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A season featured in a dream represents a period in one's own life.

Spring signifies the childhood years, summer stands for one's own children and adult years, autumn indicates readiness and middle age, and winter symbolizes old age and sterility.

The four different seasons are connected to specific feasts and parties; therefore, each season in your dream signifies a specific state of mind.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen spring.
  • Seen summer.
  • Seen autumn.
  • Seen winter.
  • Witnessed all seasons in one dream.

Advice from your dream...

  • It is spring, new ventures are positive.
  • You follow a clear path of action if it is raining.
  • It is summer and you enjoy abundance.
  • It is fall and you feel fulfilled spiritually.
  • It is winter and you love the snow.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Dreaming of seasons symbolizes the division of life in phases.

This organization originates in the innate need of survival. In general, the spring symbolizes childhood, the summer stands for adulthood, autum is equivalent to middle years, and winter is for the old age.

Spring in a dream omens good business, major possibilities, and nostalgia. To dream that it is spring and the trees are blooming means you will be lucky in love and in business.

Dreaming of summer portends abundance and a future filled with realizations. Seeing white summer clouds foretells advancement at work.

Autumn in a dream predicts spiritual turmoil. If you dream that trees have colorful dry leaves like in the fall, you will receive an unexpected gift from someone you are not too close to.

Winter in one's dream predicts happiness and joy. If you dream that snow covers the ground, this portends prosperity. However, a winter landscape is a negative sign. A winter with heavy snow means good fruits, or financial and material success. A winter rich in snow in your dream foretells a rich and fertile year.

The Eastern tradition believes that if you see winter in your dream, and the ground is covered in snow, the year will be good. Personally, winter dreams mean material success, but also in other aspects of your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seasons.

Happy. Surprised. Energetic. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Vigorous.

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