Mushroom Dream Meaning

Mushrooms are more than just a tasty topping on your pizza or pasta. Delving into the ancient practices of Shamanism, in our dream world mushrooms have been used to contact the spiritual realm for centuries. I want to share something exciting with you --- if you had a dream about mushrooms last night, you may be more spiritually connected over the coming weeks. 

Let me explain, the mushroom's round shape is reminiscent of coins, and their sudden appearance in dreams can bring unexpected rewards. Mushrooms offer us a unique perspective on life—in dreams they are mysterious, magical, powerful little plants that are shrouded in mysticism and spirituality. From the onset of civilization they have been used as medicine, nutrition sources and to induce spiritual states of being.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of mushrooms?

When we dream of mushrooms, it can reveal some serious life messages. It might mean that you're indulging in behaviors that can harm you in the long run, leading to financial loss and constant obstacles. Interestingly, the interpretation can vary depending on the mushroom's color and type, not to mention the context of the dream. Some common themes that mushrooms can represent in dreams include facing health concerns, being misled by friends, and even feeling a desperate need to escape the “daily grind” of everyday life. Think about this: mushrooms can thrive on just about any surface, taking hold and spreading like wildfire. I’m sure you have seen in your vegetable basket in your kitchen growing that smelly type of fungus when you have forgot about binning those carrots!! So when we dream of mushrooms, I feel strongly that this can be a reflection of our inner growth and the way we nourish ourselves. 

Dreaming of seeing mushrooms that are growing in the ground symbolize fertility - please listen to me here. Due to their phallus-like shape (you know what I mean), it is generally the male fertility that they represent. If this was the context of you dream, there might be talks of a child in your near future. If you are not with a significant other, this may represent your need or want of a child --- or looking after your children. It may also be possible that somebody close to you will announce that they are expecting soon. Keep in mind also that fertility is not always about having a baby. It can also be about other things that grow and prosper --- for example business goals. Life brings many growth opportunities to us, and a dream of a mushroom might be a subtle hint from our psyche that we need to be open to changes and growth.

Mushrooms can grow anywhere, on anything, in any condition and in any climate. If the mushrooms in your dream appeared by surprise, or were given as a gift, this may indicate some exciting changes in your near future. If your psyche is alerting you to some changes, you might want to keep in mind that change also requires us to be versatile. If you are uprooted you can easily plant yourself somewhere else. Mushrooms can also represent our soul in this way and may mean that someone is ready to expose their soul to you or adversely you may be ready to share that part of yourself with someone else. In the way that that mushroom represents a soul, it also represents longevity and rebirth.

If you dream of ‘magic mushrooms’ and fantasize about an amazing world in your dream, often this is an indication of wanting to escape. Any drug induced dream, or feeling this way in a dream, is a sign of wanting something you cannot have. These dreams are often also related to feeling out of control or needing a break from a difficult time in your life.

Is the dream of mushrooms good or bad?

Following on from my mini analysis above --- I feel this dream is good, I have had many people contact me after dreaming of mushrooms, especially seen in magical gardens (like Alice in Wonderland). I believe the symbol of the mushroom is unique, especially when it comes to the occult properties of mushrooms. Suffice to say, that this dream might seem random, but it's actually far from it --- and yes, I believe these are common dreams. You might find it funny seeing mushrooms in dreams ---- but they have a way of popping up during times of major change or evolution in our lives. It's like, in my view, the sign that swift and sudden growth that can happen amidst transition. 

What does it mean to dream of a closed cup mushroom?

