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To dream of a banner indicates a new influence within your life. If the banner is a commercial advertisement found out in the open (such as a billboard, bus stop, etc.), then the message on the banner will be of significance.

If the banner is old-fashioned, then it is a literal message that you need to move forward from the past. This dream indicates that you need to be able to understand others better in order to achieve the goals in your waking life.

If you see a banner above a shop or a commercial outlet in your dream, this indicates that whatever troubles you in the present or in the near future comes from your past. The answer to your troubles is to let go of things that you cannot change and learn to express yourself in a positive manner with others.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a commercial banner.
  • Noticed a very colorful banner.
  • Seen a black and white banner.
  • Read an interesting message on a banner.
  • Seen an old-fashioned banner.
  • Seen a banner that is not unfurled, an open banner.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The banner had a positive message.
  • You displayed a banner to help somebody else.
  • The banner was for a celebration or happy event.
  • The banner represented your hopes and goals.
  • The banner was inspirational.

Detailed dream interpretation....

A banner foretells small gains in the waking world. A colorful banner tells that you have some unusual ideas that could actually become lucrative. A banner can also predict some insignificant financial issues. Seeing a banner can mean news from a partner or loved one. If the banner falls in your dream, this suggests worries, and that you should pay more attention to your enemies.

An unfolded banner means success in life. A waving banner tells you that the danger you have been worried about has been removed from your life. If you have a banner in your hand this indicates that victory is coming soon, and that you may become a well-known and loved in your field. A shiny banner means special honor and that you are worthy of receiving great praise.

Seeing a banner high on a building shows that you may receive good results from your hard work, and you will be praised by other people. You should pay attention to the message on the banner as it is usually relevant to your own life, no matter how obscure the message may seem.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a banner…

Surprised. Indifferent. Curious. Wondering. Unbiased. Content. Hopelessness. Complete desperation. Intrigued.

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