloves in the dream dictionaries of this time were associated with loss. If you find a pair of gloves then the ancient dream dictionaries denote that you may have a parting from a friend.

Wearing gloves is a positive omen and foretells a wedding on the horizon. To wear a jacket in a dream or to lose a jacket is a lucky omen. It indicates commercial prosperity is foretold. If you dream of buying a pair of shoes or you're unable to find your shoes in the dream this is associated with travel. It denotes profits and happy circumstances related to a journey. If a handbag was featured in the dream then ancient dream dictionaries foretell that an unimportant loss will occur shortly. If the bag is empty there may be a slight conflict with another. To find a diamond ring suggests that money will be coming to you soon. If you lose a diamond ring then you will achieve against enemies. An umbrella or parasol dream indicates that other people are going to turn to you for advice. Try not to hide your true feelings. To see a walking stick or crane in one's dream indicates that you will solve difficulties going forward.

The bonnet was traditionally worn in Victorian times and this indicates a leisurely lifestyle is predicted but a more modern outlook is required. An Easter bonnet in one's dream suggests you have outdated beliefs in life. It is considered “old-fashioned” and you need to move with the times. If you see a badge in your dream a change of circumstances as predicted. Watches featured in dreams are connected to being punctual and keeping time. Ancient dream dictionaries from the 1930s suggest that the badge is a symbolism of being independent. To see the watch as we already explained above is positive, it can be associated with keeping to time. If the watch needs to be wound up then this can indicate that you will earn money but in small quantities.

To see a wallet in a dream indicates that you are worried about your financial situation. If the wallet contained documents such as you're: driving license, ID card or credit cards then this suggests that you need to be calm in the face of adversity. All the items within the wallet of an identification of yourself. Therefore, if your wallet is featured in the dream this can suggest that you need to think about your own survival rather than get carried away with the moment. To see a hand fan implies minor business loss. If you are using the hand fan then this is a more positive dream indicating domestic enjoyment. To see money in the wallet indicates success. A shawl or scarf featured in one's dream indicates you may have some envious enemies. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that unpleasant piece of news will reach you shortly if you dropped the shawl or scarf.

What does it mean to dream of murder or criminal accessory? If you dream you commit a crime and are classified as an “accessory” to the crime then this dream is related to how you are perceived by others. It indicates that people may judge you. If you dream that you are an accessory to murder then this suggests that you need to try to keep your options open in a given situation. Try to make more effort with others. If you are an accessory to murder and try to hide a body in your dream then this signifies conflicts within. Generally, an accessory to a crime is associated with working together with somebody in a work context in waking life. This dream is connected to the fact that you may not be taking advantage of a situation in waking life. To not want to be an accessory in the dream is a suggestion that you do not want to become a victim yourself in life.

If you see yourself running away from the crime scene which you have been involved in suggests that a “secret” is likely to come out which could damage your reputation. In waking life you may find some minor difficulties. If you dream that you are waiting in a getaway car for a thief or robber then this suggests that you need to depend on your own experiences in life when making decisions. If you are an accessory to a horrific crime, that can actually turn into a nightmare in your dream then this suggests that you will struggle in life. It can mean that you will exhibit some strange traits going forward. It is really hard to understand this type of dream and you must look at other aspects of the dream in order to find the interpretation.

What if you witness a crime in life? If you witnessed a crime in your dream and ended up being an accessory to a crime then this indicates that you will encounter a dishonest person who will create difficulties so you cannot go forward. The key message of this dream is that you must try to understand people better. If you are an accessory to a criminal and that criminal threatens you in the dream this can indicate that you need to put aside your own emotions in order to find out the truth of a given situation. If you are part of organized crime or the Mafia, again you are an accessory this can indicate that you need to think about how you are perceived socially. Here are some more dream meanings.

  • You are an accessory to murder in your dream = commitment is required.
  • Other people force you to be an accessory to a crime in the dream = problems in a relationship.
  • You are part of organized crime - such as the mafia = having fun in life.
  • You cannot find an accessory = new start again = people will turn to you in life.
  • You buy accessories = good luck.
  • You go to a shop to buy an accessory = great place.
  • You find a watch in the dream = happiness in life.
  • You find a ring in the dream = walking away from problems.
  • You rummage through accessories in the dream state.
  • You wore a jacket in the dream = Great luck ahead.
  • Shoes were featured in the dream = walking towards committment.
  • Handbag featured in the dream = happiness.
  • Sunglasses were in the dream = unable to see the future.
  • A dream of an umbrella or parasol = strange dream.
  • You saw a hand fan within the dream = you need to focus on yourself.
  • A walking stick or crane was featured in the dream = great plans ahead.
  • A tie was featured in your dream = nice start in life.
  • A bonnet was worn in the dream = relationships will be good.
  • An Easter bonnet was worn in the dream = nice times ahead.
  • Gloves were worn in the dream = Luck will be yours.
  • Watches were featured in the dream = don't worry in life.
  • Shawls and Scarfs were featured in the dream = someone will give you news.
  • Socks were featured in the dream = happiness in new beginnings.
  • You are an accessory to a criminal = dishonest.
  • You are an accessory to murder = creating problems for someone.
  • You dream of fashion accessories = great times ahead.

What does it mean to dream of shoes, socks or stockings? While we are looking at accessories as dreams lets quickly look at socks, shoes or stockings. Socks in a dream are connected to travel. If you dream of stockings then this is a good dream which indicates a new love or passion in life. If you are a man in your dream of stockings then this suggests that you will overcome adversity.  To dream of shoes suggests that must be determined in life. Ancient dream dictionaries state that "pleasant roads in life often ended in adversity." This is the meaning of shoe dreams in 1930s. We have covered a lot of different accessories and meanings during this dream interpretation.  More details on the dream will give you better insight into the true meaning.  Let’s for now consider the meaning of a murder accessory. Feelings associated with a dream of an accessory: Worried about the future. Unable to find a solution. Difficulty. Being forced into a situation that you’re unhappy with. Searching. Unable to find what you’re looking for.

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