Most mushrooms that you come across in the store are white closed cup mushrooms. I remember when I was a little girl I had a saturday job of picking mushrooms in large tunnels. The most common mushroom is flat white or the button mushroom.  Within the twisted symbols of our dream mind, lies a surreal world of enigmatic symbols and hidden meanings just waiting to be uncovered. The very common closed cup mushroom in dreams brings with it ----mysterious gateways into this realm. But what exactly does it mean to dream of a closed cup mushroom? With its delicate cap tightly sealed, the closed cup mushroom is a symbol of mystery and secrecy, tantalizing us with its concealed contents. I always say that anyone that has this dream needs to be grateful and look inward. It is saying, believe in your good intentions and do not be blunt with the pain or backlash that comes your way. Even if a mild twitter comment might knock your confidence, dreaming of a closed mushroom is about craving more depth to life, or that there's something you are hiding from yourself. 

What does it mean to dream of a flat white mushroom?

If you dream of flat white mushrooms, prepare yourself for a challenge: you will face a situation where you need to defend your opinion and prove your integrity. On the bright side, this dream also hints at a miraculous recovery or longevity for someone who needs it. Are you ready to decode the mysterious language of your psyche? It can also indicate (due to the shape) that you need to stop trying to control people’s perception of you. Afterall, who really cares? Just laugh it off and forget criticism. 

What does it mean to dream of button mushrooms?

I am sure you have heard of “button mushrooms” the white kind that we all have for breakfast. These mushrooms are normally white (apart from the chestnut kind) and normally cultivated underground, there is so much spiritual meaning to the white mushroom. In Egypt for example they believed that white mushrooms represented “eternal life” and also that they gave us the energy to have a healthy life.

It is for this reason that I feel dreams of a white mushroom are a powerful symbol of transformation and renewal. This exciting dream suggests that it's time to shake off the old and embrace the new. It's time to let go of toxic relationships and situations that have been draining you, and rediscover your true self. You are at peace with where you are right now, but don't settle for mediocrity. Keep reaching for the stars, because your hard work and dedication will soon pay off in amazing ways. 

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of mushrooms?

The Bible makes very few references to mushrooms, but there is one scripture that mentions mushrooms. As a warning against Israel's disobedience, God instructs Ezekiel in Ezekiel 4:9. He instructs him to make bread from wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt. A moldy loaf made with yeast and thin cakes smeared with olive oil are also added by God (NRSV). The "moldy loaves" of this scripture may be a metaphor for Israel's sinfulness or a symbol of life's fragility and fleeting nature. Regardless, this is one of the only references to mushrooms in the Bible. Symbolically, I feel biblically mushrooms represent prosperity, abundance, and spiritual nourishment. It is also possible that this is about that we need to know life is fragile and we only live once!

What does it mean to dream of giant mushrooms?

Did you know that giant mushrooms used to be a real thing? In fact, they grew up to 24 feet tall in ancient times, and were known as the honey mushroom in Saudi Arabia. Although we may never get the chance to witness these massive fungi in person, they continue to remain a mystery as to why they suddenly disappeared. However, spiritually, seeing giant mushrooms in your dreams signifies the need to chop down what is important to you and respond to the problems of others, even if it may be unpleasant. It's time to accept your messiness and strive towards something bigger in life, rather than settling for second best.

What does it mean to dream of Shiitake mushrooms?

When your dream takes you to a forest floor covered with Shiitake mushrooms, it's no ordinary dream. These are considered a medical mushroom and are ingredients in many traditional medicines. These strange looking --- fleshy caps on a spiritual level are a symbol of good fortune and longevity. Mainly from Asha they have been used since 1209 in China, and they are popular to pop into your stir fry. Dreaming of eating these mushrooms is connected to your subconscious mind which may be urging you to embrace new opportunities and experiences that will lead to a more prosperous and meaningful life. If you are buying Shiitake mushrooms it means it's time to take that trip you've been putting off or start that business you've been contemplating. Whatever it may be, know that the universe is on your side and ready to bless you with abundance. 

What does dreaming of a toadstool mean?

