Baby Girl Dreams

Baby girl dreams

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A baby girl in a dream is a positive symbol.

Even those that don't have children have dreams about babies. Maybe you had a dream of a missing baby girl, giving birth to a baby girl or you were holding a baby girl. To see a baby girl in a dream can indicate happiness and also a female in waking life. 

Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to my site, my name is Flo and I am going to help you decode your dream of the baby girl. Most of my dreams come true and for the last twenty years I have been studying ancient dream books, these books have helped me write my amazing meanings. For this dream meaning, you will find my sources at the end of the article, a baby girl is a wonderful dream to have. In fact, I have just woken up and had this dream which encouraged me to write about it! 

Is this dream good or bad?

This dream is positive. If you are female and you dream of a baby girl this is connected to either

1)  Your own inner child or

2)  That you want a baby girl. The dream is also connected to the fact that you need to find peace in life. If you are male the dream of a baby girl can indicate that life may change for the better. This dream symbolism is your subconscious mind or a premonition into the future, if you are looking to have a baby you might just have a baby girl. In addition, I have taken some time reading other dream meanings online and they mostly state this is a negative dream. I must say, I do wholeheartedly disagree that this is a negative dream.

In my opinion, seeing a baby girl in a dream is connected to an empathic surround in which you have allowed yourself to feel vulnerable. Previously, you have been hiding away in life. This is all about a lack of control and seeing a baby girl in your arms. Taking care of a baby girl in a dream is connected to something making you feel vulnerable in life.


Dreaming of a little baby girl is associated with our own comfort, relaxation and peace. Such a dream can create a calmness around ourselves. The dream might leave you feeling very peaceful and relaxed.


The baby girl is a symbol of emotional expression and also vulnerability. Remember in life it is what is projected on the outside. Therefore, my interpretive response to this dream is that you feel regretful about something out of your control. So the dream seems to suggest that you need to let go of this vulnerability and there will be a turning point in the future. In life there is always uncertainties. Our defense in dreams is limited, in comparison to the defenses we show in waking life. Yes, dreaming is a vulnerable state and relinquishes a loss of control. The dream content sometimes in this situation does not relate to the literal meaning.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud on baby girl dreams:

Turning this dream around, it offers the option of development and the dream can be a symbolic part of your current state of mind. In approaching this dream from a Jungian perspective, the baby girl can represent these unconscious communications in life. This dream can be used as a tool in helping you change your perception on how something in life is being controlled in waking life. The notion is that you must ask the question of how this dream can enhance you and how you feel about yourself, sharing your feelings with others and the balancing you need when you do have a loss of control. 

You are feeling attuned to being asked questions about things you do not want to give away. This is unavoidable I am afraid. In order to progress in your life sometimes you have to make decisions.  This will help bridge the gap between your goals and also your successes. Maybe you have been questioning things recently. It makes sense that focusing on areas of change in your life will help your overall performance in life. The Freudian unconscious theory involves deep derivatives of aggressive and sexual conflicts. He believed a dream such as holding a baby girl brings awareness of the self. The dream in his view is always about the self and self-experience. Playing the victim in life will not help you long-term.

Spiritual meaning of a baby girl dream:

Now let’s move onto the spiritual meaning of this dream. I have woken up this morning and had this dream where I was holding a little plump baby girl which has influenced me into writing this dream meaning. As I actually would like a baby girl in real life - it is probably my subconscious mind telling me to hurry up and get pregnant. I will take a pregnancy test and report back later. Am I am having a baby? I have looked at the spiritual side of this dream by reviewing ancient literature in private subscription libraries in England. This has helped me unravel your dream meaning and I am here for you.


So, without delay let’s decode the dream from a spiritual context. Spiritually, a baby girl is connected to defenses. The defense that you put up with you in life. If you see your own baby girl in a dream and you are holding her it indicates that you are feeling some degree of emotional distress in life. Try to think about your own hidden talents in life. If you are currently pregnant and you dream of a baby girl it may just be your fears of birth.

