Unable to lock a door in dreams

Unable to lock a door in dreams

Cannot Lock A Door In Dreams

Not being able to unlock a door in a dream is associated with your own ego. Think of door as the need to close and remove of all problems in your life. You may have had this dream because of the fact that you want to stay safe and remove yourself from difficulties. It could also mean that you are going into hiding with your own unconscious part of your mind.

When you can’t lock a door in a dream it means that you can’t stop things from happening. If the door is not closing in your dream and this can imply that no matter what happens events will occur and you have to deal with it. I will now dissect the dream further. I recently had a dream of trying to lock the door but could not. This led me to create this dream interpretation and I have been studying dreams for 20 years. I am Flo. You will find this interesting, hopefully!

This process can sometimes occur in the dream state. The dream itself I believe is connected to our beliefs, feelings, thoughts, decisions, and choices that we make. Dreams of not being able to close the door can at times concern us - especially if you keep having these dreams. The door can occur in many ways. Perhaps you walk through a passage and you could see many doors but you are unable to close any? Doorways are connected to spiritual growth and conscious awareness that we have internally. In fact, I truly believe that if you could see a door in a dream then this can indicate that there is some greatness that will be yours. Happiness soon enter your life (according to old dream lore) but this dream implies that you are trying to stop this from happening. From a psychological point of view if I analyze the famous dream psychologists of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both these theorists believed that a door in a dream is the connection of others and our life paths. The door is a transitional place between our own ego and spiritual development.

What does it mean to dream of being unable to lock the front door?

To be unable to lock the front door of the house is quite significant as this implies that your comfort zone is being challenged. Often, dreams, where you are unable to lock the front door of your house, indicates that you may be feeling trapped. It can often occur when you are fearing the need to move forward in your life. This is a great dream to experience - because it means that you may break through old patterns and make some difficult but spontaneous decisions. The other important aspect I’m going to mention is the fact that I am assuming that you could not lock your own front door. To try to lock a door that you do not recognize can imply that you may need to transform to a higher state of awareness in regards to spirituality. The color of the door is also significant, if it is a plastic door then this serves as a gateway to your own spiritual well-being. I will talk more about the color of the door below. It may be entirely possible that you did not recognize the color of the door. Scroll down to find your dream:

What does it mean to dream of not being able to lock a door with a key?

The key is associated with "change." As I’ve already mentioned above the door itself is you closing difficulties, problems, and troubles. The room or place you are is "safe" and connected to your ego. This dream can represent a spiritual transpersonal experience. I will say this - you have the key to change. If the key would not fit or you are panickingit can imply that you have the space to grow and move forward in life. Often, dreams of not being able to lock the door with the key can mean that you are improving your own health, mental well-being or spiritual growth. Symbolically, I will say that this dream indicates that even though you want to shut out the difficulties it is best to ride through them. Remember there may be chaos in life through this mistrusting yourself to grow and develop.

What does it mean when you are unable to lock a door in your dream?

To be unable to lock a door in one's dream suggests there is something in waking life that you cannot handle. Do you not feel you have the strength to prevent others taking what is rightfully yours? It can suggest tough competition in life. Running towards a door then opening it and being unable to lock the door indicates you will have tough competition in waking life - but you have the determination to succeed. Think about what you have built up in life, are you able to have the strength to carry on and fight? If something was chasing you this means you are trying to hide from difficulties in life. It can also imply competition in life. To shut the door in your dream of something that is frightening or terrifying means that you will be able to move forward in life.

What does the color of the door in the dream signify?

To make this easier or just quickly run through each color door and what this means in your dream. A white door in a dream represents purity, love, and compassion. Not being able to lock a white door is often associated with our own spiritual journeys. If you noticed a red door which you cannot lock shut can represent that you are hiding your passion for something in waking life. Seeing a black door and not being able to turn the key suggests that we will overcome depression and darkness. To see a blue door signifies calmness, contentment, and passion in the future. A light blue door that you are unable to lock denotes that somebody is going to seek advice, and this will affect you in some way. Being unable to lock a wooden door suggests that someone is going to be rather cold towards you. Seeing metal door not been able to close this can suggest difficulties, but… you will overcome any problems. These are all the door colors mentioned in old dream lore.

What does it mean to dream of being chased and trying to lock the door?

In my particular dream, I had a dream of monsters or zombies that I was trying to escape from. I was panicking trying to lock the door but I was unable to do so. So what does this dream signify? To be running away or hiding from danger in the dream indicates that you want to retreat and think about your own life for a while, it can suggest that life has become somewhat hectic. In our modern world, we’ve never really got time to focus on ourselves and the dream is a reflection of that. The action of not being able to turn the key or lock the door shut means in waking life - danger is impending can suggest that you are feeling hurried into a decision in life.

What does it mean generally to not be able to lock a door in a dream?

I have wrote quite a bit above but this section is the detailed dream lore of not being able to lock the door. To be unable to lock a door in a dream can suggest that you are trying to hide from problems in life. The “unlocking” action in dreams suggests you are unlocking your desires in life. This dream is associated with transition and moving forward in life. If you are trying to hurry and lock a door with a key in your dream then this could indicate are you trying to prevent some difficult damage in life. To see a key but you are not able to turn the key in the dream indicates you have tough competition in life. It is also possible that your goals will be fulfilled in the future if you could not lock the door in your dream. To lose a key indicates loosing your own hopes.

If you are unable to lock the door and keep out a threat it suggests that you cannot lock in your own desires in life. The “locking” performance carried out in a dream is associated with confusion but also happiness in the future if a threat was following you and could possibly enter through the door. If the door is locked in your dream this represents opportunities and changes. For a door to be closed in a dream suggests that you will move residence in the future. If you cannot open the door at all and it is “stuck” but not locked in your dream this means you are overlooking something in waking life.

So, to conclude you may want to turn over a new leaf if you cannot close the door in the dream. If you have a business it can mean competition and increased competitors in life. That's it. If I am missing something then let me know your dream and I will research this and come back to you. So, before you go please like my website or leave me a facebook message below. Blessings, Flo x

Your dream could have included:

  • You were being chased and unable to open a door.
  • You were being chased but unable to lock a door.
  • You were unable to stop what was chasing you due to being unable to lock the door.
  • You could not lock a door in the dream.
  • You cannot turn the lock on a door in a dream.
  • You could not find a key to lock the door.
  • The bolt on the door would not go across in a dream.

Feelings associated with this dream

  • Worried about not closing a door.
  • Cannot lock out what is chasing you in the dream.
  • Hundreds of people trying to chase you.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017