Flying Dream Meanings

Dreams about flying open up a million different doors at once. Let me share something exciting with you.

Flying is a metaphor for life: it can be full of joy and happiness, but can also be filled with challenges and difficulties. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals as we take off because of the turbulence of life. There may seem to be no end in sight and like the wind, things can come and go. The pressure (just like the air pressure outside) can sometimes boil over. If you have been pushing a boulder up a hill for a long time the flying dream can come to us in order to get to where you want to be in terms of your goals.

So what do I mean by this? Instead of becoming discouraged, you can use this time of difficulty to grow and transform. As a result of facing challenges, I would submit that you wish to become stronger and wiser. As a pilot learns to navigate the wind and turbulence of a stormy night, so can we learn to navigate life's storms. Life does have many storms and because you might be tired and need a massive golden carrot to keep you going with your goals you can just give up and sit back watching Netflix all day. 

Jules Verne, Douglas Adams and even Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 drew diagrams of flying machines: such has been the human fascination with flight. Dreams are an expression of this fascination that transcends time as we soar through the sky, liberated from the constraints of gravity. Taking flight in our dreams is an exhilarating sensation that invites us to escape from our worries and explore what lies beyond the horizon. The feeling reminds us of the childlike joy of being able to fly, a feeling that is so pure and instinctual it hits us right in the gut. The adventure is out there, despite all odds, no matter how technical or mental they may be.

What does it mean to dream of flying up and down?

If you are flying upwards then this indicates that you are trying to release yourself from limitations that have recently affected your life in some way. If you are flying downwards then this indicates that there may be an attempt to understand your subconscious mind. This is a wake-up call to how you manage events in your life. If you have been feeling the weight of responsibilities in your waking life recently this dream indicates that you need to have more faith in your ability.

It is up to YOU to use the struggles as an opportunity to rise above and soar, fly like a bird --- despite the negative crap of everyday life that conspires against us. By overcoming each challenge, we add feathers to our wings and become more competent in conquering any challenge that comes our way. By using these experiences to propel us forward rather than letting them weigh us down, we can achieve heights we never thought possible.

We can achieve anything in life if we have the courage and determination to fly. Flying serves as a reminder that there are no limits to what we can achieve. No matter how challenging our journey becomes, we can use it as an opportunity to grow. Reaching our dreams becomes easier with every step we take forward. Let me tell you, when life throws us a curveball, remember that flying is both an opportunity and a challenge. To reach new heights, one must take risks and find bravery inside, and above all stop comparing yourself to others. Your true potential can be reached if you have the right attitude and perseverance.

What does flying in a dream mean spiritually?

Many people have contacted me to ask what it means to dream of flying from a spiritual perspective, of course these sorts of dreams evoke feelings of freedom, transcendence, and spiritual awakening. If we go way back, dreams of flying have been pondered by countless cultures and religious traditions throughout history. As well as Tibetan, Native American, and Christian interpretations of flying based on biblical scripture, dreaming of flying has many spiritual meanings. As I weave together these rich spiritual perspectives, I will decode why you are experiencing these dreams from a spiritual perspective.

As I have already touched on, the dream of flying is indicative of heightened spiritual awareness. This can be seen in Tibetan dream analysis. According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, dreams are symbolic of spiritual liberation or the attainment of a higher level of consciousness. Your ability to soar above the mundane world is considered a sign of inner wisdom and open-heartedness. In either case, the journey toward enlightenment and detachment from earthly limitations begins with a gentle glide.

Native American cultures hold immense respect for the power of dreams, recognizing them as spiritual messages from the Great Spirit. Dreaming of flying in my view indicates a connection with the animal spirit guide of the eagle or the hawk. In addition to this dream these birds spiritually provide immense strength, vision, and spiritual guidance. I also feel, these majestic creatures represent a connection with a powerful animal spirit guide. It is often believed that someone who receives this gift is a visionary, able to access a deeper wisdom beyond what is experienced on a daily basis. I feel this means you are reminded to maintain an elevated perspective on life's complexities by the flight that you feel in your dream.

Hinduism offers a rich tapestry of interpretations for dreams about flying. This is about the interconnectedness of every being by allowing you to connect with the universe and the supreme consciousness. Taking flight is the same as embarking on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the vast expanse of the cosmos to uncovering its mysteries. The multitude of possibilities that lie within your soul's reach as the dream's spiritual landscape unfolds.

