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Fired in a dream

Fired in a dream.

Fired in a dream represents your anxiety at work. It is connected to the stresses and strains of work.

This dream can also be associated with feeling isolated in daily life. Research has shown that 75% of America dreams about work every year - especially males. So, you cannot escape the work meetings, schedules and office computers in your sleep! Dreaming of being fired can be connected to the fear and feeling of subconsciously thinking that this might actually happen in daily life. So many of our dreams are common when it comes to work.

They are associated with a hybrid of our needs and wants in life. It can be associated with removing ourselves from our job altogether and retraining. To have a recurring dream of being fired can indicate an unresolved issue at work. The dreamer maybe trying to communicate with their own subconscious mind. To try to uncover the root of a problem. Maybe an ambition is not being fulfilled?

It is also an anxiety dream and can be associated with feeling an obligation in life. To see yourself fired from your current job in a dream suggests that you are trying to move forward in life but feel everything is holding you back. In dreams this can also indicate that you can change who you are for the better. Being fired is our worse nightmare, it makes us feel rejected and unwanted. From a sub-conscious perspective being fired in a dream might just be a “fear” dream.

In your dream…

  • You were fired in your current job in your dream.
  • You were fired in a previous job in a dream.
  • You could see many lay-offs in a dream.
  • You were made redundant in a dream.
  • You saw others being made redundant in a dream.

Detailed dream meaning of being fired…

To be fired in a dream represents the worry of work but also that you feel other people control you. Being fired also means that you fear a new job or having a new start in life. To see coworkers fired in a dream can suggest feeling abandoned in daily life.

To dream your boss fires you is connected to your desires in life. To see a boss shout at you in a dream indicates a new start in life. It indicates that you are going to change your perspective in life. If your boss is different than your real boss in a dream it indicates taking a chance in life. To see yourself in an old job in a dream indicates a new passion for life and also lust.

The work that you have put into a project has paid off, and it indicates you are harvesting for a better future. To dream of massive redundancies or to see people layed off in a dream indicates it is time to think about how you will approach your work life in the future. It can also suggest that you are engrossed in a work situation. The dream indicates that you are at a crossroads in life and you need to work hard in your life. To see others being made redundant in a dream indicates that you should not sit around and let people take the lead. Be in charge is the message. Be prepared to see how you progress in life, you are ready to make your move shortly.

Feelings associated with this dream...

Worry of getting "fired in real life," difficulty in communicating with your boss in life.

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