When I think of mushrooms I often see the red and white toadstool that is a spore bearing body. I’m not talking about princess peach toadstool here but seeing that wonderful red and white speckled fungi. In fact outside my house is around 4 that spawn each year. The word toadstool is from the 14th century in England and is a poisonous fungi (I would not want to try this one!) The dream of this appearing is like a curious portal into the world of the unknown, where the symbols and images of fairies mingle and dance to a rhythm that is often beyond our comprehension. And when you find yourself lost in the labyrinth of the subconscious at night, the toadstool may come to greet you with its whimsical charm. Its red cap bright and vibrant, a dazzling display of yellow and red, a reminder that beauty and mystery can coexist. And as you dream of the toadstool, it may be a sign of a new adventure, a shift in perspective or a newfound inspiration. So embrace the toadstool in your dreams, and let it lead you to the wonderland of infinite possibilities.

What does it mean to dream of a portobello mushroom?

The portobello mushroom is a fav (of mine) when it comes to asian cooking. It's earthy notes and meaty texture are a culinary dream. But to dream of it? That must mean something greater at play in life. I feel it's a symbol of growth, a sign of being nourished in ways you never thought possible, and I also feel it represents the power of adaptation, thriving despite adversity. The spiritual message of this dream is a reminder to savor every moment, whether it be savoring the flavors of a meal or savoring the joys of life. 

What does it mean to dream of chestnut mushrooms?

This brown mushroom (in my view) represents abundance and prosperity. Its earthy, nutty flavor and robust texture are a reflection of the richness that surrounds you. So take heart, I feel this dream is a symbol of the bountiful blessings that await you. It calls you to think about being brightened by something in life and that you should not speculate on things too much.

What do Oyster mushrooms mean in your dream?

I believe that Oyster mushrooms are important when it comes to your dreams, they have been used as a spiritual symbol in various cultures for centuries. In China, oysters often represent fertility, fortune, and good luck. As well as abundance, longevity, and prosperity, and more importantly they are also associated with making sure you heal and spend that “quality” time on “yourself.” 

In many of my dream books (I have many) it states that Oyster mushrooms are believed to bring healing energy to those who eat them in Japan, so this is a “symbol” of healing. In India oyster mushrooms are thought to bring fertility and prosperity. In many Native American cultures, Oyster mushrooms are seen as symbols of strength and protection. They are often used in rituals and ceremonies to help promote healing and safety. The Iroquois believed that consuming wild Oyster mushrooms gave someone magic powers. So taking all this above I believe that the oyster mushroom in the dream symbolizes that things are going to change for the better.

What is the spiritual meaning (folklore) of a dream of mushrooms?

Spiritually speaking, ancient mushroom uses have been discovered in prehistoric cave art and petroglyphs on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberia. That means that for a long time mushrooms have been known to spiritually connect with the soul. I want to share with you some folklore which is great when looking into your dream --- that in northeast Russia, mushrooms play a particularly important role in the spiritual practices of Chukchi Reindeer herders along the Pegtymel River. From thousand-year-old paintings on the cliffs to shamanic rituals, mushrooms in a spiritual context continue to captivate and enchant those who encounter them. The reason I mention this at the forefront of your dream meaning is that mushrooms (as a symbol) carry so much more than what you know. 

An ancient Aztec legend (which I find fascinating) tells of a mushroom God, Xochipelli, who watched over and guarded people. This deity was depicted wearing a mask of blossoming flowers and mushrooms. In fact, a stunning statue of Xochipilli was discovered close to Tlamanalco in the 16th Century. But the reverence for mushrooms extends beyond the Aztecs. 

Of course, you may think that mushrooms are like just any other fungus, but they have a fascinating world of their own. With their diverse species, there are still undiscovered variants out there waiting to be found. For centuries, mushrooms have been used for food preparation---  and also for their healing properties. But what really adds to the appeal of mushrooms is there cult following. Have you seen how many websites are devoted to mushroom picking? Some people go to great lengths to collect the rarest and most unique varieties. However, don't let the positive associations fool you, I am sure you are aware that some mushrooms can be poisonous and even fatal. So, when mushrooms show up in your dreams, it could signify jumping between different realms - so my advice is to tread lightly. It is my belief that mushrooms sometimes show up when we need to nourish ourselves in life. 