In Christianity, dreams of flying can denote a longing for a deep and abiding faith in God. Biblical scriptures abound with evocative imagery of angels watching over humankind, with their powerful wings indicating divine protection and love for all. By soaring high above the earth, the dreamer parallels this celestial message, embracing the opportunity to transcend their fears and anxieties in favor of pure spiritual devotion. It would be impossible for anyone to grow weary if they could spread their wings and fly. Imagine spreading your wings!

In unison, all these cultural insights I have spoken about paint a vivid picture of the spiritual significance of dreaming of flying. Dreams can inspire and transform you --- by revealing the complexity of human psychology and spirituality. It is for this reason that I believe the spiritual meaning of flying in dreams is really a true exploration of our deepest beliefs and reveals a connection to the divine. And yes, I feel this is a very spiritual dream!

Is the dream of flying good or bad?

Flying dreams are often symbolic of freedom and independence, representing feelings we all crave in life to live freely, unconfined by outside influences. Flying has been interpreted as overcoming difficult obstacles with ease or even seeing things from a new perspective. Flying dream symbolism could open up a whole new realm of personal awareness, elevating us through challenges and enabling us to achieve heights beyond our imaginations! Join me on this journey as I will explore the importance of decoding your flying dream and help find your own wings among life's chaos.

What does it mean to dream of flying alone?

I feel that dreaming of flying alone is about being completely free. I think it's a powerful thing to have a sense of liberation and of experiencing the vastness of the sky – every moment feels like a breath of fresh air and time is never slipping away. I had a dream about a week ago that I was soaring higher and higher, feeling more connected to nature, to my own intuition, and to myself. It's an experience full of joy and joyousness, one which carries with it feelings of peacefulness and knowing I can reach new heights. It is also very similar to astral travel.

I believe that flying in dreams can stir up a mix of emotions, from fear to exhilaration. Let's face it: soaring through the clouds is incredibly exciting and challenging – two sensations we could all use more of in our lives. Jules Verne was truly prophetic when he dreamt up his futuristic flying machines, as these devices were later manufactured with characteristics beyond even his wildest imagination. That said, I am certain that if one looks far enough, they can find ways to take their dreams off the ground and make them come true!

What is the dream psychology of dreams of flying?

I have to follow my own compass in life, just like you. But, it is important to understand what psychologists have said about what this dream means. Freud said that these types of dreams often mean that you have some type of recollection of playing games in your life --- are you a game player? Do you have the ability to juggle things? Dreaming of flying in the air normally happens when one feels somewhat “out of control” in life. This can be connected to our own ambitions or even self-esteem. Flying in most dream books represents your own ambitions, that you are “flying higher” in life. The question that you need to ask yourself is: are you overworked or stressed out? Maybe you just need a vacation or some time to chill out. Flying dreams are generally a wake-up call to your conscious mind. Having experienced flying in your dream is a true characteristic of lucid dreaming. If you dream that you are flying just before you go to sleep then according to psychology this is about possibilities and freedoms in your life right now. If you find yourself floating your dream then this is an indication of complete relaxation and it is time to just let events follow their course. See the dream meaning of floating by clicking here.

What does it mean to dream of flying high in the sky?

I love this type of dream. When we sour up high into the blue or night sky. And I don't want you to think for one second this is a bad dream. Flying in the sky can imply that you will have a sudden realization in life. A sort of "ah ha" moment. We all love those. To dream of flying in the sky is also connected to solving some practical difficulties in your waking life. These difficulties could involve a lack of financial security, difficulty in expressing yourself at work, creativity in your job, micro-management from a boss or colleague, or a general lack of belief in your own abilities. Any of these situations could result in you feeling oppressed and you need to have a solid belief in yourself.

What does it mean to dream of flying on a plane?

We have all had this weird dream of flying in a plane, maybe it went smoothly ---- maybe it did not. In a flight, direction and speed are limited because we are contained in a small space. In order for us to get where we need to go safely, we need to trust the pilot. As with life, we have some control over our decisions and outcomes, but my advice is that we must trust that whatever path we choose will be the right one, after all, we are all human.

