Twins Dream Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Twins In Dreams

Listen to that twin voice in the darkness at night - this is the enemy that fights your mind. "You are not good enough", "You don't have the education", "You don't deserve more." The twin dream means this negative mindset needs to be silenced. The most powerful part of your life right now is YOU, the twin dream is a spiritual mirror.

What is the dream meaning of twins?

Twin dreams are about our mirror souls. The positive versus the negative. I bet you have dreams, all of us had once in our lives a vision for the life we want and need. Many of us have lost sight of our dreams and are now so busy living in frustrations and the daily grind that it is difficult to even think about achieving them. Too many people have lost sight of the dream, and with it, their will to create their own destiny. There are many people who have lost the sense of certainty that gives them an edge. In my life, I have been striving to bring back the dream, to make it a reality, and to inspire each person to awaken their unlimited potential and let the dream symbols guide us.

Each one of us has a unique gift. There is a hidden giant in each of us, and I believe that we all have it. Every one of us has a talent or a gift that we can tap into. You might have a gift for music or art. You might find a unique way to relate to your loved ones. You might find it a great way to move people, innovate or reach out in your career or business. I believe that spirit doesn't favor any one person and that each of us was created uniquely, with equal opportunities and the twin dream is about tapping into this.

Twins in dreams are about not being bound by the negative things in life. A special bond between two people is believed to be the cause of twins in some cultures. I feel twins as symbols signify a connection to the spiritual realm or a higher power. In dreams, my thoughts are that twins indicate that you need to feel joined up in life - take action and stop telling yourself that you don't have what it takes to succeed.

We all know that twins are the same siblings who are born at the same time in one pregnancy. One twin represents the conscious mind while the other one represents the emergence of subconscious material that is suppressed. Spiritually the twins represent our negative and positive thought processes. What are you suppressing in your life? Nothing that you have done matters up to now and the twins have come to you to look in that mirror and make those positive changes. 

What is the spiritual meaning of twins in dreams?

If you are in a situation when you are grateful in life you cannot be angry which helps your mind settle. I am excited you have had this dream as a twin is a symbol of good fortune, fertility, and harmony. After all, twins have special powers or abilities. In dreams, I believe that twins symbolize hope, change, and the duality of human nature. Despite how different we may appear, twins can also serve as a reminder that we are all connected. In your dream, if you see the twins fighting, it represents a conflict between the opposite of your psyche. Let's move on to a more detailed meaning of the dream of twins. Every cell in your body produces a biomagnetic field due to bioelectric activity. Under this activity are layers of subtle and spiritual energy that make up the human energy body. Though difficult to see, this subtle body is just as complex as its physical counterpart. When twins appear in our dreams this is about unity in your life. This is a dream where we are focused on creating our own biomagnetic fields so that we can control our destiny. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing twins?

As I mentioned at the start of this dream meaning twins are like the light side and the dark side, odd or even, good vs evil, popular opposites. Seeing twins in a dream (even your own self again) could also suggest the idea that there’s a balance between opposites - something as simple as day and night, or more deeply rooted feelings such as happiness and sadness. Did you see that Netflix documentary about the triplets being reunited by chance after being adopted? If you have not seen it then I recommend it. It’s freaky how the life of these three twins meant that they finally met each other after being adopted out. 

A twin can also symbolize a "shared journey" with someone else in your life - whether they are related to you or not. A dream of twins may indicate that you and another person are connected beyond surface-level similarities. For instance, if you are both on similar paths or have similar struggles in life, you might be able to help each other through hardship. Often, the two halves of a person need each other to become whole again, like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen twins. It could also mean your “twin flame” wants to speak to you through the spiritual realm.

I also believe that dreaming of twins might mean new beginnings. This is super good news if you have been struggling with trying to work out stuff --- darkness will soon pass so that something new can enter your life. In this sense, dreaming of twins may be seen as a sign of motivation: to keep going: no matter how difficult things get, you know deep down inside that soon enough everything will change for the better if you stick by what makes you feel that you can just cope with anything :-)

Sometimes we can see triggers in our dreams, and some are hard to predict what it means. Twins to me, equals our opposite. What matters most is understanding how YOU feel when dreaming about seeing twins – do certain emotions stir up? Does this dream link back to any memories from childhood? Could there be signs pointing towards certain patterns in relationships that need breaking? I believe only once we dig deep within ourselves we truly understand why we see what we do when our eyes shut at night.

