Carriage dream dictionary

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Throughout history, there have been different kinds of carriages that have been used for a variety of transportation needs. Chariots in the ancient world were used mainly for transporting people especially during warfare and were also central to many mythological stories.

Medieval carriages were fairly simple horse-drawn carriages, but they became extravagant and artistic by the Renaissance. Now, we sometimes refer to the carriages on trains as well. Whether you were in a modern carriage or an old fashioned one, your subconscious needed to transport you somewhere else in order to convey an important message.

In your dream you may have

  • Ridden in a carriage.
  • Seen a carriage.
  • Built a carriage.
  • Become the horse that was leading a carriage.
  • Been in a train carriage.
  • Been hit by a horse-drawn carriage of some sort.
  • Traveled in a chariot.
  • Flown in a chariot like the Greek and Roman gods.
  • Escaped someone by using a carriage.
  • Seen a carriage in a museum.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You escaped someone via carriage or went on an adventure.
  • You took a journey on a train’s carriage.
  • You flew in a chariot.
  • You arrived somewhere beautiful or fun in your carriage, or you had the opportunity to ride in a historic, artistic carriage.

Detailed dream interpretation

Carriages are fairly antiquated, so a dream about a carriage can show that you are accepting your age. Old or young, you may have once had a fear of growing old or of going past your current age. With age comes responsibility, so it is okay that you may have some reservations. If the old-fashioned carriage in your dream was moving, your subconscious wants you to move past this, and act according to the way you feel, not the age you are.

If your dream involved a chariot, it is likely a reference to pagan myths. Chariots were especially useful to the gods and goddesses of the ancient world. If you dream about a chariot, something wonderful and magical may soon happen in your life. Your dream may also be alerting you to the magic that already exists in your life. Do some soul-searching to figure out what it is that will help you find some magic or miracle that you deserve.

Dreams about carriages show a longing to escape a mundane world. Even though your dream wants to escape the repetitiveness of work, you must continue to work hard in order to achieve your goals. You can only escape the humdrum by working harder to break free from it.

If the carriage in your dream is old-fashioned, it shows you have a positive attitude when working with others. In also reveals the beauty, creativity, and artistry and your ability to share these traits with others. If the carriage in your dream was more modern (like a train carriage), then you are willing to do anything you can for your future. You want to move forward in life, and this is a very healthy way of thinking.

If your dream refers to a carriage on a train then this means that you're likely to take a journey. Trains are often associated with energy. This dream can also indicate there is positive psychic energy around you. Any type of public transport represents our attitude towards society. A train is also connected to your masculinity, even if you are a woman.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Physical transportation.
  • Emotional and spiritual transportation.
  • The beauty created by mankind in our world.
  • The ability to move past old events.
  • Dreaminess, magic, and miracles.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a carriage

Transported. Stagnant. Still. Dreamy. Mystical. Relaxed. Transfixed. Moved.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012