You will probably agree with me that the act of flying in a plane also represents transformation and growth from a spiritual perspective. Journeys themselves have the potential to teach us valuable life lessons. From high above, we can gain a better perspective on what matters most - people, relationships, values, and experiences. This is the perfect time to reflect on our lives and see what has brought us joy and what needs to be improved.

Flying can also serve as a reminder of our own potential for personal growth. Taking off from the ground means leaving behind the familiar and embarking on something new. It offers a chance to learn something new, become more open-minded, and discover parts of ourselves that were previously hidden. The time we have now can be used for letting go of fear and developing the courage to take on our own challenges. In the end, flying in a plane can be both exciting and terrifying. It allows us to reflect on our lives and make changes to reach our highest potential. This is a spiritual reminder of the importance of transformation, growth, and trust. We can gain perspective on our lives, reconnect with ourselves, and move forward with confidence and courage by taking this meaningful journey.

What does it mean to dream of flying over water?

Water in dreams is associated with our emotions, therefore, my thoughts on this dream are that you are taking control of your emotions in life. It has also been practiced for centuries to travel by astral means over water. In this form of meditation, you send your spirit out into the physical waters, typically in a boat or vessel, and allow it to explore realms beyond what we can see physically. As a result, you will have the opportunity to experience other planes of existence and gain insight into truths that are not accessible through physical means.

Let’s now talk about astral travel. This involves sending your spirit out of the body and exploring other realms of existence, often referred to as astral planes. In astral travel, you can experience different forms of energy and connect with different aspects of yourself or other beings. In order to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe, this method is normally used to study our lives. Experiencing different worlds, discovering new spiritual knowledge, and connecting with your higher self can be done through astral travel, the reason I bring this up is that traveling over water could be a sign of astral travel.

Both types of travel require discipline and an understanding of what you hope to gain. After this water dream, the spiritual journey may just become enriched with something truly incredible if you put in the time, dedication, and a little luck. When water appears in dreams, emotions, feelings, and spirituality are often associated with it. Flying over water may represent cleansing, purity, or even life-giving energy, depending on the culture. I would like to explain that water can be viewed as a metaphor for time passing, transformation, and change. Sorrow, joy, and power can all be expressed through its form or movement.

I want to quote the painting called Les Indes noires, by a French artist Henri Rousseau, this painting has long been an inspiring artwork for those who look to the sky and wonder what it is like to soar above the horizon. Dreaming of flying over water is such a unique and poetic experience, one in which you take with you all the emotions of life that are bound up in water - peace and serenity, emotional depths yet unknown, sometimes pitfalls, but mostly hope for a better tomorrow. I believe this is why giant birds have been featured in so many dreams - as if we had something essential to learn from them about our unconscious thoughts. The Les Indes noires painting captures something special about this dream of flying overhead: both nature’s beauty and hope for a new future.

What does it mean to dream of flying a vehicle?

I feel that dreaming of flying a vehicle is like experiencing freedom at its fullest. It doesn't matter if it's a car, bus, train, plane, truck or even a lorry - when you can take to the skies with no regard for gravity and soar above all boundaries so the dream meaning remains the same. I believe that this feeling of flight takes us back to our childhood dreams; to those times where flying was simply a need or want from of course a young vivid imagination. So it is my thoughts that the vehicle in your dream is a representation of the fact you require tremendous power over your emotions and spirits, allowing YOU to explore limitless possibilities. 

What does it mean to be unable to fly in a dream?

Being unable to fly in a dream is about your internal power. People who don't follow the crowd and are not true to you may criticize you. By doing so, you will only lower yourself to the level of others' ideas and thoughts. Either you can rise above it or you can hold fast to your beliefs. Although you have the option of making that choice, it's important to consider why and who is criticizing you. 

Not being able to fly is about the need to remove yourself or stay in a situation --- this could be a decision that you need to make. It is common for people to settle for any job they can find. Marriages are mediocre. Our purpose was to be more than we are. Every opportunity that comes our way is meant for us to seize. This dream is about living our life fully with all our hearts and souls as our destiny. Are you living a life that doesn't fulfill your potential? Think about this after not being able to fly.

What does it mean to be scared of flying in a dream?

