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Armor indicates that in life one must become vigilant and careful.

Ancient dream dictionaries signify the armor is associated with hiding away from the world. Generally, armor is seen when we have had a breakup or we feel the need to protect ourselves. Many dreams can contain armor that is either medieval or ancient in style. If you wear armor and this is associated with being reserved in waking life. To see other people wearing armor is a suggestion that other people are putting their guard up in life. A dream that features an armor can indicate that the person’s armor does not allow other people to get close to them. There is focus on letting people get close to you. The armor protects us in war, this can be a symbolic dream meaning you want to step away from others. Maybe you have suffered some abuse? The armor is connected to your heart and emotions.

Detailed dream meaning:

If the armor is silver then this can suggest that something valuable will end your life soon. This could be money or some material wealth. To see armor in gold is a suggestion that a gift will be given to you by another. You may be overprotective of a person or possession if the armor in your dream is damaged or broken. A suit of armor in a dream is a suggestion that we may call upon others help but keep yourself at distance. To see a metallic covering on warships or vehicles in your dream again indicates that you will seek the help of other people. The fact that the armor is in a material possession suggests that there may be a diversion in your family. To see a shield in a dream is a suggestion that somebody will be expecting you to carry out tasks in the near future. You may keep people at a distance in order to avoid to get hurt again. What your dream is trying to tell you, is to open yourself to the world and allow people to get to know you better. Trust people. You can’t lose anything in life! You learn every lesson even if adverse.

People who dream of a body covered in armor are usually emotionally damaged and their dream of armor represents their defense mechanisms. In other words, seeing someone wearing armor in a dream means self-defense. To go to war in armor in the dream suggests you are a person who’s trying to change and trust people again but can’t do so because you fear getting hurt again. Wearing armor in your dream can also suggest that you are immune to negative emotions, thoughts, and situations. In other words, you are someone who’s great at handling problems and you hold great positive energy. You are brave and can handle difficult situations - no matter what is thrown at you.

However, wearing armor in your dream can also indicate that you have a big ego and sometimes people think you can be quite arrogant. What your dream is trying to tell you is to keep focusing on the good things. To see armor on a monster or something not human suggests people may avoid you. You try to kill someone wearing armor: This dream suggests that you are trying to control someone else's life and emotions, however, what your dream is trying to tell you, is that you need to leave people to make their own mistakes. You are no one’s master and you have no right to tell people how to live their life or how should they feel.

What is the general dream interpretation of armor?

Body armor in a dream is an indicator that you don’t allow people to be close to you. It is symbolic of putting up armor yourself so you will not get hurt. This dream is in connection with your own emotions and heart. The dream is encouraging you to open up and let others in for your own benefit. A dream of dressing in armor is a representation of psychological or emotional problems or a defense mechanism. It could be a reflection of your own personality - or someone in your circle who is resistant to change. Alternatively, it could imply that there is someone or a personality trait that you are showing which is defensive. Normally, to see yourself dressed in shiny armor indicates that you may need to protect yourself from anxiety or pain. You seem to hold a belief in yourself most of the time at all costs even if it means hurting others in the process.

On a more positive note, dreaming of wearing armor denotes that, you are emotionally or mentally immune to negative thoughts, situations, or emotions. You are strong enough to handle problems and remain positive about life. To see others wearing armor is a reflection of other people exhibiting a strong ego. You may come across someone who is too arrogant and this person will feel they are more superior than those around them; they see everyone else to be inferior. Often these dreams occur when someone does not accept change and will resist it at all costs. So, this dream indicates that a person around you believes they are always right and in the process, ends up hurting others.

What does it mean to dream of an evil person wearing an armor?

When you dream that you are seeing a bad character in armor or a knight putting on armor ready to fight, it is symbolic of a negative thinking pattern or fear. Often, these types of dreams occur when we need to think about our ability to overcome the ego or other emotions. To see someone put on armor in medieval times during the dream can suggest that you are feeling that you wish to go back to basics in life.

What does it mean to dream of yourself trying to kill someone wearing an armor?

