Haunted House

Haunted House

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To walk into a haunted house signifies incomplete emotional business, associated with your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed reminiscences and feelings. To see a haunted house from the outside only means that in life someone might be deceptive.

To dream that you're inside the house signifies the threatened lack of your status.

To see a haunted house with cobwebs, or a house that resembles the Addams family residence, indicates you need to grow spiritually. To die in a haunted house signifies undue vanity. You might believe that your present situation or relationship is in a rut and wish to expand and develop your potential. If you notice yourself residing in a small haunted cottage, this signifies a more spontaneous life-style is on the card’s.

Dreams indicate one’s situation in waking life. A haunted house is connected to one’s fear. Dreaming of a haunted house signifies experiences you have had in waking life. Maybe someone has frightened you? The emotions that you feel during this dream don’t necessarily have to be in the present tense, they can also be in the past. Emotions of the past, present or future can all be incorporated in one’s dream. Whatever the dream stands for, you need to resolve any emotional problems (in waking life) whether from your present or past life. The dream usually points to the need to resolve unsettled conflicts - both in your past and present, to ensure that you carry on with life without problems.

What to pay attention to in your dream

  • The condition of the haunted house whether its tidy or disarranged.
  • Additional things that you see in the dream e.g. ghosts, vampires etc.
  • The part of the house that your dream is featured in.
  • People who appear in the dream.
  • Your familiarity with the haunted house.

Interpretation of the dream

Haunted house dreams are not common. They suggest that part of your life is stuck in unresolved matters. Such dreams are usually an eye opener to the dream. The message they bring is that you need to re-visit certain situation’s of the past and resolve any conflicts or differences. This dream signifies the importance of resolving conflicts, maybe the still weigh down on your capability to move on in life. The impact of such matters may still be felt or at other times, you may have hidden pain. n such instances, you may fail to realize that you still hold onto feelings that belong in your past.

The details of the house can add much to the dream interpretation. A tidy haunted house is a positive dream. It denotes that things will start to improve. The familiarity of the house is also important, to have visited a haunted house in the dream state that you are aware of in waking life is a positive dream. It can help to show what is really disturbing you. If you are familiar with the haunted house from your dream, then it is important to consider how the haunted house relates to your past or present. In such case’s, the dream shows that you need to concentrate on the house as this is where there are unresolved issues.

If in the dream you get to see a ghost, then this can be a visit from a loved one who has passed on. This is a good omen. Think about how this is a courtesy call.

The part of the house you are in also bears significance to the interpretation. Each part of a house suggests different elements in life, the bedroom represents the physical side of life such as one’s health, the kitchen represents diet, the living room represents well being. Remembering the room in which one’s dream is featured is of huge importance if you are to unearth the dream’s real meaning.

How you feel when in the room or rooms of the haunted house is also important. Nothing in the dream should be neglected if you are to interpret the dream satisfactorily.

Feelings that may have been felt after a dream of a haunted house dream

Worried about the haunted house, the dream may result in feelings of hatred, anger, pity, rage, wrath or fear. It points out to how prepared you were to handle the unresolved matter's and the effect it has on you.

By Flo Saul
Jun 2, 2013