To not know the baby girl in your dream indicates that you are feeling guilty in life. Try to rely on your own inner power of “doing the right thing in life.” To see yourself carrying a baby girl in the dream indicates that you need to care more about those that love you. To see a happy, smiling and bright baby girl in the dream indicates you are going to have many positive relationships going forward. A very small tiny baby girl in a dream can indicate that your feelings will be hidden from others.

You are pregnant:

If you are pregnant it's quite common to dream of a baby girl. Most women dream both babies in the first trimester of their pregnancies. During this time mind is very active and the dreams are generally positive. A baby girl in a dream, mostly dictionaries denote happiness, hope, serenity and a combination of positive emotions. Happiness is the most general theme of a little baby dream.

Dream of having a baby girl while pregnant:

The themes in dreams is quite prominent when pregnant. This is because of our emotions. If you dream of an unplanned pregnancy this can be due to your subconscious mind trying to elevate your own uncertainties about becoming a mother. Even if your pregnancy is planned, dreaming of having a baby girl can sometimes indicate that you will soon give birth to one! Lucid dreaming is quite common while you are pregnant.

Holding a baby girl in your arms:

Holding a baby girl in your arms during a dream is associated with feeling connected. Such a dream is all about bonding. It could be that you need to feel more connected to your own children or somebody else on the living plane. You will feel the bond between you and somebody else strengthen. This is a positive dream.

Dream about neglecting a baby:

If you have children is very common to dream of neglecting a baby. I do feel this is because it's a parent's worst fear. To dream of not feeding a baby or forgetting that you have a baby is normally connected to our own inner stress. Mother has a lot of responsibility in life and at times this can be quite unnerving. The baby is a reminder of purity and happiness. He could indicate that his time to listen to your inner self and focus on your goals.

Dream of carrying a baby:

Dream of carrying a baby on your back is associated with feeling protection for somebody waking life. It can indicate that you want to shout to somebody from the difficulties, pick them up and take them away. The setting of the dream is also important. If you are in residential house you are carrying your baby this can indicate that you are feeling worries within your property. If you are outside end you are carrying your baby can indicate changes on its way.

Dream of breastfeeding a baby girl:

Many of you contacted me because you dream of holding in nursing your baby girl. Nursing in a dream is associated with our own comfort and care for others. This is a positive dream, breastfeeding can suggest that you are going to be carefully for somebody else in the near future. Cradling the baby while breastfeeding is also a positive omen. You can indicate that you feel good about certain responsibilities at the moment.

Dream of holding someone else baby girl:

Holding someone else's baby is quite common. Not so long ago I found myself floating in my bedroom near the ceiling holding somebody else's baby in my arms. I did feel quite out of my body, relaxed and calm. As I was holding somebody else's baby, psychological perspective it was connected to my own inner peace. Holdings allows a baby can indicate your own hidden talents and things that you need to think about what areas of your life need to be cared for.

Dream of finding a baby girl:

If you find a baby girl in your dream this can suggest your own instincts about other people's intentions. The dream itself is connected to your own emotions, specifically positive ones. The dream can reflect a typical situation where you are replying on others. 

Dream of a crying baby girl: 

To see a baby girl crying in your dream is an association with your own inner needs. Perhaps you are feeling quite stressed and that you dream of a crying baby girl because you need to focus on yourself. Life can be quite stressful and hectic times the crying baby girl cry for help. You need to relax and chill out is the meaning of this dream.

Dream of giving birth to a baby girl in a dream:

Giving birth is a powerful dream. It is associated with our own response mechanisms to trauma. In so many words I do believe that this dream is all about new starts. The presence of a husband or partner in the dream is also a positive omen, the dream itself can be very lucid and reflect a typical delivery. There are many you contacted me after having such a dream for example, a lady called Karen contacted me after dreaming of giving birth to a baby girl. This left her feeling hopeful she was going to have a baby girl in the future. Four months later she reported she was pregnant with a baby girl! 

A nightmare about a baby girl in a dream:

At times some people have contacted me quite frightened about their baby girl dream. If you woke up in distress during this dream then this can suggest that you were worrying or perceiving danger in waking life. For example, one user emailed me because she saw her baby falling from a great height. In her email she said she felt quite panicked and worried. In this instance there is a mixed emotion it could be that there is anxiety around a child.

By Florance Saul
Nov 11, 2017