What do twins mean spiritually?

I’ve been enthralled by thinking about how mind-boggling it could be to be a twin. When it comes to spiritual significance, twins have been a source of fascination in tons of people. From ancient stories and legends all the way to modern science, twins evoke curiosity. Spiritually, and astrologically there is something super unique and powerful in us–the potential of birth from one egg, split into two parts. This duality is often seen as a reflection of the dualities found in life: male/female, joy/sadness, life/death. It’s true to say that twin souls are made from one source and come together again after spending time apart– perhaps this explains why so many feel an inexplicable bond with their siblings even when miles away.

On an even deeper level, I have read in a few hoodoo books that twin souls act as mirrors for each other– reflecting our strengths and weaknesses back at us so we can learn more about ourselves on our own journeys toward self-discovery. The spiritual energy between two individuals who share a soul often brings out compassion and understanding while providing support during challenging times like no other connection can provide.

I feel that the meaning behind being blessed with a twin in the dream world (even though you are not a twin in real life) boils down to finding strength through unity; recognizing our own power that lies dormant until awakened by another; learning how much love flows between two people whose lives were forever intertwined since their earliest moments on earth; or simply being reminded that we need not be alone in this universe if only we open our eyes wide enough - something far greater than ourselves exists here and now!

What does it mean to dream of being pregant with twins?

A womb, DNA, and a birth chart in this fantom pregnancy is all shared. On a surface level, dreaming of giving birth to twins could represent fertility and growth in the near future - both literally and beyond into the future. You may be about to embark on something new that holds great potential, or you may already be in the middle of a goal that has positive outcomes ahead. Yes, I am saying this dream is implying that things are going to get better and you will be successful.I also believe having twins could mean two elements coming together as one; perhaps two sides to yourself merging into an even stronger version of yourself. Well, I would like to think so! 

Let us consider some deeper readings too. Two twins are separate people. Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed by certain areas in your life; such as relationships, work commitments or other responsibilities that all seem like they need to be handled at once. The symbolism suggests this is something you can handle (with support if necessary) but knowing when and how to prioritize tasks will be essential too. The fact you are dreaming up these twin babies also speaks volumes about your strength; being able to handle multiple aspects at once without getting frustrated or overwhelmed shows great resilience!

Overall, whatever interpretation resonates with you is likely going to contain clues as to what you should focus on next in order for positive outcomes. And whatever happens, remember however hard things get there are always team approaches available which can prove invaluable – talking through problems often really helps make sense out them! So don’t forget – if ever things become too daunting seeking help should not feel like a weakness but rather seen as an act of strength when considering how best to move forward!

What does it mean to dream of someone elses twins?

My friend, Zoe has twin boys they are super cute and you might just find that you dream of someone’s twins. I’m not denying that seeing someone else’s twins can be a confusing dreaming experience, but it’s one that we should really take the time to think about. What could this dream represent? On some level, you are appreciating twinhood and all its nuances, that we have someone there for us. It might also mean an inner desire for more contact with others - perhaps because loneliness has been prevalent lately, therefore, dreaming of a friend's twins (or even famous ones) The other meaning behind such dreams may suggest recognition of our interconnectedness as human beings; although (I’m sure you are aware) we all have these odd unique experiences, there are certain elements which unite us all - including family and relationships - hence why we can sometimes relate to two people in life, they just signal your connection with other family members around you.

I believe there can also be spiritual interpretations around dreaming about twins; often these kinds of dreams represent the harmony between two sides: male/female, conscious/subconscious, left brain/right brain --- suggesting an integration within yourself towards whatever balance works best in life.  

What does it mean to dream of being a twin?

I've always wondered what it felt like to have a twin. Kind of crazy but great at the same time. I’m sure you have read that twins sometimes think the same way. It's something I don’t really know much about but being a twin can be an incredibly interesting and intriguing experience. First off, if you are dreaming of being a twin and you are not one in real life, it could be related to feeling “double” the emotion. This could signify experiencing something that is taking up both of your emotional hemispheres as well as requiring tough decisions or thought processes that just cannot fit into one single mental space. This could feel quite overwhelming and encompass all aspects of life that need to be addressed and acknowledged – not just within yourself but also with people around you. So, who do you need to acknowledge? Have you been ghosting someone recently? There have been reports that two people with the same DNA can approach things in different ways, so two people who are twins can do things in different ways, this might be due to astrology where births are in different phases, and astrological phases can change. The reason I mention this is that being a twin in a dream could be a sign that you need to consider multiple sides of your own self. For example, when Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella were born the world was naturally excited due to them being twins. The pair exemplified how two distinct individuals can manage relationships both internally and externally while still maintaining their unique identity – maybe this is what your dream is trying to communicate. That you can still manage even though you might be having dark times. And, depending on the dream details of how or why you were a twin that change might be coming.

