New House

New House

What does it mean to dream of a new house?

Houses represent our emotions, and these are bizarre things, seeing weird stuff in our dream like a brand new house that we are either visiting or purchasing can pave the road in our psyche. Ancient folklore (and the dream books I have on my shelf) state that to dream about a new house is a great sign so good for you! 

What does it mean to dream of a new house?

As I have highlighted above whether you are building a new house, moving into a new house, or even wanting to purchase a new house in a dream it is a sign of bigger and better things for your life. Also, houses represent many layers in a person’s life. Colors in new house dreams are also very important. If you notice a strong color in your dream, such as the entire house is yellow or green, then you will also want to look into the meaning of the color specifically to see what they mean and conjoin it with your new house dream meaning.

As I said in the opening statement: A house represents our own emotions in life. To see the new house of your dreams is a symbol of getting something you want. Whether the house is new or used, in dreams this represents both our good and bad points and basically us as people. Old and dilapidated houses denote failure in business or any effort, and declining health. All dreams relating to a house often refer to various aspects of the self. When trying to analyze the house in your dream, consider also how the house is kept and the condition of it. The rooms in the house relate to facets of your personality. A house also does not always become your home, you need to make it yours. This is important in dreams. As the house represents you. You will make who you are. Life is busy, maybe you currently do not even have time to take a hot bath, but this dream calls for making peace with yourself. If the house in a dream is in desperate need of new furniture or is empty this indicates that you will eventually get what you want but it will take time.

I am Flo and for 20 years I have been studying dreams from a Jung perspective and also spiritually. A house as you will appreciate often goes up in value over the years. Often, the home spiritually is connected to your own feelings in life. Maybe you had a dream of a new home that is old, a new childhood residence, a new house falling apart, or even buying a brand new house. New houses can come in all shapes and sizes during our dream: small, large, grand, and normal. Over the last decade, the changes in the economy have seen the subprime mortgage market in complete chaos, and house prices have been in the media. The global financial institutions have seen almost seven trillion dollars wiped of stock in the 2008 crash. So, what does this mean in regard to dream psychology? Property prices are in the media and according to Sigmund Freud if an event is mentioned multiple times in the media we tend to have dreams. These can transpire into symbols we see in life.

House dreams, in general, will have more in-depth meanings for specific rooms and I have outlined the specific room meanings below. If the new house dream, you had focused on one area of the house, yard, or even the driveway. Another important detail of a new house dream is the condition of the house. If the house is in good repair, it is said that this is a good omen for you to receive money or an increase in stature. The reverse is true if there is work that needs to be done in the house.

What does the dream of specific rooms in a new house mean?

The rooms in a new home appear in your dream often in relation to primal urges or basic needs such as food, shelter, sexuality (reproduction), or financial means to care for these avenues in your life. Consider ways that you are not fully taking care of yourself or those around you that are holding you back. A living or dining room both represent social areas of the home and in a new house dream, they represent a desire to get to know people, networking in business, and making yourself available. If the dining room or living room is messy, there is a feeling that you need to take a look at areas where you are causing disarray in your own social life. It is also representative of problems between friends and that you need to invite their point of view into your life. Perhaps you are not seeing the bigger picture.

To dream of the kitchen or bathroom are reflective of areas in your life that you are not serving yourself. It is likely that you are taking on too much or that you need to tell someone no. Sometimes hallways can also represent a new path in life. To see an attic or balcony in your dream is a representation of needing to focus on your mind, spirituality, or connection to your higher self. This is also true if you are dreaming about an addition to a new house or adding on to a new house. These are all signs that you need to welcome new happenings in your life and to let go of the past. The basement has a similar meaning but is more geared towards your intuition or unconscious mind. If there is a new house with a basement in your dream you will find that there are issues in your life that you are suppressing. Also, pay attention (if you can remember) to whether or not the door was opened or closed. The door being open to a new house is a good sign about someone coming into your life. Usually, this will be in relation to a romance of some kind, being one that is good for you and likely long-term. A closed door to an inviting house is also a good sign with a similar meaning. A closed door with a fence indicates that you are not in a position for love, but that you desire it in your life. Consider ways in which you can attract love to your life – by making enough time or allowing yourself opportunities for love.

What does seeing a new house in a dream mean?

