Covering Yourself in A Bag

Covering Yourself in A Bag

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Mostly people use paper bags to cover themselves from getting rained on or maybe in an “egg and spoon” race.

When you see yourself using a bag as a cover, it means that you are hiding some secrets which you don't want people to know about. They are shameful and embarrassing that if known, you will feel like dying.

Covering yourself in a bag could also mean that, you are a fugitive, running away from the hands of the law. There is something that you did in the past that you are running away from because, if caught, you might spend a good number of years in jail.

This type of dream can be a warning sign that, you are about to engage yourself in some illegal activities and it could be wise if you don't because it will just make your life miserable.

In the dream, you may

  • Participated in egg and spoon race had to put a bag over your body.
  • Got inside a sleeping bag.
  • Seen people sleeping in a sleeping bag.
  • Unable to open the zip of sleeping bag.
  • Your whole self is covered in a bag.
  • Were covered in a black bin bag.
  • Found yourself inside a bin bag.
  • Seen other people covered in bags.
  • Seen yourself in a body bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you see yourself participating in an egg and spoon race and are forced to put a bag over your body for protection, suggests you have indulged in something shameful and you are trying to keep it secret so that, nobody finds out. If they find out, they will not associate themselves with you.

When you dream that you are zipping yourself inside a sleeping bag it means that you have decided that someone is not being truthful. This person will pay the ultimate price.

When you see people sleeping in a sleeping bag, it suggests embarrassing things in life - which you have witnessed. Maybe someone is acting “selfish.” You are afraid to let others know that, deep down you feel you can do things better.

Unable to open the zip of a sleeping bag is an indication that, you are suffering from emotional turmoil due to something shameful that happened in your life, but you are not ready to share with others due to the repercussions it might cause.

When you are covered in a bag, it means that you are full of secrets which you seem to indulge in repeatedly. Indulging in illegal activities and, it seems, everybody seems to know about them and you might be in trouble with the lawmakers soon.

A dream where you are covered in a black bin bag means that your reputation is under scrutiny. Even though you are trying as much as possible to hide your past, it is haunting you now, making it impossible for you to move ahead because, people seem to suspect that, you have dark secrets you are hiding from them.

When you find yourself in a bin bag in your sleep, it means that you are in a tight situation where your reputation is being tainted.

You need to use all your will power to come out of it because it is embarrassing moment might. This might just affect you for life.

Dreaming of other people being covered in paper bags means, you are a person who makes sure that, you do everything possible to avoid being caught up in embarrassing situations. This has made your life a lot easier.

Seeing yourself in a body bag means that, your life is full of scandals from the past which are making you find it hard to progress in the future. The best thing to do is to make sure that, you come to terms with your past, forgive yourself, embrace the present and move on into the future as if you were a changed person, ready to start life afresh.

Feelings associated with your dream of being in a bag

Embarrassed, dirty, progressive, changed, sick, secretive and lack of foresight.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017