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So you had a dream of the afterlife? I know, it can be rather surreal. Especially if someone passed away in real life recently. In fact, these types of dreams are rather common if you have lost a loved one. But you're left waking up in the morning wondering what it was all about then read on. You are in the right place.

The afterlife is often seen in our nightly visions of when we are approaching the end of a symbolic event in life. To encounter a gripping afterlife experience during the dream is all about change. I’m Flo and I have developed this dream dictionary to unravel the key messages in dreams so here goes. To dream of a departed or loved one can be hard to understand and to some degree upsetting, especially if they passed away recently.

Many of these “afterlife“ dreams are vivid and realistic, to say the least. It is true to say that many people have spiritual skills hidden deep inside. If we turn to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung these night visions of the afterlife are transitions of fear. The one thing I will say however is that we need understand that these dreams are not premonitory but simply indicates changes such as: relationship changes, financial concerns, difficulties expressing yourself or stresses in life.

The afterlife is also connected to radical changes in life and how you die in a dream can reflect the parts of your life that will change. These vivid and realistic dreams can be connected to our daily experiences or the fact that our mind during our sleep is searching for a relief or a way to “handle” information.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of the afterlife?

People who dream of the afterlife will encounter a spiritual awakening soon. It denotes they you may also realize the beauty of the moment and try to live every day like it’s their last. Afterlife is the symbol of life. It reminds people that yesterday is lost, tomorrow is a new start and today is something that may result in happy times.

However, dreaming of the afterlife has several meanings, depending on the dream state. If you dreamed of the afterlife then as I have detailed in the opening paragraph you will soon experience a spiritual awakening, it also reveals you are feeling somewhat over-worked and tired. Do not try to run away from something that’s happening to you right now. In simple words – you want something to be over. However, keep in mind that if you give up, you will let that something/someone defeats you. If you decide to keep fighting or just let it go – you will feel much better.

Here is a quick meaning

  • You dreamed of the afterlife = transformation in life and the need to focus on yourself.
  • You dreamed of the afterlife = new beginnings.
  • You were in the afterlife = times will change for the better.
  • You dreamed of someone who died in real life = this is a normal dream and can be rather worrying. It can sometimes be a way of communicating with the spirit world.
  • You dreamed of a deceased lover or husband = Many people have contacted me about dreaming of the afterlife and met their previous husband and wife. The dreams can be rather lucid and indicates that you are having memories of this person or rarely this can mean communicating with spirit.
  • You dreamed of a deceased Mother, Sister, Aunt, and Father = a relative that is deceased in a dream is connected to how we function as a family unit. Maybe you are struggling at the moment to try to focus on what you really want from life.
  • You could see a white room = a new start on its way and spiritual help.
  • You could see heaven in the dream = relationships will be important to you.
  • You met death in the dream = don’t worry transformation is on its way.
  • You dreamed you died and came back to life = great focus.

If you were in the afterlife and you were deceased in a dream this denotes your wish to escape reality. You feel drained and you need to find your inner peace. Distance yourself from people and focus on your own personal development. You need to recover from what’s happened to you recently. Loneliness is the only cure. Don’t be afraid to be lonely and let silence tell you everything you need to know.

If you dreamed of someone who died in real life, it foreshadows the hope this person is in a better place right now. This dream also reveals your suppressed sadness in regards to a person’s death. Instead of feeling sad, feel happy you met the person and smile because they would like to see you smiling, not crying.

If you dreamed of a deceased lover/husband, it implies your wish to see that person again. However, it could also imply that you hope that your lover/husband is in a better place. If you had a challenging relationship with your lover/husband before they died, then your dream is telling you that you should forgive yourself and that person and move on with life. If you dreamed of a deceased close member of your family - like your mother, father, brother, sister or aunt, it is a reminder of the love you feel for them. In ancient dream dictionaries, it denotes that you miss them and you wish to see them again.

However, it could also imply that they’re warning you about a mistake you’re about to make. The family is always there to support you and take care of you even after they pass away. Listen to what someone has to tell you. Anyway, if the deceased person does not talk in your dream it implies they are resting in peace and what you to know that. If you could see a white room in your dream it foretells you are in need of communication.

