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A bumper sticker in a dream is very interesting symbol in the dream state.

Bumper stickers are generally adhesive and can be found on the back of many automobiles. The bumper sticker themselves can portray a joke alternatively a religion or commercial messages. So what does a bumper sticker mean when it occurs in the dream state?

If you notice a bumper sticker in the dream state it indicates communication. A message needs to be conveyed or heard. The sticker element of the dream is associated with your childhood thoughts and beliefs. The message of the sticker is important it can be an indication where you perhaps need to take messages from others.

In your dream

  • You can see a bumper sticker on a car.
  • The bumper sticker was on automobiles in your dream.
  • the bumper stickers were religious in nature.
  • There was a key message on the bumper sticker in your dream.
  • You can see country tag on the bumper sticker in your dream.
  • You can see a number plate of an automobile in your car.
  • You can see a phone number on a bumper sticker.
  • the bumper sticker was an advertisement.

Detailed dream meanings of a bumper sticker

To see a bumper sticker on an automobile in your dream indicates your inclination to continue and think about past memories - maybe your childhood. Pay attention to the key message depicted on the bumper sticker as it might provide you with a hint to the actual meaning of the message. Are you refusing or having difficulty letting go of a situation in real life? The dream of a sticker alone can be associated with a sexual innuendo. Think about the term "stick her" yes, I know it is crude but that is the meaning if you see the bumper sticker stuck to the vehicle. pop

If the bumper sticker falls off in your dream then that denotes that there is going to be conflict around communication. This could be associated with a family conflict or alternatively a disagreement between two friends. Obviously, the sticker element means that you are likely to stick together.

So in summary, the bumper sticker in a dream is connected to past memories of childhood, communication and sticking together. From a sexual viewpoint, the bumper sticker dream is associated with two people making love. You may find that in the future you will be intimate with somebody. The bumper stickers are also about communication, maybe this denotes the message that intimacy will be successful.

Feelings associated with seeing the bumper sticker in your dream

Sexual. Communication. Worried about childhood. Thoughts about childhood.

By Florance Saul
Jul 14, 2017