This dream is a symbolic expression of pain or durability that you need right now. The armour itself could be a direct symbol of the need to be independent, confident and even mischievous in the face of oppression. Seeing yourself fighting in a dream or trying to kill someone who is wearing armor is a sign that you are trying hard to remove a bad trait - which is affecting you negatively. The way of thinking or your emotional need could be hindering you from achieving this goal of becoming a better person. To see yourself fighting as a knight in a dream indicates that someone’s ego around you is strong.

What is the spiritual meaning of armor?

Biblically speaking, armor is a metaphor for spiritual protection and defense. In the old testament armor is the protector of people. In Genesis 15, God talks about himself as being Abraham’s shield and protector. The shield becomes the most common symbol of God’s steadfast protection and love throughout the old testament. It is mentioned twenty-four times in the old testament of the bible. David alone invokes the shield, fifteen times. When you read the new testament, the metaphor of the armor is mentioned less often - whereas in the old testament it represented and emphasized as the personification of God who is the shield. In the new testament, God’s redemptive nature is revealed in various aspects. The Ephesians are told by Paul to put on the full armor of God and the word “Panoplia” is used, which is a Greek word that refers to the basic outfit of a Roman Soldier. Paul argues that believers take each element of the armor seriously due to the reality of the opposition in the spiritual realm

  • The believer's armor found in Ephesians 6 verses 10 to 18 comprises of six items, namely: the shoes of the gospel, the belt of truth, the shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the spirit, and the helmet of salvation.
  • The belt of truth: Paul tells the Ephesians to stand, having girded their waist with truth. It is the truth that holds the believer’s armor in place. The truth refers to the truth found in the scriptures contrary to the lies peddled by Satan, who is the father of lies as depicted in John 8:44. The truth also refers to one’s commitment to truth by living a life of transparency, which is upright, and with no deceit. Honesty and integrity are important to prove as well as living by a principle and truth.
  • The shoes of the gospel: For soldiers to match to the field of war, they need comfortable shoes. As a believer, the gospel shoes are essential footwear in order to march where the Lord wants us to go. 1 John 2 verses six talks of walking just like Jesus to abide with Him. John 10:27 talks about …. “Following Jesus.” In your walk, you will encounter obstacles, but as long as you have the gospel shoes, you will conquer.
  • The breastplate of righteousness: The breastplate is used to cover the heart plus other vital organs. Proverbs 4 verse 23 talks about keeping your heart with all diligence because it is in the heart that issues of life come out. Righteousness will protect you against Satan’s charges and accusations. It is not about the good deeds because nobody is righteous as said in Romans 3 verse 10. We only get this righteousness by accepting Jesus Christ, who gives it to us freely as said in Ephesians 2 verses 8.
  • The shield of faith: With the shield of faith on the armor, you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one as explained in Ephesians 6 verses 16. Anytime you get an attack from satan with doubts, your shield of faith will automatically thwart it. Whenever you get tempted along the way of life, the shield of faith will protect you. You will be able to withstand all the persecutions of the devil by knowing where your faith lies as documented in 2 Timothy 3 verse 12. Faith comes from within you, and it is a gift from God with a different measure to everyone. The faith develops and grows up to the level of a shield which then protects you and allows for a victorious life in Christ.
  • The sword of the spirit: This is the only weapon that is listed on the spiritual armor of believers with the rest being defensive. In Hebrew 4 verses 12, the word of God is referred to as powerful and living, and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is the weapon that Jesus used when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, whereas, whatever Satan said, Jesus replied with “It is written….” In John 17 verse 17 it is known to be the word of truth, and that is why it is important to study the word of God, the Bible to become familiar with its power and truth.
  • The helmet of salvation: You will use the helmet to protect the head which seems to be one of the vital parts of the body where the mind and thought seats. Once you know the word of God, it will be impossible to be moved by the deceptions of Satan. Knowing Christ has forgiven your sins will make you be at peace with yourself and nothing will be able to disturb you.
  • Prayer: Though it is not mentioned in the Ephesian prayer is an essential part of armor. In the bible, it is suggested that through prayer you can draw yourself closer to God and strengthen your walk with him. It is the fuel for the armor as it the one which makes it active. Your effort in spiritual battle will be futile if you don’t depend on God through reliance on Him through prayer.

How was armor used historically?

