Is your dream a future prediction?

Is your dream a future prediction?

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are your dreams secret manifestations of the future? According to Carl Jung our dreams provide an insight into your subconscious mind.

But can your dream be a glimpse of the future? There have been many accounts of dreams which turn out to be real events in waking life. So what is this all about? In total, we dream just over 150,000 times in our lifetime and we remember several dreams each week. Dreams have been linked with clairvoyance and predicting future events, providing information in esoteric ways, based on rituals or magic. Any dream which involves numbers, colors, religion provide access to hidden information. Personal management of the interpretation of these dreams can generally help you in the waking state.

Certain people in this world hold the ability to see the future in their dreams. This was first predicted in Biblical prophets, such as: Daniel and Saint John the Divine, others include Nostradamus, Jean Dixon, Gordon Michael Scallion, Edgar Cayce, Abraham Lincoln and various other visionaries. These dreams have been termed precognitive dreams. Opinions on if you can predict the future in your dreams is open to debate. According to occult writers, sleep is our outward sensual knowledge which of course is sometimes inactive, hence it is a reflection that our dreams that prove to sometimes be prophetical, and our spirit is, therefore, nearer to the higher archangels. It was a custom amongst the ancients, that they who should receive answers, and certain sacred explainations and sacrifices being first celebrated.

Virgil makes mention in these verses, Hence they sought: Answers to doubts; when gifts the priests had brought, Here he reposed on skins of slaughtered sheep, And under silent night prepares to sleep. And a little after he singeth. We are all aware that some of our dreams are enjoyable and others not. After we have had a disturbing dream we seem to ask ourselves many questions, and try to understand our dreams by an investigation. There are many doubtful things, that are manifested to us in dreams: representations of unknown places appear, and the images of people both alive and dead, strange lands; and also things which at any times have happened, are revealed, which we did not know about; and these dreams should only be interpreted if it proves to be of significant such as vivid or reoccurring dreams. These dreams can be a symbol of divination; you need to work out the magical symbolism and message that these dreams are telling you. It can be valuable to discuss your dreams with others, to try to see if they can help you unravel the meaning. Here are the top seven signs your dream may be a future prediction.

  • 1. Not disturbed in mind.
  • 2. You fall asleep quickly and peacefully. (He who receive true dreams, should keep a pure, undisturbed, and an disquieted imaginative spirit)
  • 3. Vivid: images and colors in your dream are the same as waking life.
  • 4. The divine power instructed your soul so you feel cleansed.
  • 5.You remember the dream clearly.
  • 6. Hurtful thoughts are freed.
  • 7. Backgrounds in your dreams can be remembered.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012