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Dreams that have direct or indirect teasing involved in them can be interpreted in different ways.

Based on the behavior or nature of teasing in a dream, either on oneself or the one teasing others carries different meaning. Teasing in dream might be a consequence of anger or relief depending on whether it is you teasing someone else or if someone is teasing you.

Teasing others in a dream might look like revenge but the interpretations are completely the other way around. You might want know is why is it that you are teasing someone in dreams for no reason, or is there any reason? Does it really have to do something with your real life? In the same tradition, you want to know that why you would be teasing another person, especially if this kind of behavior is not normal to your personality.

It’s hard to believe that you find yourself teasing anyone or being teased (either by yourself or some other being) in a dream isn’t really traumatic. However, dreams like these are usually signs that you need to be nicer or more caring with yourself. You will often have these dreams when you are being too critical of yourself.

In your dream you may see

  • Someone is teasing you.
  • You are teasing someone that you don't know.
  • A group of people are teasing you or someone you know.
  • You are teasing more than one human being.
  • You are teasing different creatures.
  • You think people are teasing you.

Interpretations that are caused by teasing in a dream

  • Wealth or a wealthy life partner.
  • True love and friendship.
  • Hasten relationships.
  • Consequence of anger and anxiety.
  • Insecurity to a relation or attachment.
  • Wrath and aggression towards others.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are able to learn from your dreams and not tease anyone or thing.
  • You open you eyes and your heart to change.
  • You gain from the dream as a way to answer questions about yourself or others.
  • You find love and happiness.

Detailed dream interpretation of teasing

Generally dreams are formed by the imaginations and fantasies that our mind projects. Sometimes, they also fuse the real incidents of our lives that we have had encountered, based on our experiences and information we have learned. The fantasies are the ideas taken from movies, games and 3D animations that may carry the features of fear and aggression. These attribute combines and can form an act of teasing in a dream. This is one of the reasons for playing the role of teaser in a dream.

Dreaming that someone is teasing you in a dream does not mean that you will soon be traumatically hurt or taken advantage of. It doesn't even mean that anyone is going to tease you or that they currently are. Rather, it expresses that soon you will find real love and friendship, along with the wealth or the person you are going to love will be among the wealthiest.

Being teased in dreams shows that you are going to have an elevation in your business which can indicate increased finances, a breakthrough that propels your business or current position, or that you will be rewarded in a positive way. It also represents that you will find your love but after sometime you are going to suffer just because of your cordial attitude towards your loved one.

Teasing dreams often are brought on by not taking things in a realistic manner. You may find that your images of reality are distorted and you are either being too critical of yourself or others. Your own expectations are not based in reality and your psyche knows this. Teasing dreams are a way to say, "Wake up and smell the coffee!" Now is the time to focus on what is real and what is true in your life. They can also be a sign that you are ignoring truths that are right in front of you.

The same dream has a different interpretation for women. When a woman sees herself being teased in a dream than it tells that she will engage herself in a swift relationship but eventually won’t be able to restrain and will find difficulties and delay in changing that attachment into marriage.

Teasing yourself specifically also often foretells that you are suffering with some kind of insecurity, either emotionally or physically. In your real life, you are associated with someone and you find yourself inclined towards the social attachment more than any other relation. For the sake of that relation, you find yourself a little bit insecure and hence in your dreams, you see teasing yourself.

Feelings that you may confront during a dream of teasing

Happiness, love, fear, anger, anxiety, confusion, success, wrath, progress and insecurity.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013