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Armor indicates that in life one must become vigilant and careful.

Ancient dream dictionaries signify the armor is associated with hiding away from the world. Generally armor  is seen when we have had a breakup or we feel the need to protect ourselves. Many dreams can contain armor that is either medeval or ancient in style.


If you wear armor and this is associated with being reserved in waking life.  To see other people wearing armor is a suggestion that other people are putting their guard up in life. A dream that features an armor can indicate that the person’s armor does not allow other people to get close to them.

There is focus on letting people get close to you. The armor protects us in war, this can be a symbolic dream meaning you want to step away from others. Maybe you have suffered some  abuse? The armor is connected to your heart and emotions.

In your dream...

  • You were wearing armor.
  • You could see a knight wearing armor.
  • Someone was chasing you wearing armor.
  • You could see soldiers in armor in the dream.
  • A person wearing armor wanted to hurt you in the dream.

Detailed dream meaning…

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If the armor is silver then this can suggest that something valuable will end your life soon. This could be money or some material wealth. To see armor in gold is a suggestion that a gift will be given to you by another. You may be overprotective of a person or possession if the armor in your dream is damaged or broken.  

A suit of armor in a dream is a suggestion that we may call upon others help but keep yourself at distance. To see a metallic covering on warships or vehicles in your dream  again indicates that you will seek the help of other people. The fact that the armor is on a material possession  suggests that there may be a diversion in your family.  to see a shield in a dream is a suggestion that somebody will be expecting you to carry out tasks in the near future.

You may keep people at a distance in order to avoid to get hurt again. What your dream is trying to tell you, is to open yourself to the world and allow people to get to know you better. Trust people. You can’t lose anything in life! You learn from every lesson even if adverse.

People who dream of a body covered in armor are usually emotionally damaged and their dream of armor represents their defense mechanisms. In other words, seeing someone wearing armor in a dream means self-defence. To go to war in armor in the dream suggests you are a person who’s trying to change and trust people again but can’t do so because you fear getting hurt again.


Wearing armor in your dream can also suggest that you are immune to negative emotions, thoughts, and situations. In other words, you are someone who’s great at handling problems and you hold great positive energy. You are brave and can handle difficult situations - no matter what is thrown at you.

However, wearing armor in your dream can also indicate that you have a big ego and sometimes people think you can be quite arrogant. What your dream is trying to tell you is to keep focusing on the good things. To see armor on a monster or something not human suggests people may avoid you.

You try to kill someone wearing armor: This dream suggests that you are trying to control someone else's life and emotions, however, what your dream is trying to tell you, is that you need to leave people to make their own mistakes. You are no one’s master and you have no right to tell people how to live their life or how should they feel.

Someone wearing armor wanted to fight you: It could suggest that you are trying to avoid getting close to people but there is someone who wants to get close and get to know you better. What your dream is trying to tell you is to let that person get close to you, in dreams, sometimes everything is opposite. When someone wants to hurt you in your dream, it means that the person is trying to show you affection in reality.

You could see a knight wearing an armor: You secretly want to become a hero in society. However, try to do it the right way and let people get to know you better in order to love you and appreciate you even more.


Feelings that occurred during a dream of armor…

Fear. Pride. Scared. Protective. Confused. Excited. Drained.


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