Scary flying dreams are never a good thing and throw some dark moments or distress in the mix and it can mean that you are feeling distressed. If you feel distressed in your dream this is an indication that you have to take charge of the situation, it may stop. These dreams are also associated with longing for some type of freedom in your life and letting go of previous events. If you are falling in your dream then this indicates that you feel there is a lack of support around you at the moment. In your waking life, you feel some sense of support has vanished and that you have to carry many problems on your back. To fly or fall subsequently represents that you feel you need to be free of all your troubles in your life. If there any chance we can take a long holiday?

If you are flying and you notice a birds-eye view then this is a common theme within our flying dreams and this indicates that you are trying to gain perspective on your true destiny and trying to make a plan of escaping a difficult situation. This indicates that you cannot allow other people to control you, this dream is about thinking outside the box and taking a close opportunity that has not yet presented itself.

This dream should be positive and if you willingly chose to fly then this indicates that there are many invisible opportunities on the horizon. The other indication that this dream is associated with freedom is the aspects of spiritual astral travel. This is when the soul has the ability to transcend between your waking life and lucid dreaming. In other words, you are trying to seek spiritual freedom typical dream in society. The character you play in your dream also represents the course of action that you should take in everyday life.

What does it mean to dream of flying over the city?

Flying over the city in a dream signifies a spiritual gathering. The meaning of the city as a symbol is one of perseverance and resilience. Think about the people of the city beneath you as you fly over --- these people have kept their faith and spirits strong despite challenging times. As you glide over these families that have lived in the city for generations, creating an integral part of the metropolis' culture and identity.

A city is a place where people from all walks of life can find common ground and a sense of belonging. The city has an incredible history, steeped in spiritual energy and the spiritual meaning continues to be carried down through the generations. A city is a place where we can come together to celebrate our differences and share the stories that bring us closer together. If you fly over the city and love the beauty or seek inspiration from the city. Therefore, flying over the city is about a situation of wonder, growth, and understanding --- this will stay with us for generations to come.

What does it mean to dream of flying with wings?

It was about two months ago I had a dream of flying with large swan wings. It was after I listened to a story in the car with my children where a boy put on swan wings and flew out of trouble. Even though the dream was probably the influences of the audio book I believe that dreaming of flying with wings means you've got to break free from the shackles of the toxic standards that keep you grounded. 

It's like you NEED to unlock a special swagger within you, where you can take off just like those birds you often see on the horizon with their long stretched out elliptical wings creating lift effortlessly. Soaring across to unknown heights and abysses is truly an experience that cannot be put in words. It's a journey you have to undergo yourself!

What does it mean to dream of flying with someone?

Dreaming of flying with someone can be interpreted as a metaphor for finding emotional connection. Also ---- think about who it is you are flying with in the dream. Do you know them? Is it someone you don’t know? When you feel the wind flowing through your hair with this special person on either side of you, it can feel liberating and calming. The sensation of gliding in the clouds together symbolizes a relationship that holds each individual up, gently floating forward in life. As the journey progresses, you are reinvigorated and encouraged by one another’s presence — aware that the love between you will never be lost in the sky.

What does it mean biblically and in scripture about flying?

Regarding flying dreams I always like to turn to scripture, Psalm 55:6 tells us to "Spread your wings and fly away." There is something truly unique, beautiful, and powerful that comes with the act of flight, so it's no wonder why Zechariah 5:1 references a “flying scroll” as being a sign of God's presence. I feel like flying in dreams is something spiritual and meaningful, in that it represents freedom from all the everyday tasks and worries. When we spread our wings and take flight for ourselves, we are guided by God who shows us the destination of pure joy — one without boundaries or limitations.

What does it mean to dream of flying with wings?

Honestly, I feel that if you had a dream of flying with wings this is simply a beautiful experience, like soaring above the clouds with swan-like grace or riding the currents of air with hawk-like agility. There may be different colors wings, brown and black can mean we need to connect with mother earth. A single swathe of silver seen in the dream is about radiating light in your life. Such a dream represents that you need to be in touch with spiritual information. To fly with wings during your dream is to tap into one's deepest longings and desires to manifest life powerfully. It is an act of liberation from all our fears, doubts, and disappointments; it's like soaring high above our worries looking for a better tomorrow.

What does it mean to dream of looking down at the earth in your dream?

Finally, I wanted to mention the dream of looking down at the Earth from above, this can be quite surreal and beautiful.  In the dream, green valley's rise and fall with delicate ridges that mirrors the strong subtlety of nature.  I don;t know about you but I certainly feel a sense of peace when I look down upon the green fields far below me, as if anything is possible.  I believe this dream means that your perspective can be broadened while looking down at life from a different angle -- so this is what the dream is really saying.