The history of wearing armor is important when trying to understand your dream. Armor comes from the past - especially the medieval times, which means that armor was popular between the 5th to the 16th century. It is important to learn the factors of Medieval armor development which changed, evolved and improved over the period and there are factors which impacted on its development. There is the development of various effective weapons which involved using daggers, swords, polearms and the chains. The crossbow and longbow became effective as part of various armors, and this meant the developers of armors had to do things differently. In dreams to see weapons connected to the armor indicates that someone will hurt you but you can still protect yourself.

After the bronze age metalworking skills developed which resulted in better armors being created - and then the iron age built even stronger armors and thus. The cultures and philosophies during this time were changing rapidly which meant that the armor making had to be changed to fit in. The introduction of gunpowder brought an end to armor making.

Armor before the medieval period:

There were two lines of armor in the evolution of armory in Europe before the medieval period. There was a classical line which came from Roman, Mycenaean, and Greek traditions. The armor was made of Iron and bronze. The other line was from Teutonic and Celtic people who were referred to as the Barbarian and the armor line. It was made from mail and leather.

What is the evolution of armor?

  • Period up to the 5th century: there were two types of armors: the classical armor made from iron and brass and the barbarian armor made from chainmail and leather.
  • From the 5th century up to 14th century: chainmail armor was predominant, and it lasted up to the 17th century.
  • In the 12th century, the chainmail armor was improved by adding more supplements to the chest piece which included gambeson material.
  • Between 13th and 14th century, there was the enhancement of the chainmail armor by adding more plates with more coating being added to it.
  • During the 14th century, the chest plate armor was expanded by the plate being applied to various parts of the body like vambraces for the arms and the greaves for the legs.
  • In the 15th century, there emerged two types of plate mail: the German and the Italian school. And in the same century, there were availed three types of armors for different uses: tournament armor, battle armor, and ceremonial armor. And at the end of the century, the two schools of armor, the Italian and German, merged into the pinnacle of armor: the Maximillian

What is the spiritual meaning of a knight?

In a dream, a knight represents courage, chivalry, and honor. It represents a spiritual warrior who has the strength to battle several forces of evil. At times the knight is associated with the love of a fair maiden. In dreams, it does not necessarily mean that you will perform a sexual union but this dream is hypocritical. The knight represents spiritual and moral strength in the dream including chastity. A knight was a title given to elite soldiers who were mandated with specific responsibilities and expectations. In the modern world, the term knighthood has several meanings with some titles being honorary for service achievement. It is a title which can be inherited from the bloodline or royalty.

Knights spirituality:

According to the spirituality meaning a knight is associated with our journey in life and refers to those who have decided to take up the challenge of discipleship with the Franciscan spirit of totality and generosity. A king is a person who elevates another to be a knight, a position of special honor, trust, and service. The person must have made the interest of his King to be his own. He must protect and serve his king at all costs which can only be referred to as nobility.

What is the tarot meaning of knights?

I know that we are discussing dreams but I feel it is important to cover the tarot meaning of a knight in order to open the meaning of seeing this symbol in your dream. A simple game of chess can help you understand the tarots meaning of knights. The knight in the chess game has a more clever range of movements on the chess board than any other piece. They are strategically moved to the board center in order to create action. When on the outside the knight becomes limited in its usefulness. The tarot meaning of knights as a court card indicates: vitality, action, passion, impulse, mobility, enthusiasm, determination, initiation, exuberance, and facilitating. The knight in the chess game can, of course, cause a lot of damage to the opponent if not watched carefully. In tarot, the knight's cards are normally full of motion. They are the ones who are active and are given the task of battle on the front line. For the kingdom, they become the right arm of the law whereby they facilitate law and order and carry out the execution.

In dreams and tarot readings, a knight is all about high spirits, forward motion, determination, dive, and cause less demand for compliance. A knight will always want to be in control because they are not mature enough to know that force doesn’t make everything to crumble. The Kings, however, understand this, and that is why they remain to be kings. The queens like people to bow to their needs and wants, but they don’t force them the way the knights do. The horse on the knight card is all about mobility, strength, and ignition. It is believed that the four horses referred to in Revelation chapter 6 are designated to the four horsemen in tarot reading: The knight of the sword as the white horse in Revelation chapter 6 and verse 2, used to conquer. The Knight of Pentacles as the black horse in Revelation chapter 6 and verse 5 used to determine. The knight of cups as the pale horse in Revelation chapter 6 and verse 8 whose function is to cut. The knight of wands as the sandy horse in Revelation chapter 6 and verse 4 whose function is to battle.

