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A dream that involves an ace symbol can have several meanings depending on the dream itself.

Ace's are connected to the tarot interpretation which I have detailed below, and are associated with how we control our lives and others. The Ace in a dream guides one to challenge themselves and find what's great about their life Allow your imagination to wonder. Make a conscious choice to work on your weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. It can denote legal matters or involvements in an affair.

However, it could also suggest that in future you will become a powerful person or get the job of your dreams. If you dreamed of the ace of wands, you will face an abrupt end of your relationship and start a new one after a short period. However, if you’re single, it could mean that you will find your soul mate soon. And that person may be someone who’s around you every day!If you dreamed of the ace of diamonds, it could suggest that you will have a material progress or get the long-awaited promotion. It could also mean that you will make a good deal soon.

If you dreamed of playing poker and had an ace in your deck or draw an ace while gambling, that means that you should stay out of illegal activities, because although you see yourself as a lucky person, you may get caught when you least expect it! It could also foretell that you will be hurt in the future. If you dreamed of the ace of swords, it denotes that you will face victory or some kind of success soon. It could also mean that you will bring an important decision that’s going to change your life for better. Listen to your gut. Quick dream meaning:

  • You dreamed of the ace of wands = Happiness, and contentment.
  • You dreamed of the ace of diamonds = Money will be yours soon.
  • You dreamed of gambling and drawing an ace = Do not think of failures things will work out.
  • In your dream, you played poker and had an ace in your deck = Don't give up.
  • You dreamed of the ace of swords = Take a chance you have hope.
  • You dreamed of the ace of cups = Love, and lust will be yours.
  • You dreamed of a golf ace - a hole in one = Your mind is powerful.
  • You achieved a tennis ace in the dream = served and gained a point = You will beat the competition but it will be slow.
  • You dreamed of an ace playing card: diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts = The time is now.

What is the general meaning of seeing an Ace in your dream?

To see the ace of spades in a dream suggests a controlling element in your life or an important event. The ace of hearts suggests that you will enjoy a great relationship. This dream signifies an unfailing supply of happiness to your soul and heart. It indicates you should relax. You have a safety net for love, service and great friendships. Remember that every individual and occasion may have a precious lesson concealed when you dream of achieving an ace in tennis in your dream. It can indicate that a plan of action will be undertaken that will harmonize exactly what you want in life.

What does it mean to dream of the ace of diamonds?

An ace of diamonds is associated with material wealth in a dream. People who have this particular dream are searching for an unbelievable experience - or to become rich. This dream marks the start of a new material endeavor - particularly in issues of career and money. The ace of spades is connected to a desire to get knowledge of metaphysical topics or to deepen an already present religious journey. This is now the time for deep, personal transformation.

What does it mean to dream of the ace of clubs or the ace of wands?

The ace of wands or clubs is connected to work. If you dream of this tarot or playing card then you need to focus on energy and passion. The tarot cards of wands also remind us of a creative management that we need to undertake. Think about your job when you have such a dream. Many times this card shows up in the dream state when the dreamer has gone through a period of cloudy waters or a period of stagnation where he or she seemed to become "stuck." Thus the symbolism of fire thrust from the obscuring clouds.

In cases like this, the dreamer needs a guarantee of movement, leadership, and positive energy to ensure a beautiful outcome at work. Dreaming of this card calls to artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and even people trying to embark on a brand new creative path. To them, it's that the "green light" card - an indication of positive reinforcement, a sign to embark on their own endeavors.

What does it mean to dream of the ace of cups?

It could mean that you will fall in love with someone new while in a relationship or marriage. It could also suggest that you will activate your full potential and start working on yourself more.

  • You dreamed of a golf ace – A hole in one: You are having doubts about your next move at work. Follow your intuition and you can’t go wrong, that’s what your dream is trying to tell you.
  • You achieved a tennis ace in your dream: This represents a change or a new challenge in your life. However, it could also mean that you will soon face a problem that will change the course of your life for better. Although you will go through some tough periods, everything will work out just fine at the end.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of the ace card

Risk. Excited. Scared. Petrified. Victorious. Surprise. Doubtful. Impatience. Guilt.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017