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Aunts in dreams can occur in many ways. So, we know that an aunt is a sister of your mother or father or your uncle's wife.

In my twenty years of study dreams, I can conclude that seeing an Aunt is connected to ether how you feel about the relationship or your anxiety in life. Now, to see your Aunt featured in your dream suggests that you may be apprehensive in life. The details around why your aunt appeared in a dream are important. Dreams about relatives are often connected to family matters of nurturing. You have keen a versatile mind and you are highly intuitive if you dream that you are the Aunt in the dream state. Aunts are normally disciplinarians in nature and this dream can be a highly emotional dependence upon the details. A dream where you see an aunt denotes family ties, value, and connection. It might represent how you view your personality.


If you are a teenager and you happen to see an Aunt in your dream ancient dream dictionaries denote that you will be punished for disobedience. If the aunt in your dream appears smiling it can suggest that, after being reprimanded, you will receive some good news which will make you happy. An aunt is symbolic of protectiveness, wisdom that comes with age, and trustworthiness.

Aunts tend to be very protective of their nieces and nephews and they can educate and instill discipline. A dream where an Aunt is seen denotes that, you will meet people in your life who will have a positive impact. This can refer to new friendships that you find in your life’s journey. If your Aunt is smiling and showing love and affection to you then this is symbolic in that, you might be lucky to get a job through a person whom you know very well.

    Detailed dream interpretation: When you have a dream whereby you see that you have been visited by your aunt in your home (in the dream state) it can imply that you might be receiving an unknown visitor in your house who will cause friction. The person who will come in your waking life will make life difficult for you and other family members. It is a dream which is signaling an alarm that, you should be skeptical in accepting or welcoming visitors into your home that you don’t know.

    When your aunt gives birth in your dream it denotes that there are changes which are about to happen in life in relation to your job or school. Depending on the number of children that you see your aunt giving birth to this is the number of changes which will happen in your waking life. Be ready for a change in your job whereby you might be moved to a new location, or be given a promotion. If you are in school, your parents may just be planning to relocate and thus, a need for a change of school. Seeing your aunt who died in your dream denotes that, you are about to learn secrets of someone you have been close to for a long time. Secrets which will change the way you view the person and which will make you re-evaluate the relationship. If it is a marriage, you might come to learn more about your spouse. Be ready for the shocking revelation.

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    Seeing yourself worried about your aunt in your dream denotes that, there is a part of your family heritage which you are not happy with. When you see an aunt die in your dream, it implies that there is a part of your culture or family value that you need to let go of. You have come to realize that, it doesn't add value to your life; it is burdening you for no good reason and this is why you are better focusing on yourself for a while. An Aunt featuring a dream who is not your aunt in real life indicates a good balance between the practical skills required in a career.  It can traditionally signify that you may be swept off your feet with a given situation.

    If in your dream, you couldn't find your aunt, it implies that there has been some conflict in your family. If you see your Aunt enjoying a birthday in your dream, it suggests that you will have to give up a job or person whom you value. If you see yourself unhappy during the birthday celebration it might be that you will be unhappy with a decision you make in waking life.

    Experiencing incest with your aunt in the dream can be quite disturbing in nature. From a symbolic viewpoint, this dream suggests that you shouldn't take a passive approach to problems. In difficult times make sure that you keep focused. Having sex with your Aunt in the dream state Can be rather concerning. This is a symbolic dream meaning that you want to get closer to your family. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have passions for your aunt. If you have a strong sexual passion for your Aunt during the dream it can indicate that you are starved of sex at the moment.

    In this dream, you may have: Visited your Aunt = luck will be yours! Become an Aunt = the birth of a child. Seen an Aunt who has passed on = reliving the relationship and happiness. Your Aunt dies = a new start in the family. Worried about your Aunt = a great future. Could not find your Aunt = searching for something in life. Your Aunt’s birthday = a social gathering. You experienced incest with your Aunt = sexual frustration, the dream is not literal!! Feelings Associated with the Dream: Crazy. Reconcile. Secretive. Unhappy. Quitting. Cheating. Unbearable.


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