Hearing dream meaning

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To dream that you have lost your hearing signifies that you are putting an end to an old customs and a former manner of thinking.

Hearing music is a positive omen in the dream state. It suggests that others will trust you in the future. This may refer to an end of a relationship if you are unable to hear. The "hearing" dream suggests that you have some repressed aggression or anger at someone or at yourself. If you dream of wearing a hearing aid it means you need to communicate better. To be trying to hear something in life suggests that someone will ask you questions. Hearing is connected to our communication in life.

In your dream

  • You could not hear in your dream.
  • You wore a hearing aid in the dream.
  • You could only hear people talking quietly in the dream.
  • People were whispering in the dream.

Detailed dream meaning

To see yourself wearing a hearing aid in the dream suggests that you should communicate much better with others. Attempting to listen to something in the dream state indicates that somebody will ask you questions. Hearing is basically the way we approach communication with others.

It symbolizes communication, data, and knowledge. If you really feel just like you're deaf in your fantasy, see Deaf. In the event you experience a profound sense of hearing in the dream state represents spiritual growth and that as a person you are receptive to new wisdom and insight.

To see others hard of hearing suggests that you must make an attempt to permit yourself to come in contact with new people and experiences. Try reading educational material / journals or books which will stretch your understanding in waking life. You maybe amazed by how much you can understand in life. For someone to take your hearing away from you in a dream indicates conflict with others. This can happen when you're under enormous stress on your waking life.

Hearing a singing voice is an indication that you might hear news from others - they may call you on the telephone to tell you about something important. Alternately, hearing a group of people sing may mean there's bad news coming shortly. Hearing voices speaking with an educated tone represents a promotion at work, however a foreign voice in your dream indicates possible journeys. To dream of your boss or if you hear others talking at work suggests a positive shift in your career or company in the future.

Loud voices are an indication you'll shortly encounter happiness and joy in your life. When it's a male voice, it brings a concept your achievement will come sooner than anticipated. A person will ask you out shortly if you hear rain in your dream. To hear a strange voice is a warning of risk. Bear in mind the words of the voice featured in your dream. Think about if you know them?

To dream that you are have a hearing operation in the dream suggests that some significant and important relationship is being challenged. To dream that you hear footsteps indicates changes in the future.

Feelings associated with the dream of hearing

Worry about hearing, happiness, thoughts about the future, new prospects in life.

By Florance Saul
Aug 5, 2017