To dream of a new house represents how you perceive yourself in the future. This dream denotes your wish to improve your life in general by starting something “new.” Dreaming of a brand new house is a specific meaning connected to your self-image and represents you and how people perceive you! To move into a new home during a dream indicates that you are searching for fulfillment and you may be embarking on a new life. However, something’s stopping you. This could be an obstacle but you can overcome anything – especially if you try harder. The advice I give after one has such a dream is to try to focus on improvement and enlightenment. To dream of a new house also foretells a smart investment regarding your career. Sometimes a new house appears in a dream when you are focused on accepting a new job opportunity or you are working on improving your current financial position. To dream of building a new home signifies that you will conduct something in life that will make you feel proud. Your dream is a sign you should start following your heart instead of your mind.

What does moving to a new house in a dream signify?

To move into a new house in your dream implies you are entering a new phase in life. You’re leaving the past behind, and you will finally realize the past doesn’t define your future. You define your future. Moving into a new house in your dream shows you’re finally feeling ready for a major change. Although you are emotionally attached to possessions or people it is important to try to not let others stop you from progressing, you will find a way to keep your distance and get closer to others. This dream indicates what you really want from life.

What did the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud state about new house dreams?

It can sometimes be complex to identify the Freudian viewpoint on our dreams, his literature does not make it that easy to define. The problem is that there is no central meaning of one dream, no single interpretation. In fact, when looking at house dreams there can be many signs about what the individual elements mean. Freud believed the kernel of the dream always bounces back to our childhood. Interestingly, the home is connected to how we feel about others. A house represents our own emotions in life. To see the house of your dreams is a symbol of getting something you want. Whether the house is new or used, in dreams this represents both our good and bad points. The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud has a different interpretation of the house dreams. Apparently, he believes the house symbolizes your fear of appearing in front of the world. In other words, it represents your lack of self-confidence, especially if the house in your dream was poorly maintained. If the house was in good condition, it reveals your big ego and self-confidence. You might be worried about your public image.

What is the dream meaning of house construction?

If you dreamed of house construction or seeing yourself on a building site denotes building something new. Seeing a new home erected in your sleep denotes your hard work to achieve your dreams. The good news is that your life will be improved. Try to pay attention to the smaller details in life and choose good building blocks for creating a better future. In other words, invest in yourself and your knowledge so that your goals are built on stable ground. Your dream also foretells a major success in your career. To see yourself constructing a new house in a dream indicates that a job will prove your abilities and boost your self-confidence. Although you always undervalue yourself, you will finally realize you’re actually good at something – especially in your career. You’re worth it. And you will achieve great things.

What does dreaming about a new house with many rooms signify?

To dream of a new house with many rooms reveals your mental state and subconscious, hidden wishes and desires. You will get many opportunities to improve your life and become truly happy again - but it’s up to you if you seize opportunities or not. The many rooms in a dream signify uncertainty. You’re not certain about anything. To see doors into different rooms indicates that you need to work on your self-esteem. Each room has its interpretation. Dreaming of the bathroom symbolizes emotional relief. The bedroom implies your privacy and proves how much you appreciate the intimacy with people in your life. You know how to keep a secret but keep your own secrets to yourself.

The dining room symbolizes a strong attitude and determination. You need to make an important decision connected to a relationship with a close person in your waking life. To dream of a cellar or basement (which I have already covered) represents your intuition and emotional state. Your intuition might warn you about something unpleasant that’s going to happen soon. Dreaming of the basement also reveals your tendency to hide from problems and avoid responsibility. The cellar, on the other hand, represents your hidden emotions that must come to the surface soon. Were you dreaming of the hallway? If yes, it implies to the path you’re walking or a transition period in your life. You might enter a new phase of life you’re not actually prepared for but you will find a way to handle everything. I know I have already covered these but if you scrolled down quickly there they are for you again.

What is the spiritual meaning of a new house?

The spiritual meaning of a new house in your dream is associated with wisdom and the career side of your personality. Every person has a positive and a negative side of their personality. You’re not an exception but you tend to boost your positive side and do the right thing. Your dream represents that you like your way of doing things – the good way. You always look out for others more than you do for yourself and it’s one of your best qualities. The spiritual meaning of your dream is also related to your spiritual growth and enlightenment. In order to grow spiritually and be more focused, you must analyze your inner self and reconnect with your soul. After all, the house is you in dreams.

What do new house dreams mean by Carl Jung's theory?