Mushrooms in history and why this is important in relation to your dream?

I read not long ago that the Azetcs believed that mushrooms carry an important spiritual message. For example, the god called Xochipelli wore a mask made of sacred flowers and mushrooms, Xochipelli was worshiped by many. Fast forward to the 16th century and a statue of this god was unearthed near Tlamanalco, providing a glimpse into the Aztecs' intriguing beliefs, especially how the thought the mushroom gave people healing properties.

But the Aztecs weren't the only ones who held mushrooms in high regard. Dr. Christian Raetsch found that the Lakandon Natives had their own name for the Fly Agaric mushroom: Eh kib lu’um, which means "the light of the Earth." It's fascinating to think about the diverse ways different cultures have viewed and valued these powerful fungi throughout history.
I am sure you will agree that consuming the wrong kind of mushroom (as I have said above) can be incredibly risky, so make sure to educate yourself on what is safe to eat. The state of your emotions can also influence your experience. I feel that after such a dream you should be sure to surround yourself with trusted people and bring a positive attitude to ensure a successful and enjoyable outing.

What do red mushrooms mean in dreams?

When we see red objects in dreams it normally represents that massive surge of passion. I am sure you are aware of the red and white (spotted mushroom). Red mushrooms represent love, charity, and blessings. If you find yourself collecting them in your dream, expect financial gain from someone respectable. And if you see yourself sat on a “red toadstool” it can indicate that this is a good omen and I would expect you to experience a joyous and peaceful future. 

What does it mean to see green mushroom in your dream?

The technical name of a green mushroom is known as molybdites, and this is hallucinogenic. They are normally medium sizes and it isn't just a pretty color - in fact, the green mushroom is a powerful symbol of renewal and growth. If you spot a green mushroom in your dream world, it's a sign that destiny is granting you a rare second chance at life. I always feel that green mushrooms in dreams is a reminder to stay open to new ideas --- and new perspectives and new ways of doing things.

What does it mean to dream of black mushrooms?

Black mushrooms are normally found in Malaysia and they have been used for Chinese medicine. These are known as Shiitake mushrooms (which I cover later on) but a black mushroom in dreams is about success, this is due to the trumpet shape. Black fungus (known as Auricularia polytricha) technically of course indicates helping someone if other people were featured in the dream. Now, let me ask you a question: do you ever have those feelings where you feel like things keep going wrong? Well, let me tell you, a black mushroom is not exactly a great sign. This dream is basically telling you that if you don't take control of your energy flow, you're going to get completely overwhelmed by uncertainty. So, it's time to change some habits and steer clear of anyone holding you back from bettering yourself. Consider this an important reminder to work harder towards being the best version of YOU.

What do blue mushrooms in dreams mean?

In the game Fortnite, blue mushrooms represent the healing mushroom, and the spiritual meaning of blue mushrooms is balance. Blue mushrooms are known as hoochstetteri, and they are used in candy to make sweets blue. There is something quite magical about seeing a blue mushroom in a dream. There is a long history and spiritual significance to lue mushrooms. Because of their unique color and potential medicinal properties, they were venerated by many cultures in ancient times. In some cultures, they are also considered symbols of strength, courage, luck, fertility, and wisdom. There is a Japanese belief that blue mushrooms bring good fortune and abundance and are associated with the god Inari. In the Amazon rainforest, blue mushrooms are traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies as a powerful hallucinogen. So that is my answer to you and why mushrooms are "important" when seen in dreams, since they can transport users into altered states of consciousness. Blue mushrooms can also be found in many folk tales from around the world but I won’t go into those now, just know this is a sign of healing! 

What does Picking Mushrooms mean in dreams?

