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If you dream of twins is pleasing news, which will result in doubling expected profit or revenue.

In your dream, if you see the twins fighting, it represents a conflict between the opposite of your psyche. Twins are same siblings who are born at the same time in one pregnancy. One twin represents the conscious mind while the other one represents the emergence of subconscious material that is suppressed. You could be having a situation whereby you are suppressing something in your life. If you dream of identical twins this indicates that you will encounter an important person in your work life.

A dream where you encounter twins denotes that you are increasing in self-confidence and having stronger faith in your capabilities. It could be that you have learned something or you have keen observations which has made you knowledgeable. It is also a dream that means you can double your material wealth or income which comes as a result of being able to invest education and power in your business. This type of dream is an indication that, there is stability regarding the relationship with the family.

If you dream that you have twins yet you are surrounded by other twins, it foretells birth and fertility. In the case you are a woman, prepare to become pregnant, if you are a man, you will soon find your partner pregnant. It could also mean that a member of your family will be announcing that she is pregnant. If there is someone who is pregnant in waking life then this dream can suggest that you will give birth to more than one child.

Seeing a twin crying in your dream can foretell health problems, sickness or death. It is a warning dream that you need to take precaution in life. Be careful to avoid accidents: beware when driving, buildings under construction, poisoning, and drowning. Seeing twins if you are single can imply that, you will fall in love. There is a possibility that you are going to meet someone whom you are compatible with and whom you will settle down with in a happy marriage and produce a happy family. Alternatively, it is a dream which could denote that, the support of people around you can eventually see you making a difference in your family life.

If you see your twin brother in your dream, it suggests that you are going to receive news, which will have a great impact on your life. It is going to affect you positively, leading to success in your life. On a negative note, the news could affect you in a bad way and make you fail in life. Someone will look at your endeavors which will cause sorrow and disappointment. It could even ruin your relationship with someone close - to the point of no recovery. If in real life you do not have a twin sibling, it is a dream which could denote that, you will be involved in unexpected occurrences or encounter a conflict with a relative, close friend or family member.

A dream where you see twins affected by an illness could be a reflection of your poor self image. A dream of a twin baby dying in your dream is a warning for you to be prepared to go through tough times at your place of work, romance or in a current project. You could become seriously ill from a minor disease, so it is recommended that, after such a dream someone medically reviews your health.

A dream where you see a dead twin sibling is a sign of the good in life. It foretells a healthy, long, prosperous life that is ahead of you due to your faithfulness and living conditions. If you talk to a dead twin sibling in a dream, it foretells that you will be undertaking a challenging activity which will be exhaustive, and after you are completed this you will need to take a break.

If you give birth to stillborn twins in a dream it is a negative sign. It could mean that a family event has been canceled such as a wedding, graduation, a birthday. On the other hand, it could denote a family is gathering for a funeral.

In your dream

  • Giving birth to twins.
  • Being a twin yourself.
  • Seeing a Siamese cat.
  • Identical twins.
  • Breastfeeding twins.
  • Pushing twins in a pram.

Detailed dream interpretation

A situation where you give birth to twins could denote that your creative mind is focused on your personal beliefs. It could be that someone is pushing you in the opposite direction. If the twins are female and identical it can mean that you are experiencing an increase in your creative nature due to an inspiration in life. It could also denote that, you will have more understanding with those who are close to you. Alternatively, giving birth to twins, in general, implies family celebrations. You could be hosting or taking part in a celebration with friends and family, which could be due to an important event such as a birthday, death anniversary, homecomings, graduation, wedding, or reunions. It is an occasion which will give you and your loved ones an opportunity to be together and strengthen your bonds. It is a dream which could also foretell of you are receiving good news regarding business, work, or a romantic relationship.

If you dream you are a twin it is a reminder that to love and care for others, you need first to take care and love yourself because you cannot give out what you don’t possess. If you are miserable in life and you are insisting that you have to help others, they will not believe in you, because they don’t want to share what you have. If you have a positive life and you approach someone and tell them that you want to help them, they will willingly be ready to accept your help, because you have a stable life.

To dream that a twin dies in your dream is associated with helping others. You  need to help somebody close to you in the future. If you see identical twins which are male and this can suggest that you will encounter a male influence in a work environment.

If you see a Siamese cat, is a symbol of matrimony and reunion. If you are in a relationship or single, there is a chance that you will meet a new love. You will share your life with someone. In case you are married, it is a sign that, your wishes will come true – just make a wish.

If you see yourself breastfeeding twins in your dream, it means that you should do as many good deeds as you can because, in the future, those same deeds will be appreciated and thus, will help you progress.

If you see yourself pushing twins in a pram, it denotes that, you will have radical changes in your life which will change everything around you. In ancient dream books, pushing twins in a pram foretells the appearance of gossips among friends and foes. In waking life if you are pregnant with twins and consequently dream of twins this is associated with a symbolic connection with unborn twins, foretelling a happy and content birth. If in the waking world you are pregnant (but not with twins) and you dream of having twins is just symbolic of your pregnancy.

Feelings associated with the dream

Disappointed. Happy. Strong. Sick. Active. Hardworking. Confused. Joyous. Indebted. Changed. Successful. Determined. Romantic.

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