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Simund Freud (the famous dream psychologist) stated that seeing a railway and trains in a dream denotes something that will end in life.

Freud believed that a railway was connected to your emotions, spirituality and the need for movement in life. He did famously predict that trains associated with death. We need to turn to the era when Freud predicted this dream interpretation to uncover the meaning. Trains back in the old days were large black and also perhaps the only mode of transport. Today, things are different trains are modern.

The railway in dreams often represent that you are well on your way to moving towards your goals in life. The railway is also associated with how you feel about your career or work life. If you dream that the railway is blocked in any way this is representative to of any obstacles that you may encounter in waking life.

If you are walking next to a railway this can symbolize that you’re looking for different ideas to collect and there are some goals that you have accomplished. If you are traveling along the railway then you should be deeply thankful for the opportunities in your career that you have been given. It indicates that you have what it takes to succeed in life.

You need to be patient because you will succeed in the end. The railway dream is rather unique, you have to ask yourself many questions of why you had this certain dream. If you are crossing the railway in your dream then this suggests that you will will need to resolve a situation or make a decision because you may cross others in order to succeed and achieve. It can also suggest that it you have been acting with your best interests at heart it is important to recognize and understand other people’s feelings.

Crossing a railway also represents dramatic transformation in your life. If you dream of a runaway train and you see yourself at the station then this suggests that you need to keep asking the heart answers why things seem to be delayed.

The railway station is focused on something new and fulfilling life. Ancient dream dictionaries also state that the railway station is a suggestion that one needs to change their working habits and environment in order to progress in life. If you see the train stopping at the railway station then this implies that you have reached an ultimate goal in life. This kind of dream can indicate your hesitating to move forward in a career. You need to ask yourself why are you choosing the most difficult path in life. A busy coroweded railway station can also suggest that other people will be offering advice on the future. It could mean that you’re more comfortable with many situations in the past rather than looking to the future. To see a busy railway in a dream can indicate feeling overpowered in waking life. If you see a terrorist attack on a railway station then this can suggest that your partner needs attention. If the terror attack itself if there was an explosion in the railway station suggest the “explosion of emotional wounds” resulting in pain.

To see a broken railway can suggest that there may be some possible money worries or budget constraints in the future. If you have a repetitive dream concerning the railway then this is associated with movement in life which is delayed. To see somebody commit suicide in a railway dream is related to your inner anxieties. One needs to look at what lies below the anxiety of life. See yourself in a futuristic modern railway station can suggest that you are going to be overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility in the future. A closed railway in the dream and things will be delayed.

To see the lines or tracks in the railway dream represents that you have a certain approach to areas in life. The railway line can also present that you are losing touch with people. There is a rigid and fixed way of doing things in life and the lines or tracks of the railway can represent the inflexibility of life. To see yourself crossing a railway is a suggestion of delays and blockages in life. Are your emotions creativity balanced?

If you are female and notice the railway this can give you a clue about your career in general. In ancient 1930s dream dictionaries if a female runs to the railway this was associated with moving ones home and achieving goals in one’s career. To see a person that worked on the railway in a dream denotes losing interest and responsibility. If you bought a ticket at the railway station then this reminds you that you need to be constructive in your approach to work. If you’re not able to buy ticket in a dream to get on the train then this means you’re losing touch with something in the external world that is important to you. To dream of a railway disaster indicates that you need to consider implementing more creative ideas into your work. It can also suggest that you need to spend time solving any issues that can affect your work.

To watch trains on the railway suggests that you may feel your work is time-consuming. Train tracks in the dream are connected to worrying and difficulty in making decisions and goals in life. If you have worked on the railway in waking life it is common to dream trains.

To see an Indian railway station denotes you need to embrace happy times in life. A British railway suggests that change will happen. A USA railway and this is about connecting others and making the best out of life. Think about the country of the railway. To search for a toilet at the railway station means you need support to carry out important changes. If you’re waiting for a train there is a situation in waking life that requires delay in order to get the best result.

To be standing at a railway station waiting for a train suggests that you need to embrace happier times in life. If you do not catch the train, despite waiting at the railway station then this can suggest hard work ahead. If the train is delayed or cancelled then the setback is likely in the future. if the train station is Victorian or from the “olden days” such as a steam train then something of the past will affect you present. To dream of an English railway, in a predominant city such as London can suggest that you go to pick your own choices in life.

If you travel on the railway to work in waking life then this dream should really have no meaning is connected to your subconscious mind. To be abandoned at the railway station or to see yourself live at the railway station is a symbol that is connected to the fact that you’re feeling trapped in the journey of life. Any dream which connects you to a capital city such as New York or to travel internationally on the railway foretells that your dreams/goals in life are slightly closer.

If you see yourself standing at the platform in your dream then this reveals you need to rely on yourself. To leave luggage on a platform or in a locker at the railway in your dream indicates something has happened to bring your dream closer.

To forget your luggage on a platform is also connected to this dream meaning you are going to fear change. To see a ticket inspector at the railway foretells dramatic transformation the stationmaster or guard also has the same interpretation. To see the arrival and departure board at the railway station can indicate dreams that will come true. For the trains to be delayed or cancelled on the notice board then there will be some conflict in life. To run at the railway station reveals you may fear changes - are you are happy to progress in life?

To dream of a ticket machine, losing a ticket or being unable to buy tickets at the station means you’re holding too tightly onto the difficult situation in life. It is time to let go move forward with confidence. Loosing any property at the railway station can also be a worrying dream, especially if your bag or purse. To leave your luggage in the locker station means that people are going to express shock and anger in life.

Seeing the “head of the train” at the railway station represents events are going to work out well - but this is the opposite if you see the rear of the train station. Seeing all the train is however positive omen. If the railway stations is crazy, different, brand-new and you are perplexed in the dream this can be connected to acknowledging your feelings in waking life. You need to let go reach higher.

Quick meanings of a railway dream

  • You see an Indian railway station = Indicates great luck.
  • You see a British railway station = new beginnings are forecast.
  • You see high speed rail = things are gonna be rushed or life will go quickly.
  • You are waiting at a railway = delay.
  • You are a passenger on the railway = people will carry you in life.
  • You are standing at a railway station watching cars pass by = delay.
  • You see a railway accident = problems in life.
  • The railway has a terrorist attack = worry and despair.

In your dream you could have

  • Seen the train is delayed.
  • The train is cancelled at the railway.
  • The railway station set in the Victoria era in your dream.
  • You dream of an English railway station such as: Cardiff, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester.
  • You dream of a railway station connects to London.
  • You dream of being abandoned to railway station.
  • In your dream the signalling system fails.
  • You dream of underground railway stations or subways.
  • You have left the luggage on the platform in a dream.
  • You dream of the platform in a railway.
  • You have a dream of a luggage trolley in the railway.
  • You have a dream of the ticket inspector and railway.
  • You are unable to move through the barrier in order to catch a train.
  • You dream of the stationmaster or guard railway.
  • You are in a waiting in the railway station.
  • You dream of the arrival departure and the railway station.
  • visit the tickets office in a railway station within the dream.
  • You have lost property at the railway station.
  • You dream of a ticket machine at the railway station.
  • You have left your luggage in a locker railway station in a dream.
  • You can see the head of the train station.
  • You dream of the rear of the train at a railway station.
  • You can see above a cart at the railway station.
  • The railway station is not like the station that you see in daily life.

Feelings associated with the dream of the railway

Power. Courage. Control. Trying to succeed. Moving in the right direction. Traveling.

By Florance Saul
Aug 11, 2017