What does a knight mean as a signifier during a tarot reading?

When you pick a knight during tarot reading, it represents a young male person in your life who might either be living or dead. It could also represent a female with male characteristics. The person, after the reading, will become a driving force in your life. He will be the one who will urge you to move forward, strategize for promotion and encourage you to progress. Knights are pushy and they always want their way, the good news is that their approach has good intent. Their actions always end up being for the greater good, making situations shine. The person will always be there to protect and serve you in whatever capacity you need. When tarot reading in conducted, a knight can represent a young person in your life. It can be a co-worker, son, brother, grannies or fathers. They could also be females who have remarkable strength and downplay feminine softness.

What does it mean to dream of a knight in a tarot deck?

Dealing with a knight in a dream is dealing with a driven personality and depending on how you choose him, you will become well equipped to communicate the person the tarot reading has presented to you. If the person is a knight of wands, then the question that will sparkle into your mind is what or who sparks your creative flame and moves you to social activism. If your knight is that of swords, the question about calculating, exacting and shredding in executing mental control will arise. If it is a knight of pentacles, the question about what or who demands action and strategy in your career and home will arise. If it is a knight of cups, the question regarding what or who seizes your heart and whisks you into romantic throes will arise.

What does a black knight mean in a dream?

Black knights in dreams represent darkness and a situation where you have to review your approach to a matter. According to history, the origin of the black knight is linked to the legend of Ashor, who, despite his age, remained strong and skilled and only specialized in killing kings and other noble people. It is a legand from the 13th and 14th century there was a king who was unable to fight, therefore he called for Ashor in his palace who appeared in his bed without notice and detection.  This black knight then asked the king whom he needed to kill, and the orders were given, but he had first to prove that, the enemy was an evil king before doing it. This he did by hiding in the enemy’s palace where he witnessed the evils being done to the subjects. Ashor realized that there was a priest who was being held captive due to his moral values against the deeds of the evil king. After killing the king, Ashor believed the priest was wholesome and Ashor released him in secret. The priest was in bad shape and became a burden to Ashor, but nevertheless, Ashor helped him escape on a horse out of the city and into the woods. In the process, Ashor was hurt.

With his wounds and the weak priest and people pursuing him, Ashor had to surrender. He let the priest proceed while he waited for his end next to a tree wherein the story a demon appeared and claimed his soul, but before he could give in, an angel appeared and claimed his soul too - due to his many good deeds. The angel and demon started fighting, and in the process, a third entity appeared which had no form, II Separatio; the anonymous one, the keeper of the balance of the universe, the one with no name. He claimed the soul of Ashor since he was neither good nor bad and ordered the angel and the demon to disappear. Anonymous is the personification of neutrality, and he gave Ashor powers to travel to wherever he wanted, but he no longer belonged to the system since he will not have an impact on anything. Ashor, the black knight, still lives on and chose to do good deeds. He remains the prototype of the image of the black knights. I know that story was quite long but what I am trying to get to here is that by dreaming of a black knight indicates that there are deeds that you will carry out that are both positive and negative.

What do shields symbolize in a dream?

In medieval times, shields were popular and were a part of the coat of arms which with times, spread among the nobility and the knights and thus the growth of various symbols which were used in association with heraldic shields. A shield means and symbolizes protection against falsities and evil. In dreams, the shield is connected to the protection and the fact we must protect ourselves.

Someone wearing armor wanted to fight you:

It could suggest that you are trying to avoid getting close to people but there is someone who wants to get close and get to know you better. What your dream is trying to tell you is to let that person get close to you, in dreams, sometimes everything is opposite. When someone wants to hurt you in your dream, it means that the person is trying to show you affection in reality. You could see a knight wearing an armor: You secretly want to become a hero in society. However, try to do it the right way and let people get to know you better in order to love you and appreciate you even more.

In your dream:

You were wearing armor. You could see a knight wearing armor. Someone was chasing you wearing armor. You could see soldiers in armor in the dream. A person wearing armor wanted to hurt you in the dream.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of armor:

Fear. Pride. Scared. Protective. Confused. Excited. Drained.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017