What does it mean to dream of twins when you are one in real life?

Being a twin must be quite a strange experience, and dreams of your sister or brother echo how you connect with your sibling. As I have said above,  twins represent this duality, if you are identical to your twin in the waking world it could be a sign of how they are feeling. Dreams about twins can also represent situations where progress isn’t certain or where there is an internal struggle internally between logic vs emotion or truth vs lies for example.

I also feel like dreaming of twins when you are one --  can suggest a search for balance and harmony in life - something we all strive for no matter what our age or situation might be. It may result from us wanting more out of life than just being alone; exploring new opportunities while still feeling comfortable with what we have in life. I’m sure that being a twin is lovely, as you don’t ever feel alone and you always have someone there for you, and they're your best friend. I looked on Quroa answers to see how it feels to be a twin and many people answered they feel like they have a best friend. Dreaming of your twin can just be a natural way to connect to the relationship in the dream world.

What does it mean to dream of seeing twins?

Culture and tradition can affect how a dream about twins is interpreted. As I have already said above, it is regarded as a good omen. In spite of this, most dreamers associate the twins with some special meaning, regardless of their culture or tradition - I associate this dream with you and the opportunities to remove the negative thoughts as it is time to shine.

Usually, the dreamer interprets the twins based on their own experiences and beliefs. If you, the dreamer just gave birth, the twins may be interpreted as a symbol of fertility. When a dreamer has experienced loss, the twins may serve as a reminder that we are all connected and that death is not the end. If you see twins in a dream, take some time to reflect on your own life and experiences. What do the twins represent for you? What do they remind you of? With a little thought and reflection, you should be able to find your own personal interpretation of the dream.

A dream where you encounter twins denotes that you are increasing in self-confidence and having stronger faith in your capabilities. It could be that you have learned something or you have keen observations which have made you knowledgeable. It is also a dream that means you can double your material wealth or income which comes as a result of being able to invest education and power in your business. This type of dream is an indication that there is stability in the relationship with the family.

If you dream that you have twins yet you are surrounded by other twins, it foretells birth and fertility. In the case you are a woman, prepare to become pregnant, if you are a man, you will soon find your partner pregnant. It could also mean that a member of your family will be announcing that she is pregnant. If there is someone who is pregnant in waking life then this dream can suggest that you will give birth to more than one child.

What does it mean to dream of evil twins?

When you dream of evil twins, it symbolizes the dark side of your personality. This part of you may be repressed and hidden, but it still exists. I also feel the dream may be a warning to watch out for this side of yourself, or it may be a sign that you are ready to confront and deal with these aspects of your personality. Either way, it is important to pay attention to what the dream is telling you.

What is the biblical meaning of seeing twins?

There is no one specific biblical meaning of seeing twins in a dream as it is not mentioned in the bible. However, some believe that it may symbolize the dual nature of human beings – both good and evil. I have also read that many old dream books can mean that this is a sign of fertility. There are a few scriptures that mention twins, but the most significant one is Genesis 25:21-26. This scripture tells the story of Esau and Jacob, who were twin brothers. It speaks of their rivalry and how even though they were twins, they were very different from each other. The duality of human nature is often interpreted in this scripture.

What does it mean to dream of dead twins?

When you dream of dead twins, it can symbolize the death of your own childlike innocence and purity. A relationship may also represent feeling suffocated or trapped. A dream about dead twins may also serve as a warning from your subconscious to pay attention to some aspect of your life that has been neglected.
A dream in which you are one of the dead twins may indicate that you are in danger of losing yourself in a relationship or situation. As an alternative, this dream may be a warning to pay attention to your own health and well-being. You may be feeling overwhelmed by some responsibility or relationship if you dream that you are killing twins. If, on the other hand, you have been neglecting some aspect of your life, this dream could be a warning. Although dreams about dead twins can be unsettling, they often contain positive messages. To understand your dream, pay attention to the details.

What do twins crying mean in dreams?