I feel this is a positive dream. If you dream of picking mushrooms, it is a sign of wealth and prosperity. You will discover a profitable business venture and because fresh mushrooms are grown in most countries it can mean spiritual growth for you.

To dream about picking mushrooms, is related to finances. I must say, that your financial future is looking bright and you may stumble upon an adventurous business opportunity. Don't worry, this isn't just a fluke - this will be rooted in your knowledge, patience, and bravery. But be warned, not everyone will believe in your dreams. If you are picking mushrooms from the ground (such as a wood, forest etc) it is a sign to hold your head high, ignore naysayers, and proceed with caution. Dreaming of picking then eating mushrooms normally foretell recognition and rewards galore for your hard work. Don't let this mushroom trip turn into a mushroom stumble. Seeing other people pick mushrooms is about uprooting yourself and others, it could be a house move or something is awakening inside. 

What does eating mushrooms in dreams mean?

In dreams eating mushrooms is about the “seed of life” . The reason I say this is because mushrooms produce spores. The mushrooms you eat in the dream could be a certain type, eating a button mushroom indicates that you need to rest, eating a oyster mushroom and emotions are going to get in the way, to eat a porchini can indicate that someone may something distasteful, a flat mushroom or toadstool can in some cases mean that something wild is going to happen. Eating magic mushrooms can be considered that new opportunities and unlimited potential is on it’s way, especially if eaten as part of other food. 

Eating a mushroom that tasted bad may mean that your words have been distasteful and may have hurt or caused grief to someone you care about. If you ate a mushroom that smelled bad this may be indicative of somebody in your life being sneaky and untrustworthy.

This dream comes bearing good news! Eating mushrooms poisonous or not is about transformation, and in order to fully understand this other areas of the dream need analysis. Whatever difficulties you're facing and evolve into a better version of yourself. Plus, your health is on point, and you're bound to live a long life full of exciting encounters.

What does it mean to cook mushrooms in a dream?

So you have dreamed of cooking mushrooms? Well, I am glad to say that this dream is believed (in my ancient dream books) to be a very positive omen that indicates nourishing some aspect of your mind, body, and soul. But did you know that cooking in a dream actually suggests that you have been preparing for something significant in the past, and now, it's time to reap the rewards?

While the act of cooking mushrooms may not be the highlight of the dream, it’s the oven or stove that takes center stage. In this dream, the oven represents a powerful symbol that connects to the womb or motherhood, hinting at a rebirth or renewal after being nourished. To use the hob to cook the mushrooms is about transformation and growth. 

What does it mean to dream of a mushroom cloud?

I always shudder when I see this, the mushroom cloud happens when a large explosion occurs (normally nuclear) so basically I feel this is about possible breakups. I’m sure you will agree that breakups can be absolutely devastating. Whether you've been dumped or you're the one who decided to end things, the pain is very real. It's not just a matter of mourning the loss of a relationship, but also questioning your own self-worth and ability to love. And let's not forget about the guilt - even in the most friendly of breakups, there's still a nagging feeling of failure. Our culture puts so much emphasis on "forever" that it's hard not to feel like an ending is a huge letdown.To see this in a dream indicates that after the “storm” positive times are on their way.

What does eating mushroom soup mean in a dream?

Have you ever dreamt of eating mushroom soup  may signify upcoming financial problems I am afraid, to make mushroom soup in your dream is about paving the way to wealth. On the other hand, dreaming of serving mushroom soup is a sign that your talents and abilities will be acknowledged by those you admire. If you are serving mushroom soup then this would be a sign that you will get an offer you cannot refuse. You are staying strong, but not compromising the areas of life that are important. Eating mushroom soup with bread or other food can suggest that someone is legitimately interested in who you are and wants to get to know you better.

What does it mean to dream of frying mushrooms?

I always believe that the action of “frying” in dreams is associated with good news. Cooking mushrooms indicates that  you're about to level up in a big way. Be prepared for exciting new projects that will challenge you and help you grow professionally. 