According to Carl Jung, dreaming of a house symbolizes your psyche or the way you perceive yourself. The way you dream of the house represents the condition of your identity. For example, if the house is new, clean, well-kept, and medium-sized, it symbolizes your self-care. On the other hand, if the house is old, dirty, and poorly maintained, it denotes a lack of self-care. As you know, every house needs attention and proper maintenance. The same goes for human beings. Improve your lifestyle and apply some small changes that will leave a positive impact.

What is the dream interpretation of a house renovation?

To dream of house, renovation represents your inner architecture and emotional chaos. You want to change yourself from the inside out and you want to bring your emotions to order. The renovation reveals your preparation for major changes you’re about to apply very soon. Maybe you will encounter problems that will lead to these changes or simply decide it’s time for improvement.

What do dreams of moving into a new apartment signify?

If you moved into a new apartment it denotes an improvement in your financial and emotional state. You will focus on what’s most important and stop wasting your time on tasks and people who don’t deserve your attention. You will boost your self-confidence and improve your self-image through self-care. This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: Seeking love or wanting a relationship. Feeling lonely. Working on yourself.

What does buying a new house in a dream mean?

Buying a new home your dream is related to your security life. We do look for a new home going into a stranger’s house could also signify danger. Therefore, in the dream state, it indicates a somebody around you will give you support and help you. Perhaps it will even be that somebody will give you focus, attention and happiness. Buying a new house in the dream is also associated with your financial affairs. When we buy a car, for example, we know that it will lose value however as real estate normally increases it indicates that you are going to look at ways of increasing your wealth. If you love the look of a house in a dream then this is a positive omen and signifies your environment in waking life may have a new direction.

What is the style of the new house in your dream?

The style of the house is important, sometimes the design of the house in a dream can be very attractive alternatively the new house could require maintenance. The style design of the house is an illustration of your emotional needs and wants at the moment. To see houses made of stone and bricks indicates that you need to focus on your own self-care and maintenance. If you see a house made of wood or cedar in a dream then there will be a natural association with improving how you relate to other people. The driveway is also important in the dream. Sometimes we do not even notice the driveway in our own homes for example. If the driveway is concrete or brick and durable then this can suggest that you will encounter a concrete successful situation going forward. To view a home from the sidewalk illustrate your feeling an outsider in life. If the house is a mansion in a dream this shows a new focus on life. If the house is covered in snow you may undertake an emotional period in life - but in the end, everything will work out just fine. The location of the house should also be noted, if the new home is on a busy highway or alternatively if there is something peculiar regarding the house this indicates there may be stresses that enter your life. To see yourself negotiating a price for a new house illustrates that you need to gain value for money when buying an item - this is of paramount importance.

What does it mean to dream that your new home is burgled or invaded in a dream?

The home in dreams signifies our own castle and as I have mentioned before our own identity. It is important that you feel security for yourself and your family in the dream state, it can be quite unsettling when we feel that our house is been invaded by either burglars or monsters. The monsters or burglars in dreams generally indicate that you need to focus on how you will feel at ease in life. It could mean that you will feel satisfied in life or that you need to focus on a sense of sophistication in life. There is a focus on knowledge and moving forward in life to make things better.

What does it mean to dream of a house alarm?

To dream of an alarm going off in a home is quite interesting as this generally predicts that there will be a decision that needs to be reached. Specifically, an alarm that is ringing during the dream illustrates that you need to be more respectful of other people in life. Often this kind of dream occurs when we need to focus on our own goals and increase our pace in life. Now, here are some quick meanings to finalize this dream meaning.

In this dream, you may have...

  • Looking for a new house = new start.
  • Lived in a new house = positive times ahead.
  • Wanted to buy a new house (or talked of buying a new house) = embarking on a new start.
  • Building a new house = building something of value in life.
  • Made plans for a new house = wanting to change your life.
  • Bought items for a new house = new focus in life.
  • Helped someone else move into a new house = succeeding in life.
  • Seen a friend or family member’s new house = stop putting yourself down.
  • Sold your home for a new house = new start and you are not the underdog.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You moved into a new house.
  • Bought a new house.
  • Saw a new house appear out of thin air.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a new house:

Happy. Inviting. Thrilled. Comfortable. Serene. Sure. Knowing. Relieved. Welcome. Unsure. Lost. Questioning.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012