Seeing a twin crying in your dream can foretell health problems, sickness, or death. It is a warning dream that you need to take precautions in life. Be careful to avoid accidents: beware when driving, buildings under construction, poisoning, and drowning. Seeing twins if you are single can imply that, you will fall in love. There is a possibility that you are going to meet someone with whom you are compatible with and whom you will settle down within a happy marriage and produce a happy family. As well as this, it is a dream which could denote that, the support of people around you can eventually see you making a difference in your family life.

What does seeing your own twin mean in a dream?

If you see your twin in your dream, it suggests that you are going to receive news, which will have a great impact on your life. It is going to affect you positively, leading to success in your life. On a negative note, the news could affect you in a bad way and make you fail in life. Someone will look at your endeavors which will cause sorrow and disappointment. It could even ruin your relationship with someone close - to the point of no recovery. If in real life you do not have a twin sibling, it is a dream which could denote that, you will be involved in unexpected occurrences or encounter a conflict with a relative, close friend, or family member.

What does it mean to see poorly twins in a dream?

A dream where you see twins affected by an illness could be a reflection of your poor self-image. A dream of a twin baby dying in your dream is a warning for you to be prepared to go through tough times at your place of work, romance, or in a current project. You could become seriously ill from a minor disease, so it is recommended that after such a dream someone medically reviews your health.

What do dead twins in dreams mean?

A dream where you see a dead twin sibling is a sign of the good in life. It foretells a healthy, long, prosperous life that is ahead of you due to your faithfulness and living conditions. If you talk to a dead twin sibling in a dream, it foretells that you will be undertaking a challenging activity that will be exhaustive, and after you are completed this you will need to take a break.

What does it mean to give birth to twins in a dream?

If you give birth to stillborn twins in a dream it is a negative sign. It could mean that a family event has been canceled such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday. On the other hand, it could denote a family is gathering for a funeral. A situation where you give birth to twins could denote that your creative mind is focused on your personal beliefs. It could be that someone is pushing you in the opposite direction. If the twins are female and identical it can mean that you are experiencing an increase in your creative nature due to inspiration in life. It could also denote that, you will have more understanding with those who are close to you. Alternatively, giving birth to twins, in general, implies family celebrations. You could be hosting or taking part in a celebration with friends and family, which could be due to an important event such as a birthday, death anniversary, homecoming, graduation, wedding, or reunion. It is an occasion that will give you and your loved ones an opportunity to be together and strengthen your bonds. It is a dream which could also foretell of you are receiving good news regarding business, work, or a romantic relationship.

If you see yourself breastfeeding twins in your dream, it means that you should do as many good deeds as you can because, in the future, those same deeds will be appreciated and thus, will help you progress. If you see yourself pushing twins in a pram, it denotes that, you will have radical changes in your life which will change everything around you. In ancient dream books, pushing twins in a pram foretells the appearance of gossip among friends and foes. In waking life if you are pregnant with twins and consequently dream of twins this is associated with a symbolic connection with unborn twins, foretelling a happy and content birth. If in the waking world, you are pregnant (but not with twins) and your dream of having twins is just symbolic of your pregnancy.

What does it mean to dream of a twin miscarriage?

When you dream of a twin miscarriage, it can symbolize the death of your own childlike innocence and purity. It may also represent feeling trapped in a relationship or feeling suffocated. You may also dream about having or experiencing a twin miscarriage as it is a warning from your subconscious to pay attention to some aspect of your life that you have neglected. If you dream that you are the one miscarrying twins, it may be a sign that you are in danger of losing yourself in a relationship or situation. Alternatively, this dream may be a warning to pay attention to your own health and well-being. If you dream that you are witnessing a twin miscarriage, it suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by some responsibility or relationship. You may also be receiving this dream as a warning to pay attention to some aspect of your life that you have somewhat neglected. I also believe that you need to pay attention to the details of your dream to see what it is trying to tell you, if it was submerged in problems or you were feeling worried in the dream it can mean there is a part of yourself that you need to focus on. If you loose twins in the dream through pregnancy this is about making sure that you treat yourself better and focus on what you really want in life. The twin is two parts of your soul, and it is a dream where you need to think about how you navigate people in the next few weeks.

What does it mean to dream of a twin baby?

Seeing a twin baby in a dream can be quite interesting. Maybe you saw two babies the same, or they keep repeating in the dream. A twin baby in a dream may symbolize the birth of something new into your life. This could be a new relationship, a new job, or a new baby. As well as representing the coming together of two similar things or people. A duplicity or deception may also be represented by it. This dream may simply reflect your current situation if you are expecting twins.