What does massive mushrooms mean in dreams?

I remember not long ago I had a dream of a massive mushroom! Did you dream of big mushrooms with wide caps last night? Well, it could be a sign that you're about to be blessed with a little bundle of joy. This dream could suggest that you are fertile, potent, and ready to conceive. In my older dream books it is a sign of pregnancy! 

What does it mean to dream of mushrooms growing out of your body?

Dreaming of mushrooms growing out of your head can indicate (in my view) your inner strength and the fact you need focus in life, but it's possible that your hiding your feelings around others. I feel that this dream is about your brain and the impossible friction that you have within. This dream could also indicate your compassionate nature, which some people may try to exploit. 

If you dream of seeing mushrooms coming out of your mouth (or even spitting out mushrooms), it could be a sign that you're feeling that you need others approval and you are dealing with negative emotions that are bubbling up from your subconscious. It's important to find healthy ways to express these emotions, rather than keeping them buried inside. Don't let them consume you is what this dream is saying. We all have emotional triggers so make sure that people don’t get to you.

What does it mean to see fungus or mushrooms rotting?

For some reason I always forget to throw away my mushrooms in the bin, on a dream front rotten mushroom symbolically could be a sign of trouble brewing. Seeing bad fungus (or fungus on things) in dreams may represent the onset of illness or even indicate that misfortune is looming just around the corner. Keep your wits about you and stay on the lookout for any other surreal signals your subconscious may be sending your way. Who knows what other mystifying messages your dreams may hold?

What does it mean to dream of a mushroom shaped house?

I remember these in Enid Blyton books, if you dream of a mushroom house then this is (assuming that the dream was positive) is generally about making sure you don’t become a people pleaser. I can one day soon, hopefully say that I have avoided this for many years. The shape of the house is rounded so in dreams this is about heading in your own direction, especially if the house was a fairy type structure. 

What does it mean to dream of magic mushrooms?

Many cultures around the world have used psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen that may induce ecstasy and possibly act as an antidepressant, and we all know shamans used “magic mushrooms” to travel to astral planes. It is my belief that dreaming of mushrooms is a sign of shifting astral planes and visiting new worlds as our dreams are portals to our subconscious mind.


Let me sum this up. Dreaming about mushrooms is more common than you might think? While it may seem strange to dream about fungi, mushrooms have a rich history with humans that dates back centuries. So, it's no surprise that they sometimes make an appearance in our subconscious.

But what does this dream mean? Well, that depends on the factors surrounding the dream. However, one thing is for sure: it typically represents growth, maturity, and prosperity. So, if you ever have a dream about mushrooms, it's a promising sign that positive changes are on the horizon - whether it's in your personal relationships or your professional pursuits. So, embrace this fungi-filled dream and get ready for some big developments in your life.

I have touched on the fact that mushrooms are very symbolic and can mean quite a few different things. If in your dream you are eating mushrooms rather carelessly, this may indicate a sudden abundance of wealth. However, this is a wealth that is dealt with somewhat foolishly. In this case, you may want to be aware of how you handle your upcoming finances. 

In this dream you may have

  • Eaten a mushroom.
  • Cut a mushroom.
  • Picked a mushroom.
  • Searched for mushrooms.
  • Got sick from eating a mushroom.
  • Ate a mushroom and had psychedelic side effects.
  • Found a mushroom in an unexpected place.
  • Bought mushrooms.
  • Read about mushroom.
  • Gave some mushrooms to a friend.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You enjoyed eating a mushroom.
  • A loved one surprised you buy giving you some mushrooms.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • An upcoming financial windfall.
  • Expecting a child – either yours or someone close to you.
  • Needing a break or an escape.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mushrooms

Inquistive. Calm. Hungry. Expectant. Excited. Alert. Aware. Comfortable. Happy.

By Flo Saul
Jan 8, 2013