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Well this is the other name for mercury. But what does it mean in your dream?

It is a silvery metal which is the only one that becomes a liquid at room temperature. Though it is highly toxic, it is at times considered to be therapeutic. Do you remember the terminator film where he turned into a mercury metal man? The one thing we need to realize is that quicksilver is very rare to find on planet earth.

A dream where you see quicksilver or a silver liquid will automatically denote that a rare situation is about to happen in your life. There is also a tendency for you to cheat in order to achieve something amazing in your life. In ancient times quicksilver has always been used to represent the caduceus wand; used as an emblem of the Punic goddess. It is analogous to the human spirit.

When you dream about the quicksilver, you should try to pay attention to its location. Most of the people who dream of quicksilver tend to be restless, mobile, creative, and sociable. So your dream might suggest that you in a monotonous or boring situation in your waking life. All in all, dreaming about quicksilver will automatically bring inner peace to you when you wake up. So that is good news right!

Finding quicksilver in a dream

To find quicksilver in a dream is associated with possible new beginnings and growth. There maybe something you are finding in life, in this respect it is uncovering something important.

What does quicksilver mean in alchemy?

In alchemy quicksilver is associated with the message of the god mercury. It is connected to planet mercury in astrological terms. Generally this is known as alchemical quicksilver. When we look at the occult point of view mercury is connected to the female side of life. The name quicksilver is basically because “mercury” is liquid in form. The color is silver and is also connected to the energy of the moon. Generally the moon can suggest being hidden away in our own thoughts.

In the dream, you may have to find out

  • The location of the quicksilver
  • The usage of the quicksilver
  • The position of the quicksilver

Detailed Dream Interpretation

Quicksilver has always been associated with youthfulness and speed. The way it spreads when its molten state makes it move with beauty and swiftness like the wind. So you are dreaming about quicksilver? Well we can define this as a type of freedom that you wish. You will encounter success in almost every situation in your life and such a dream will bring with it abundance. So it is positive. Old dream dictionaries denote that you will become a renown person in your circles. As a young person dreaming of quicksilver suggests that with all the energy that you have in life you will discover things in your surroundings, utilize your energy in the correct way.

From an ancient point of view, quicksilver has always been associated with communication, intelligence, and sharp mental activity. It is believed that a dream about quicksilver portrays you as a person with sharp memory and perception. So you will need to check what is in your mind and how to utilize it to better your life. Your energy of thoughts will be directed to the right direction and you will automatically become someone useful to your society in general.

The way the quicksilver is positioned in your dream will determine its effects on you as it reflects the desire to communicate, your level of intelligence, the ability to formulate your own thoughts and express them freely. If you happen to be in a strong position, it will enable you to use your skills to process and obtain information; it will also denote that, you have the capability to patronize ideas and you like speaking in public.

On the negative side, quicksilver brings out conflicts, fraud, cheating and lies due to the effect of wanting to do things faster. In order to achieve your goals, you might end up becoming a negative person in society

Feelings Associated with the Dream of Quicksilver

Mobility, creativity, sociability, restlessness, cheating, lies, fraud, intelligence, youthfulness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 21, 2017