Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Having dreams about an obituary can be somewhat frightening and even creepy to some because of course many of us fear death and don’t enjoy the concept of having to look or read about anything which involves death in any way.

However the general meaning when dreaming about obituaries is that you are being recognized for a life of work and you have pushed passed a specific phase in your life and is ready to start the next.

Death doesn’t always mean that you are going to die of some crazy illness. In fact, that is quite rare. What it usually means is that you are going to be putting an end to one part of your life and beginning another entirely new phase. This is never a bad thing, the change in it all can be somewhat frustrating, but when one is moving, there is always the potential to learn and be happy. If one allows oneself to stay in one place for too long, one can turn stagnant which is a difficult state to get out of.

In this dream you may have...

  • Discovered your name in the obituaries.
  • Found someone you love in the obituaries who is sick in real life thus expressing the fear that you have about their quality of life.
  • See a blank space in the obituaries, where you are searching for one person’s name.
  • Find the obituaries to be confusing and hard to read.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You felt relieved when you saw your name in the obituaries, thus showing that you are comfortable with change.
  • Found yourself to be relieved on the behalf of your sick friend to know that they have gotten passed their painful illness and have, in a sense, moved on. This shows that you are willing to accept when a friend changes as well.
  • You filled in the blank space on the obituaries with items from your past that you have worked through in your life.
  • You find that you are ready to be in the obituaries, thus accepting any new life changing circumstance that life has to offer you.

Detailed dream meaning...

For Men: as a man, probably one of the most frightening prospects of life is the idea that you might in fact die at one point, which means that all of the purchases you have made or the relationships you have attempted to have will go away. This for some reason affects men worse than women because they tend to have more of a hold in the physical realm. Having a dream in which your Obituary is in the newspaper can bring a lot of fear with it. However if you allow yourself the time to process the fact that life changes, as this dream is reminding you, you will find that life is actually a lot easier then you think it is.

For Women: As a woman, dreaming about an Obituary tends to revolve around the people that we love more than ourselves. Not to say that you are not going to be the one in the Obituary, but the frightening part of this dream tends to revolve around losing those that you love. However as a woman you have more of an intuitive connection to life after death and to life’s changes and so this dream teaches you that you are capable of being resilient if you would only allow yourself to confront the changes which life brings to you.

For All: The Obituaries can be heavily symbolic on the kind of energy that you need to experience in your life, you need to get through your fears and allow life to unfold for you.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Fear of Death.
  • Fear of the death of a sick loved one.
  • A big move or sudden change in relationship status/heartbreak.
  • A financial collapse in your personal life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of obituaries...

Hopelessness. Fear. Loss. Acceptance. Happiness. Reverence. Comfort. Understanding. Safety. Solace. Frustration. Anger. Denial. Release.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012