Dreams Of Fire Burning House

Dreams Of Fire Burning House

What does a house fire mean in your dream?

Seeing a house fire in a dream, or that your house is burning down is relatively common.

This is a great dream to have. Fire is power. You have the power to make things happen. Fire as a spiritual message is about getting what you want. I’m going to explore what it means to dream of a burning house. A burning house dream can come in many different visions. It could be that the house itself is a property that you used to live in - alternatively, the house is unknown to you. Because the house is connected to you and the rooms are events in your life the dream could imply that a burning house could mean a new start, something fresh and the need to move forward.

The first question that I must ask is: “if your house in real life was actually burning down what things of value or sentimental value would you take with you?” This is quite an interesting question, as the dream itself is all about things that are valuable to you. It could be material possessions, alternatively sentimental goods. Everyone’s answers to this question may be different. This could be due to the fact that every one of us is at different stages in life. For example, if you have children then perhaps you would take your favorite photo of them. If you are single and a businessman or woman you may feel the need to take your iPhone. Everyone has “different things” of value in life and dreaming of a house burning down is all about thinking about the “value.” What is valuable to you? What do you really want?

In order to answer what this dream means we need to first turn to what the house represents in your subconscious mind and why seeing fire and burning occurred in your dream. Dreams about a house indicate that, you are going to make wise changes in your present affairs and that your “comfort levels” are being challenged. An old or dilapidated house on fire in your dream indicates a failure in business or the efforts you try in your day to day life and a decline in your health. Dreaming that you see burning houses or buildings that are elegant is a sign that, you are going to leave your home or a situation in life to move forward to a better place. In folklore, fortune will follow you, according to older dream books. Whatever the house, the dream is positive and represents a new change is coming. 

But what does Freud have to say about dreams about burning houses?

According to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, a house is a representation of your intellect, yourself, your spirituality, your psyche, and your mind. It is all about how you perceive yourself in the light of the things that go on around you. If the house in your dream was on fire it will mirror some aspects of your character or your daily concerns. If in your dream you are aware that there is someone else in the house, which is on fire, then it is a sign you are having a conflict between two parts of your personality possibly the intellectual and creative aspects of a given personality. Again, think about what I was talking about in the opening statement about what is of value to you.

The dream where you are specifically aware of the front part of the house burning down could be the façade you show the outside world, whereas if you are inside the burning house is an indicator of the need to decide whether to be more extrovert or introverted with your dealing with those people around you.

Seeing an impressive, awe-inspiring house on fire is a sign that, you are conscious of your soul or the self. Seeing yourself moving to a bigger house from a smaller one is a sign that, there is a need for change in your life in order to achieve a more open way of life or get more space. If you see in your dream you are outside a burning house, it might mean that that is your public side and how you relate to external interests.

What does it mean to dream about house burning down?

Dreaming about the house where you grew or a small house burning down is a sign of seeking for security or perhaps the safeguard of childhood when you didn’t have more responsibilities as you have at the moment. If you find yourself in a large house fire in your dream, then it means that you have feelings in real life that, responsibilities are trapping you. Watching a house on fire can mean that there will be people who will offer you advice going forward.

What does it mean to dream of fire flames?

To dream of seeing flames in connection to burning down house can indicate the bridge between spiritual existence and mundane life. As I’ve already explained the dream of a burning house can often be a representation of transformation. Seeing orange flames could indicate a spirit of transformation in a loving way. It is really a sign of happiness, contentment and also strength in life.

What does it mean to put out the house fire in your dream?

A dream where you find you are aware of a fire engine or that people are called to put out the fire, then it is indicative of a need to work on your relationships or to repair your health as you might be having health issues. You will need to take care of any difficulty, decay or damage that is occurring or has occurred in your life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing an empty house on fire?

Attics in the house are a representation of your intellect, and the basement is symbolic of your unconscious. An empty house is a sign of a need for security. Seeing a house shifting could denote that, you are currently going through some personal changes and changing your system of belief.

What does it mean to dream of a row of burning houses?

When you dream of a row of burning houses, it might be a sign that, there is a need for you to clear your thoughts and get rid of the old ways. You are currently looking for a way to self-improve. If you are currently living with others and yet you dream you are living alone, then it is indicative of the need to take steps towards independence. You will have to accept your responsibilities and become more self-reliant.

If you see you are locked out of your house, it is a representation of insecurity and rejection which could involve a current situation in your life or a particular relationship. You have a feeling you are being left behind. Feeling violated could be represented by a house being broken into. Seeing a home that has been burned to the ground might be an indication of unfinished emotional business related to relatives, childhood, family, repressed feelings, and memories. A house disappearing in smoke and fire in your dream might be a sign that, you are currently not feeling grounded. There is a particular relationship or circumstance in your life which you feel uprooted from.

What might it mean to dream about a burning house in general?

A dream where you see a burning house, in general, could be a representation of your inner self. Seeing certain rooms on fire in the house could denote specific symbolism, for example, your subconscious could be represented by the basement. Alternatively, dreaming about the attic represents your intelligence. If you were with someone in the basement of a house, then it denotes that, your subconscious is trying to remind you about something you forgot about the person.

What might it indicate to dream about the burning house changing?

Dreaming about a burning house changing, then it means that, you are going to experience some changes in your belief system and personal life. There is a possibility that you will realize some things which are complete to change your look on life. They are changes that you need at the moment and thus, the need to embrace it and make the best use of it.

What might it mean to dream about an empty home that is on fire?

Seeing an empty home on fire in your dream could mean that, in the days to come, you are going to be independent. In order for you to become more self-reliant, then you have to accept responsibilities. If you are alone in the house and you are worried because it is on fire, might mean that, you are having problems with your confidence.

What might it mean to dream about an old house on fire?

Dreaming about an old house you lived in previously and is on fire, is a sign that, your old life and your old way of thinking needs changing. At the moment, it could be that current actions are leading towards those old habits and way of thinking. It might be an addiction or something bad you did in your past. Before these habits enter your life again, chase them away and don’t go back.

What might it indicate to dream about a house that is damaged?

After a fire, houses are generally damaged. A dream about a house that is damaged could mean you are currently encountering worries concerning your family. You might have just lost your job and you are wondering how your family will pull through. Alternatively, the dream could mean you are reflecting on a situation in your family life, and at the moment, things are not looking good at all.

What does it mean to dream of escaping a house fire?

If you escaped the house fire then this represents change, freedom, difficulties overcome also a celebration. I always believe that the dream of escaping fire represents that you will escape a difficult situation in real life.

What might it imply to dream about a new house on fire?

Seeing a new house in your dream which is on fire could mean that, you are about to start a new chapter in your life or start it afresh. At the moment, you have become emotionally mature and you seem to be self-reliant. It is the right time to make your dreams come true because no one can stop you from achieving what you focus on.

In older folklore, a house burning down in your dream might be a sign that you need to start celebrating because it is a positive dream. In the days to come, in old folklore, this dream can signify happy occasions. Alternatively, the dream might mean that you will find it impossible to stop some part of your life from disappearing. On the other hand, the dream might indicate that you will be able to remove someone’s destructive intentions.

By Florance Saul
Aug 8, 2018