If you are waiting for a sign to make the right decision about something this dream is highly important. However, the white room is a sign that you need to focus on what your heart tells you. White is a symbol of purity and can focus on the heart bringing a pure and honest decision.

If you saw heaven in your dream, it signifies happiness in reality. You will experience something amazing and pleasant soon. Maybe you will get the job of your dreams or meet your soulmate. In one word, heaven in dreams means luck. Learn how to enjoy nice moments without worrying about tomorrow. To meet death in your dream state, it means you will soon get a wake-up call and change your life. You will start something from scratch and aim to build a new beautiful life for yourself. Meeting death in your dream is also a sign of awakening and learning how to love life again.

If you died and came back to life in your dream it means you secretly want to escape something that’s happening to you and get back when it’s over. Instead of running away, face your problem or people who make you feel trapped and miserable. You will feel a lot better.

What does the afterlife dream mean?

To dream of the afterlife can be a worrying dream. It can be interpreted differently, depending on how you felt in your dream. If you were feeling unpleasant, trapped or sad, your dream denotes that you don’t want to move on with your life into new opportunities. There is a danger that you are living in the past and you regret your mistakes. If you felt content and at peace in the dream, it means you’re ready to start a new path in life.

Your dream represents a fresh start and a major positive change. To dream of the afterlife also symbolizes the dreamer’s wish to take everything at face value. It also reveals that you may wish to escape reality and can uncover a hidden desire to start a new path of life. In my view, the afterlife demonstrates changes. You will experience an inner transformation and grow spiritually.

What do dream psychologists (Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud) say about dreaming of the afterlife?

Freud believed that to dream of death and the afterlife signifies the person’s hidden fears. He stated the following “The one who dreams of dying or the afterlife fears abandonment has a guilty conscience and inner issues.” However, Jung doesn’t agree with this interpretation. According to the Jungian theory, to dream of death and the afterlife denotes a person’s lack of motivation and ambition in walking life. Both theories make sense, however, the general meaning of death and the afterlife in a dream from a psychological perspective is associated with rebirth. As I have said before, dreaming of death and the afterlife is a sign that you want to improve and start a new life.

What does it mean to dream of your mother dying in the dream?

At times we all undergo difficult relationships with our mother and it is not uncommon to dream that your mother dies. This can be in essence one of our greatest fears, this dream normally materializes when we encounter certain insecurities in life. Our true feelings about our mothers are coming to the surface - or alternatively, there is a problem that we do not think that much about or even talk about. Some would say that our mother-child relationship is really a private concern the purpose of this article is to understand what it means when your mother dies in a dream. If your mother is in the afterlife during the dream - but in reality is actually living it can be a representation of the formidable delicate problems that you will encounter in a relationship.

Systematically it can also be the energy of the bond that you have with your mother. To dream of your mother dying represents your relationship with her in waking life. You are growing up and become more mature. It’s natural not to need your mother as much as you did when you were young. If you feel guilty about growing up - you shouldn’t. It’s a natural process and your mother is happy to see that you’re capable to take care of yourself. Your dream also reveals a part of your character that you want to leave behind. It represents a negative aspect of yourself that you’re releasing.

What does it mean to dream of your father in the afterlife?

The child-father relationship is being challenged in your subconscious mind if your father is in the afterlife in your dream but alive in real life. If your father has in fact passed on this dream can signify that you are expressing your emotions of grief. Dreams of a dying father represent conflict or systematically reviewing the relationship we have with our father in the past. Often, we tend to see a relationship with the father as one-dimensional.

From a dream interpretation perspective, if there is no presence of conflict in this dream it can simply be your own subconscious mind thinking about the care that you need in a current situation. To dream of being in the afterlife with your father indicates that you have a strong attitude and you always think you’re right.

However, deep inside you want to be more gentle with the people you love. You want to dominate others like a father figure, but you also want others to make the tough decisions for you. You’ve lost your path and you need parental advice but you’re too proud to ask. Your dream doesn't predict your father’s death in walking life. Although these “death” type dreams can be disturbing, there’s no need to panic. They’re usually caused by your changed beliefs in waking life.

What does it mean to visit the afterlife during a dream?

