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Abandoned Home

Abandoned Home.

To abandon one's home in a dream suggests that you have already left your past behind as you strive to move on with your life. This dream also suggests that you have a good future ahead.

Maybe you have had a difficult past that seemed difficult to forget. A house in a dream symbolizes the dreamer's soul. Therefore when the house is abandoned in your dream, it suggests the need to forget the past, especially habits and hardships. It is important to move ahead to attain a new life.


In your dream, you may have: Seen that your house is very messy and out of order such that it looks like it was abandoned. This can mean that your life is complex, maybe because there is something that is disturbing you. This dream can, therefore, act as a waking call for you to put your life in order and avoid the emotional clutter that you may be suffering from. It also shows that you actually need to have control over your life and release some feelings you have. To see a house damaged or abandoned, it means that you are concerned about your home and your family as well as the house where you are living.

Positive changes are afoot if: You have a dream that you are cleaning your house that was abandoned but you have come back into this house and made it tidy. This means that you need to clear up your thoughts. It also shows there is a need for you to get away from your past and abandon your old ways of life. To move into a new house and abandon your old house, is an indication that you have entered a new phase of your life where you are able to act maturely.

Detailed dream interpretation: A dream about an abandoned house can be seen to have very many meanings depending on the status of the house in the dream and the person having the dream. For instance, when in your dreams the house is an old or run-down, this shows how you think and feel in life. It also shows your habits.

This dream can mean that you were having bad habits or thoughts that you decided to leave and start a new life that is full of good thoughts and habits. It shows that you have completely destroyed or forgotten about your past actions and habits and moved on. To dream of an old and abandoned house can also indicate that you need to update the way you think in life.

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To see many derelict or abandoned houses in your dream signifies past reminiscences and encounters. Additionally, it may highlight family problems of behavior and attitudes. To see an untidy abandoned house is really a sign to organize ideas, but an excessively newly made loft might point mean an existence that's too formal and timid.

Ghosts within the abandoned house represent reminiscences that haunt you, although a jumble of unused clothes and equipment reflects unused energy. In some instances, particularly individuals by which the ideal home has been abandoned but is radiant and heavenly may represent your greater self however in general,

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an abandoned home: Anxious, sad, irritation, worried about what is in the abandoned house, the sadness of abandoning the home.


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