What does it mean to dream of flying on an animal?

Disney's Dumbo (1941) reminds me of your dream of flying on an animal, the spiritual story and moral of this movie is to never give up on your dreams and to strive for greatness, no matter what adversity you face. In the movie, Dumbo learns that, with the support of his friends, he can do anything. As Dumbo takes to the skies on Timothy Mouse's back, both learn that with enough hard work and determination, they can soar to new heights. This movie is a timeless reminder of the power of our dreams ---- and indicates this vision of flying on an animal has come to you for a reason.  I feel that dreaming of flying on an animal can indicate a desire for greater self-expression and freedom. It could be interpreted as the need to be more daring and adventurous in order to reach new heights, or it could also signify a desire for greater connection and understanding of one's own animalistic nature. I believe it could also be a subconscious sign of yearning for something new and exciting, or perhaps it is a reminder to take risks and explore the unknown.

What does it mean to dream of flying through space?

Dreaming of flying through space can represent a desire for escapism, exploration, and searching for greater understanding. It could represent a need to experience something bigger than oneself, or even a feeling of being lost in the grand scheme of things. I believe it could signify a wish to escape the mundane and explore something new and uncharted. It is my thought that this type of dream could also be a reminder to explore the unknown, take risks, and experience something that could broaden our perspective of the world. 

One of the most famous books that I have read that comes to mind when interpreting this dream is “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This classic novel tells the story of a young prince who travels from planet to planet, seeking knowledge and wisdom. The spiritual story told in this book is one of love, friendship, and courage in the face of adversity. The Little Prince learns that there is more to life than material things, and he is able to find peace and joy by living according to his own philosophy. The things we can learn from this book and your dream --- is that it's important to stay true to yourself, even when those around you don't understand or support your choices. I also feel it is important to cherish relationships with those you care about, as well as having faith in yourself and your own abilities. The Little Prince teaches us that life is worth living if you approach it with courage, kindness, and an open mind

What is the conclusion for flying in your dream?

I would say that dreaming of flying in the sky is a symbol of freedom and joy. It allows us to imagine Hector Servadac's (1877) vision - to explore and discover new places, be free as a bird, far away from all worries. Let me explain more: when you dream of flying in the sky with just your own wings or in a balloon, it may mean that you are grateful for the chance to take control of your life and make changes that will bring satisfaction into it. If you are flying something in the sky then that object is significant. 

What is the older dream meanings of flying?