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant with twins but not in real life?

It may symbolize your fear of commitment if you dream that you are pregnant with twins when you are not. You may be concerned about taking on too much responsibility or about getting too close to someone or something. You may be dreaming about starting a family or having a family. It may simply be a reflection of your current circumstances if you are already pregnant with twins.

What does it mean to dream of giving birth to twins?

Twins may symbolize the creative process in a dream. Perhaps you are working on something new and exciting that is about to materialize. The dream may also represent the start of a new phase in your life. It may simply be a reflection of your current circumstances if you are actually pregnant with twins in real life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing someone else giving birth to twins?

In dreams, seeing another woman give birth to twins may symbolize feelings of envy or jealousy. There is a possibility that you are jealous of someone else's success or good fortune. The dream may also represent your fear of losing something important to you. This dream may simply reflect your current situation if you are pregnant with twins in real life.

What does having twin boys in a dream mean?

Dreaming of twin boys may symbolize the balance of power in your life. There may be a feeling that you are in control of your own destiny. This dream may also represent your need for cooperation and teamwork.

What does having twin girls in a dream mean?

Your feminine side may be symbolized by twin girls in a dream. Emotions and feelings may be present in your life. This dream may also represent your need for love and nurturing. 

What does having identical twins in a dream mean?

You may be seeking companionship in a dream if you see identical twins. Without someone by your side, you may feel alone and lost. This dream may also represent your need for guidance and support. If you are actually pregnant with twins in real life, this dream may simply reflect what you are going through right now.

What does having fraternal twins in a dream mean?

Dreaming of fraternal twins may symbolize your need for independence. Let’s first consider this type of twin and what it means in your dream. Fraternal twins are two siblings who are born at the same time from different eggs that were fertilized by different sperm cells. This type of twin is also known as dizygotic twin because they come from separate fertilized eggs. A pair of fraternal twins can be either girls or boys or one of each. Siblings may look alike or completely different, just like any other family member.
As their name implies, identical twins are genetically identical individuals. As a result, they have the same DNA and are always the same gender. In contrast, fraternal twins share a womb, but not the same DNA. It is possible for them to be of the same or different sexes. In contrast to identical twins, fraternal twins are more common. 
A number of theories exist as to why this is the case, but one of the most commonly accepted explanations is that fraternal twins are born when two eggs are fertilized by two different sperm cells. Twins have unique genetic makeups as a result of this process. A single egg is fertilized by a single sperm cell and splits into two separate embryos to form identical twins. As a result, the twins have the same DNA. 
The main difference between fraternal and identical twins is that fraternal twins share a womb, but not the same DNA, whereas identical twins are genetically identical, in dream terms this distinction should not really matter. 
There are more fraternal twins than identical twins. About three out of every 100 births in the United States result in twins. About half of those twin births are fraternal twin. To dream of either twin can indicate this will maybe make you feel as if someone or something is smothering or suffocating you. You may also dream of space and freedom if you are in need of both. I also believe that the twin dream is about the unity of something in your life.

What does it mean to dream of having twins that are of different genders?

It may symbolize your own duality if you dream of having twins of different genders. It may feel as if you are two different people. This dream may also represent your need for both male and female energy. Dreams can sometimes be super complex, unique experiences, in a dream about having twins of different genders could be a sign of growth and progress in life. It could signify that you’re transforming from one state to another or undergoing some kind of transformation in your personal life such as emotional or psychological development.

On the other hand, someone somewhere might see it as an indicator that there’s more to come, or even portends greater responsibility down the road perhaps associated with parenting both masculine and feminine energies at once.

I believe this type of dream can also mean duality within oneself- embracing both genders simultaneously while pursuing a balance between them. This dream is especially meaningful if you tend to always be “too logical” or “too emotional.” Let's consider; perhaps having twins representing two distinct genders signifies striving for harmony between these two respective sides for equilibrium - something we all need in life.

All in all, this dream interpretation depends greatly on what type of imagery was seen in the dream itself and any feelings held individually during its occurrence - but regardless, in my view, this dream meaning remains that sometimes we need someone to rely on, and that we need to understand that we need to let people in sometimes.

What does it mean to dream of having twins that are the same gender?