A few times I have seen myself visit the spirit world in dreams. To visit the afterlife in your dream is a clear sign of your wish to escape reality. You’re having to encounter inner issues and being bombarded by everyday problems this dream indicates you wish to get away from it all. It could signify that in real life you feel like you’re about to explode. You need some time for yourself.

To join family members in the afterlife generally means that you are unhappy because of not reaching a specific goal. It can also indicate that you failed to realize something important. However, everything will work out eventually. All you have to do is give yourself time and plan a trip somewhere to relax. Yes, I am saying try to spoil yourself a little. You deserve it.

Does dreaming of the afterlife result in a communication from spirit?

It has been said that one of the most common ways to contact the dead is through our dreams. The afterlife can present itself in your dream when in fact you are communicating with the spirit of the past. The afterlife dream could include reunions, messages and also reassurances that somebody in the spirit world loves you. To dream of encountering such communication denotes your desire to end a hardship you’re experiencing. Maybe you’re entering a new phase of life and you’re experiencing a hard time accepting the unknown.

Your dream can also represent your spiritual beliefs and your spiritual growth. People who strongly believe in the afterlife have these types of dreams frequently. Yet, people who don’t believe in the afterlife experience these dreams in a different way and just put it down to a dream. It has been documented that some people even become more spiritual after having such a dream. Older dream dictionaries state that to dream of the afterlife also symbolizes fortune and bright future. Luck and happiness will finally come to your side and you will leave a decent, tranquil life.

Are dreams proof of the afterlife?

Although many dream experts claim that dreams are proof of the afterlife, there isn’t any relevant scientific explanation for this. Therefore, our dreams might be a proof of the afterlife but we’ll never know for sure. Even if the greatest psychologists have tried to explain the meaning of our dreams, they will remain a mystery forever. It all depends on our perception and spiritual beliefs. There has been much research into near-death experiences, especially with patients in intensive care. Those people that have had a “near-death experience” are sometimes happier in life knowing that death should not be feared. Many people who are experiencing a near death or dream of the afterlife have similar stories. This includes tunnels, lights and also communicate with others.

What does it mean when you dream of your own death?

To dream of your own death is one of the most common and disturbing dreams. It causes anxiety and fear; however, it has a positive overarching interpretation. Our own death in a dream is a symbol of positive changes, rebirth, and spiritual growth.

Although, in my view, these dreams appear when an event or an opportunity is required that will change your life. To see yourself in the “afterlife” in your dream signifies absolute happiness and prosperity in waking life. It also symbolizes long life.

What do dreams of death and the afterlife mean?

In general, dreams of death and the afterlife represent current dissatisfaction with life itself. This cannot always be the case but you must take this into consideration. and future improvement of the dreamer’s mental state. To dream of death reveals the person’s wish to apply some positive changes and improve their attitude. However, to dream of an afterlife means you’re still sorry for losing someone important from your life. You’re also desperate to meet someone new. Your dream represents your humble attitude and need of getting away someplace far away.

What does it mean to dream that you die and go to the afterlife?

To dream that you died and went to the afterlife indicates a transitional period in walking life. You’re entering a new phase in your life, and you’re becoming more spiritual and more awake. Often, these dreams occur when we are desperately trying to escape your daily obligations. Maybe your not satisfied with the life choice you have made. Monotony might be killing you. Are you looking for a new start? The key message is to stop looking and start creating.

  • You visited hell in your dream state: It implies that you feel guilty about something you’ve done recently. You think you deserve punishment. However, feeling guilty and having an unclean conscience is enough punishment. Learn how to forgive yourself and work on yourself. Try to become a better person.
  • You saw an angel in the afterlife in your dream state: It indicates a message from God. If you saw an angel in the afterlife, God wants to tell you something important related to your lifestyle. It’s possible that this message is related to your inner peace and negative thoughts. Try to find inner peace with accepting and forgiving your own mistakes. And also try to think in a positive way. Everything happens for a reason.
  • You were spared from death in your dream: It means you will be given a second chance to improve your life in reality. Learn how to use it right this time.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of the afterlife

Fear. Freedom. Scared, Petrified. Nervous. Confused. Surprise. Lonely. Betrayed. Depressed. Tired. Sad.

By Florance Saul
Oct 23, 2017