Bullet Proof Vest

Bullet Proof Vest

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A bullet-proof vest is associated with protection.

If you see yourself wearing a bulletproof vest or armor in a dream, it means that you exercise excessive caution in your affairs; you have unwillingness to take risks can hurt you. If you dream that you are wearing a bulletproof vest, armor or chain mail, it means, in reality, to dream of peace and security.

In your dream

  • You wore a bulletproof vest.
  • You were protected from bullets in your dream.
  • The bullet proof vest was worn by someone else in the dream.
  • Other people wore the bulletproof vest in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of a bulletproof vest

If you wear a bulletproof vest in a dream, it suggests that you are too cautious, so there will not be a promotion in the near future. Also, you should relax! You will protection in communicating with close people, friends, and relatives. You always try to hide your emotions and feelings, close yourself from the people around you, which can eventually become a big problem. Such a situation can lead to an emotional explosion and lead to quarrels with close people and conflicts at work. Try to be more open and sociable; do not hide your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. One more meaning that such a dream may have it is the presence of a strong and influential person that protects you and helps you in your affairs.

If in your dream, you see terrorists or bandits dressed in a bulletproof vest, this dream predicts envy to someone you know. Probably, the success of the people around you will not bring you joy. Try to overcome this feeling and it will help you to save your relations. Also, perhaps your close people will suffer from attacks of envious persons and they will need your help and support, so make sure you will be close enough to help them.

If you saw bulletproof vest in your dream, such a dream says that you will happily avoid danger, thanks to your prudence and caution. If you saw a bulletproof vest with traces of bullets, be on the alert, you are in for trouble. If you are careful and attentive, you will be able to overcome all difficulties without problems.

If in a dream you see that one of your loved ones is wearing a bulletproof vest, it means that this person is hiding something from you. Talk to your close people, try to build trust between you and your relationship will certainly get better.

Quick bulletproof vest dream meanings

  • If you dreamed that you are wearing a bulletproof vest, then you feel like defending yourself from the pain or adversity of life.
  • The bulletproof vest symbolizes assistance and protection from the side, perhaps, "from above."
  • If you see in a dream that your loved one is wearing a bulletproof vest, it means that you have difficulties in communication and distrust.
  • If you dreamed of a bandit wearing a bulletproof vest, it means that your relatives will have envious people; maybe you will be one of them.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a bulletproof vest

Peace, confidence, security.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017