If you dream of having twins that are the same gender, it may symbolize your need for companionship. You may feel alone and lost without someone by your side. The dream may also represent your need for guidance and support. This dream may simply be a reflection of your current situation if you are actually pregnant with twins.

What does it mean to dream of giving birth to twins?

This is a positive dream, it means you will give birth to your ideas, goals, and dreams. The creative process is coming -- if you dream of giving birth to twins. A new and exciting project may be about to come to fruition. As a result of this dream, you may be starting a new phase in your life. In reality, you may be pregnant with twins, so this dream may simply reflect your current situation.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a twin sister?

In many cases to dream of a twin sister can be a sort of call for self-reflection on how you view your relationship with women. I also feel, if this is an unknown person (twin)  that appears in your dream world, it may signify spiritual growth and healing.

There is no denying that this dream is about feeling connected to another human being who has similar interests and characteristics as yourself – someone who understands you at a deep level where words are not required. Twins are thought to represent bonding with someone who shares similar values or ideals as well as the desire to be accepted and understood without judgment. This could also hypothetically extend to siblings if one does not have any actual biological twins in their family.

And, dreams that feature multiple versions of oneself hold symbolic meaning regarding one’s identity and confidence when dealing with challenging decisions or uncertainty within our lives; it means basically if you see yourself multiple times you need to understand the different angles of yourself.

Overall --- dreaming about seeing yourself as different people might represent inner chaos or turmoil that needs addressing — highlighting unconscious issues such as self-doubt before finding resolution through understanding these opposing forces inside our minds. To truly resolve this internal struggle this dream is saying: we must strive for harmony between both sides resulting in greater personal growth moving forward toward our life goals and ambitions.

What should you learn from this dream?

I have covered quite a lot so far, but I do urge you to balance your energies once you have had this dream in order to make sure that you can fully align and bring good things in life. Only the sensitive human being is capable of detecting subtler human energies. In order to fully grasp your own energy, you must learn how to feel and move it. Although the human energy body is a layer on top of the physical body, some parts exist separately. The underlying energy body components continue to function in the event of limb amputations. There are times when Kirlian photographs (high voltage coronal discharge photographs) may show portions of film subjects that were lost or removed before (e.g. amputated fingers, plant parts).

There are many layers to the human energy body. Chakras, also known as energy centers, are the vital organs of the human energy body. These include the seven major energy centers (major Chakras), hundreds more secondary energy centers and dense areas of Tertiary Centers (tiny energy-exchange pores). The central channel (Sushumna) runs through the center of the body. Both Ida and Pingala wind up either side of the mountain. The caduceus symbol (staff or Hermes) is traditionally used to represent this structure. When you dream of twins this is about focusing on the energy that you have within. I do feel the twin dream is about making sure we can balance these chakras together.

It is possible to balance your chakras and achieve unity consciousness in a variety of ways. Meditation is one method that is popular. By focusing on each chakra one at a time, you can remove any blockages that may be present. A sense of unity consciousness will likely be easier to achieve once all the chakras are open and balanced.
Through energy healing therapies such as reiki or aromatherapy, chakra balance and unity consciousness can also be achieved. Body and mind can be balanced through these modalities, resulting in a more unified state of being. Chakra balance can also be achieved through changes in diet and lifestyle. To support your chakras, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. The body may also be imbalanced by processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.
Chakra balance and unity consciousness can also be achieved by connecting with nature. After having a dream about twins this means it is important to focus on time outdoors in nature and take some time to connect with the natural world around you. I do feel this can help to ground you and promote a sense of balance and harmony within your being after having this dream.

In your dream

  • Giving birth to twins.
  • Being a twin yourself.
  • Seeing a Siamese cat.
  • Identical twins.
  • Breastfeeding twins.
  • Pushing twins in a pram.

Summary of a dream of twins

If you dream you are a twin it is a reminder that to love and care for others, you need first to take care and love yourself because you cannot give out what you don’t possess. If you are miserable in life and you are insisting that you have to help others, they will not believe in you, because they don’t want to share what you have. If you have a positive life and you approach someone and tell them that you want to help them, they will willingly be ready to accept your help, because you have a stable life.

To dream that a twin dies in your dream is associated with helping others. You need to help somebody close to you in the future. If you see identical twins which are male and this can suggest that you will encounter a male influence in a work environment.

Feelings associated with the dream

Disappointed. Happy. Strong. Sick. Active. Hardworking. Confused. Joyous. Indebted. Changed. Successful. Determined. Romantic.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017