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To see a zoo in one's dream is associated with a loss of feeling free in waking life.

The zoo is representative of people not giving you credit for efforts. This is associated with the "cages" found in the zoo. It can symbolize that you feel caged in, not able to see what is in front of you. To be an animal in a zoo means a period of resting after worry. To set free animals in the zoo indicates that it is a time to build up one's inner strength - you are going to need it.

Perhaps try to meditate and spend some time focused on spiritual thinking. To dream of a lion in a zoo indicates a time for peace and relaxation. To see the animal's escaping from the zoo indicates challenges will return in your life but you are ready to face them and succeed.

Detailed Dream Meaning

The zoo symbol suggests that it is now a great time for relationships and to solve family problems. To see an elephant in a zoo suggests possible need for seclusion. This dream is connected to trying to use this in order to deal with other people. To see monkeys in the zoo can mean that one needs to take a break. It is a time that you are feeling vulnerable. To see a small zoo suggests that you may feel stress and anxiety. To see snakes in the zoo means you have the wonderful ability to adapt to any situation in life. You are ambitious but never greedy.

To visit a safari park indicates you will try to control and shield many people from your anger because of your protective nature.

An aquarium featured in a dream is a reflection of your own calm and protective nature.

To see animals such as lemurs, marmosets, birds, lizards, and turtles means you will enjoy solitude and well-being in life. To see a special enclosure for an animal in the zoo suggests your wonderful ability to adapt things in life for your own benefit. To seer birds in the zoo is connected to a situation where you need to move away from life and take time to think things through.

In your dream you may

  • Have visited a zoo.
  • Seen animals in the zoo.
  • Been an animal in a zoo.
  • Escaped from the zoo.
  • Seen animals escape from the zoo.

This dream is associated with the following

  • Being free and feeling trapped in life.
  • Unable to succeed because of blocked paths.

Feelings encountered in this dream

Worry about the animals, trying to escape.

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2015