Dream Of Butterfly Landing On Me

Dream Of Butterfly Landing On Me

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Butterflies landing on you in a dream can be quite interesting.

If we look at the butterfly in its simplest form it denotes transformation, changes and also beauty. The butterfly is extremely symbolic and in many superstition books denotes personal change, especially when it lands on your body. To dream of the butterfly landing you can represent many different facets of your life.

When the butterfly lands on your body it’s important to understand that this is associated with your inner transformation. In Greek mythology a butterfly landing on a person represents the soul, which is connected to our own spirituality in life. Turning to Northwest American Indian lore: for butterflies to land on you during your sleep is supposed to be a spiritual message from above. It indicates significance it in regards to your mental force. Northwest American Indians believed the butterfly represented positive energies in repelling -ones. Additionally, they believed that in dreams we connect with our spirit guides and that the butterfly will bring self-confidence and reliance in life. Turning to the Aztecs they believed that the butterfly symbol was connected to releasing somebody into the spiritual realm.

The most important aspect of this dream is the fact that transformation is paramount. Of course, the butterfly landing on any part of your body represents change of some description. Obviously, sometimes change can be delayed, difficult to predict when the butterfly enters our mind during our sleep and lands on us - it indicates change is coming which will bring happiness. I will now speak a bit deeply about happiness connected to the butterfly landing on you!

Is this a positive dream?

Yes, seeing a butterfly in a dream is always a positive omen and symbolizes transition. I have been asked many times to explore the significance of butterflies in dreams, they can be a very powerful omen. There are very many different cultural meanings of a butterfly landing on your body. For example, in the Chinese tradition the butterfly symbolizes immortality. Turning to ancient Egyptian culture the butterfly is a symbolism of the soul. In addition, the butterflies color is very important. This can help understand the change that will occur in the future. A white butterfly indicates purity, a black butterfly hidden souls, purple denotes riches, red indicates passion, blue represents calm relations and finally the yellow butterfly happiness and contentment. The black butterfly can also be related to renewal, the change of circumstances or a brand new relationship. If the butterfly you catch has bright multi-colors, expect more good things coming your way. There is much symbolism around change when you encounter a butterfly landing on you during the dream.

What does it imply to see a butterfly landing on your face in a dream?

When you have dreams where you see butterflies landing on your face, consider it a good sign. It implies that your life is going according to your plan and you are embarking on relationships which are full of love and calmness. If you manage to catch the butterfly, it is a sign that, you are finding love at long last.

What does it imply to dream of a butterfly landing on your body?

To dream that you see a butterfly on your body represents that you may encounter psychical change. Such as a new diet or sport hobby. Think about how a butterfly moves from one flower to the next, for the butterfly to move along your body means that good news is coming. The news is going to have an impact on your life as you are likely going to prosper after receiving them and utilizing them accordingly. The butterfly is also connected to our path of happiness.

What does it imply to dream about a butterfly landing on your hand?

When you have a dream where a butterfly lands on your hand, it is an indicator that, you have let go something special or important to you. It could also be symbolic of a change which you were forced to make. Catching the butterfly indicates success in life and that you need to set targets and adjustments going forward. Think about how you can focus on purification.

What does it denote to dream about two (or more) butterflies landing on you?

A dream about two butterflies landing on you (or more) could imply that you are having happiness in marriage or great romance. It could also indicate that you are going to move forward with an engagement.

What does it denote to dream about butterflies landing on your feet?

To dream of butterflies landing on your feet or shoes represents you need to open up to more people. That is the only way you can progress and “walk” towards your goals. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you need to take a deep breath and reinforce your energy.

Based on ancient myth and academic historiography the butterfly landing on you in a dream bring with it change. The way we communicate on a vibrational plane of existence. This is not a dream of what I classify as negative but of something great that is about to happen.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2018