  • For a person to see themselves as a bird in their dream is a sign that you are trying to accomplish something which is proving difficult. This dream also shows that you have a great desire for independence and it is important to recognize that you need to understand what is trying you down.
    To dream that you are flying outside and that in any point the experience was unpleasant denotes that somebody is finding it difficult to trust you at the moment.
  • If you are flying extremely high distance and you can see things from above then this indicates there is a lot of happiness and contentment and success in your life to come.
  • If you are flying or floating and suddenly you fall then it is a sure sign that you will have some disappointment in connection with a social activity.
    If you dream of flying past planets in your dream indicates (according to the old dream interpretation theorists) that there are likely to be some disappointments in world affairs.
  • If you are floating in your dream then this indicates a fantastic symbol of success and prosperity - if you did not have any trouble staying afloat. If you are a woman then you may need to be careful with whom you talk to as gossip or slander is likely. If you are flying through space then this indicates that you are going to overcome any material difficulties.
  • If you have wings in your dream this is a generally positive omen – if they are not black. If the wings on a man are black then this shows there are likely disappointments in the near future. If you are a man and you dream that you have white wings this foretells there is going to be some success in business affairs in the future. If a woman, quite peaceful times are going to be ahead of you. If you have wings then this dream shows that things are going to be happy and that new beginnings are afoot!
  • If the landscape below you is barren and not occupied then this indicates that prosperity is going to be hard to come by.
  • If you are flying from one city in the world to another then declarations of love are likely in the future.
  • If you are threatened while you are flying then somebody needs to talk to you about a problem in waking life. If you are shocked at flying or in any way the event is disappointing then this shows that you are going to have to overcome a disturbing and worrying situation in the near future.
  • If you see any birds in your dream while you are flying then this shows that you’re going to enjoy social gatherings with others.
  • This dream also signifies that if you are involved in a legal case then it is a sure sign that justice will prevail. If you find yourself flying with birds then the responsibility will come your way. It is important not harbor any negative feelings and your life will work toward peace and happiness.
  • If you are able to freely fly and go where you want in your dream then this shows that events in your drop all your home life will be positive.
  • If you try to keep flying in your dream and you are unable to do so then this is a negative indication and represents that you have been struggling to get freedom in a situation that requires it.
  • If you are on a bed, chair, or magic carpet then this signifies that great things are seen on the way. Another key message of this dream is that it is important you look after yourself and your health at the moment.
  • If you are flying with a group of people or they are watching you on the ground in amazement then this indicates that you are going to talk to others who will be able to help solve a problem that has been worrying you.
  • If you are flying low to the ground then this usually indicates that there are going to be some difficult situations in the near future around how to stop this is a wake-up call to look after your body a lot more.
  • If you are flying over water that appears to be muddy then it indicates you must keep your personal life to yourself as your enemies are watching you.
  • To fly over green trees and vegetation generally foretells that a situation is likely to be embarrassing in the future. If you can see clear water below you then your thoughts are going to be important in the future as this is a positive omen. This dream reflects a sense of relief.
  • If your dream is associated with an airport of a plane then this shows that you must take hold of opportunities at the moment and that you should not try to commit to things that you do not agree with. If you are a pilot then you feel in control of your lifestyle and that it is time to take on new challenges.
  • If you are taking a flight on an aeroplane or mode of transport then this indicates that you may encounter some unpleasant news in the future.
  • If you are female and you dream of taking flight in an airport then this shows that it is important to keep in your character in dealing with others, especially lovers.
  • If anything is flying away from you then this shows that you are going to conquer people who are trying to damage your reputation.
  • The key message of this dream is that you need to understand the bigger picture and the fact that you need to have more confidence in your ability to move forward.
  • If you are a passenger in a helicopter then this dream shows that it is important to recognize that things have got out of control. If however, you are the piloting this dream indicates that you have that control. It is time to stop making excuses and start to achieve something that is important to you.

In your dream you may have

  • You experience flying in the sky and you can look down at the landscape.
  • The scenery in your dream is impressive and you see a birds-eye view of the landscape.
  • The experience of flying was overbearing and you were terrified during your dream.
  • Dreaming of being on a mode of transport such as a glider, helicopter, elevator, or airplane.
  • You are trying to escape by flying away from others.
  • you are flying downwards or upwards.

Positive changes are afoot if you are

  • Flying because you needed to let go of the feeling and this release that feeling spiritually.
  • In a group and the experience was positive.
  • Being flattered by somebody positive and that this was a truly unique experience.
  • The experience within your dream was seeking spiritual freedom.
  • Your ability to transcend into another being in order to fly is a positive omen.
  • Able to go back down to the ground easily.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • You have been finding that you have lacked money recently.
  • This dream indicates that you are trying to escape from a situation.
  • You have some untapped creative talent in your job that you have unable to use.
  • A boss has been micromanaging you and this dream has occurred in order for you to recognize that you need to escape from this person.
  • You have been feeling that there are a number of family commitments around you. This dream could indicate that you have been thinking about your own independence recently.
  • It is time to make sure that you let events happen at their own pace.
  • You have been letting things pass you by without thinking about them deeply.
  • Other people have been interfering with your business and you've been trying to keep matters important to you to yourself.
  • It is time for a new change in your life.
  • You are aware that things have not been as they seem and that you need to find the strength in order to change situations.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable in your dream about the experience then you have to take charge of your life more.


  • Theorists such as Freud believed that this dream was connected to a sexual need and that the dream is a product of our own childhood in which we felt free and that we had no responsibilities.
  • Other theorists such as Carl Jung interpreted flying as a symbol of negative feelings.

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of flying or floating

Strange. Appreciation. Happy. Concerned. Shocked. Wisdom. Ability to do anything. Chaos. Acceptance of spiritual life. Identification of our own destiny. Tranquillity. Danger. Floating. Relaxation. Uncomfortable. Distress. Action. Uncontrollable force. Frightening. Overwhelming. Anxiety. Inability to cope. Floods of tears. Release.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012