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A backyard is a small garden and in dreams suggests childhood memories.

The backyard is found at the rear end of a building which in most cases, is surrounded by a fence. With that definition in mind, it becomes easier to analyze a dream where you see a backyard; it denotes that something private, intimate and less formal. It means you do not want others disturbing you. You will need to share things with others in order to gain peace of mind.

In the dream

  • You might be the one in the backyard.
  • Other people are in the backyard.
  • You are worried about the backyard.
  • Someone you know might be in the backyard
  • A stranger is in the backyard.
  • Hiding in the backyard.
  • Party in the backyard.

Detailed dream interpretation

The backyard in a dream is a representation of your past. This can include childhood memories. There are elements of your life that you want kept secret. This dream also suggests that there is a combination of difficulties on the horizon. Try not to take people or material possessions were granted. The dreams interpretation should focus on what backyard looks like.

When you dream of seeing yourself in a backyard it implies that there is something you are secretive about which needs to come out in order for you to progress in life. It might be something in your past, which is intimate and you are finding it hard to share with someone. You need to identify a person whom you feel you can trust and share it because it is the one which is standing between you and your prosperity. Let this person be one who can be trusted; one who won’t start exposing your secrets to everyone around.

A situation whereby you see a familiar person in the backyard means that a family or a friend is having private issues which result in a possible stagnation in their development. All you need to do is, make sure that you offer advice and teach them how to forgive and forget;

To see strangers in your backyard foretells that a stranger who you don't know at all will be offering you help. To hide in the backyard is a suggestion that you should meditate and think about what you want from life. If the backyard is beautiful and full of flowers and this could suggest that you will encounter somebody that wants to be private. This may make you feel neglected but in the long run, the relationship will blossom. If the backyard is gray and dark and scary then this can suggest that you will find somebody who will be critical of you. It indicates that you wish to hide away from life. If somebody is breaking into your property and you see them in the backyard this can suggest that you have been sensitive in a given situation.

To sit and enjoy the backyard in your dream is a positive omen suggest happiness even though you wish to remain reserved in some situations. A party in the backyard indicate celebrations on the horizon.

Feelings associated with your dream

Bitter, hurt, intimate, forgiveness

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017